How Often Should You Wash Pants? [A Breakdown By Type]

Having various types of pants to choose from is a great way to never run out of outfit options! The only downfall is that different types of pants have their own shapes and fabrics. This means that they all have their own rules when it comes to cleaning them. Most importantly, they may differ in how often you should wash them. We have researched how often you should wash each type of pants so that you keep all of them as part of your wardrobe for as long as possible!

Some types of pants, like jeans, can be washed every six weeks, and others need to be cleaned much more frequently. The main factors that determine how often they should be washed are the type of pants, what activities you are doing while wearing them, and how many times you've worn them. Here is a look at how many times you can typically wear each type of pants before washing:

  1. Jeans: 3-7 times
  2. Leggings: 1 time
  3. Yoga pants: 1-2 times
  4. Cargo pants: 2-4 times
  5. Palazzo pants: 3-4 times
  6. Dress pants: 3 times
  7. Harem pants: 2 times
  8. Fatigue trousers: 2-4 times
  9. Sweat pants: 1-3 times
  10. Jodhpur pants: 1-2 times
  11. Overalls: 3-7 times

We recognize that all of that information is a lot to worry about when planning your laundry for the week! That's why it's helpful for you to have as much information as possible on this subject. Keep reading below for a full breakdown of when you should wash each type of pants!

Unrecognizable woman holds stack of lot jeans pants on white background, How Often Should You Wash Pants? [A Breakdown By Type]

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How Many Times Can You Wear Pants Before Washing?

Different types of pants on wooden hangers. Selective focus.

Each type of pants is unique. The ones that you work out in or sweat in, you will probably want to wash more frequently than others. The pants that are just for casual wear or an office job can probably go a bit longer before they need to be cleaned. Different fabrics also have different needs to prevent them from being worn out sooner than you'd like., which affects the frequency of washing.

1. Jeans

Stack denim jeans. Energy efficient, front load dryer. Drying laundry.

Jeans should be washed every 3-7 times that you wear them. Wash them when you have to because they'll quickly fade otherwise. You should also wash them inside out to protect them from fading while being washed and dried.

An alternative to washing them is to stick them in the freezer overnight to kill off any bacteria; this can help them go longer in between washes.

For an in-depth look at washing jeans, check out this article: Should Jeans Be Washed Cold Or Warm?

2. Leggings

Asian chinese legs with yoga pants resting on sofa legs crossed

You should wash your leggings after each time that you wear them. This depends on whether you're working out in them or just wearing them for a casual purpose. If you're not sweating in them, you might be able to wear them twice before they need to be washed.

Aside from cleaning, washing is also needed to help tighten leggings back up after being stretched out from being worn.

3. Yoga Pants

After every 1-2 times you wear your yoga pants, you should wash them. Just like with leggings, this depends on if you're sweating in them or not. The less you sweat in them, the longer they can go without needed to be washed. They may also need to be tightened back up after working out in them.

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4. Cargo Pants

Model wearing cargo pants or cargo trousers

Cargo pants are another very versatile type of pants. They can be used for hiking and dirty work or to go about your normal daily business. They should be washed every 2-4 times that you wear them. Since they are more durable and don't stretch out as much as other active pants, they can go a little longer in between washes.

5. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are a very trendy casual type of pants that should be washed every 3-4 times that you wear them. Since they are typically not worn in to do strenuous activities, they should not have to be washed too often. However, they are made of a less durable material than some other types of pants.

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6. Dress Pants

row of black pants hangs in wardrobe at home

Like the other non-active pants on this list, dress pants can be worn around three times before they need to be washed. Since dress pants are usually only worn to sedentary work or formal events, they don't usually get sweated in as much. Their material does make them a little more prone to needing attention. Depending on the type of dress pants, you should also consider having them dry cleaned.

7. Harem Pants

Harem pants are another popular form of workout and lounge pants. Wash these every two times worn due to their delicate material and because they are primarily worn as activewear.

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8. Fatigue Trousers

Fatigue trousers should be worn every 2-4 times that they are worn. This type of pants are very similar to cargo pants, but they are modeled more after military trousers. Since they can also be worn for a vast array of scenarios, keep that in mind when you decide exactly how often to wash yours.

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9. Sweat Pants

Rack with sweatpants in clothing store.

Sweat pants should be washed after being worn 1-3 times. If you are working out in them, wash them after each use because of how much sweat they absorb.

If you are using them purely as lounge pants, you can go for up to 3 days before they might need to be washed. Any more time than that, you'll start to notice everything that they've absorbed since the last time they were cleaned.

However, if they don't go outside at all, then they're only picking up the dirt from your house.

10. Jodhpur Pants

There are a couple of varieties of jodhpur pants. The ones that we are mentioning here are the riding style ones. They should be washed after being worn just 1-2 times. Their fit and fabric are very similar to leggings, but they're a little more durable than that. Since their primary purpose is to be worn while horseriding, it's likely that they will need to be washed after each use.

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11. Overalls

female denim overalls with pockets isolated on white background. Summer beach clothes

Overalls have the same 3-7 range for how many times you can wear them before they may need to be washed as jeans. This is because they are often made of denim, but they are also worn for the same occasions and prone to the same problems. If yours are made out of a khaki material or something different, you may want to wash them closer to the lower end of the range.

How Long Should You Go Without Washing Your Pants?

It's harder to judge the amount of time you should go in between washes than the number of times you wear each type of pants. Jeans and dress pants can most likely go more weeks than the more active or delicate types of pants. Leggings or sweatpants can likely only go a couple of days in between washes.

Can You Wear Pants Two Days In A Row?

Generally, yes, you can wear the same pair of pants two days in a row and be ok, but it does depend on the pants. Do you want to wear the same sweaty workout pants two days in a row? No, but can you wear the same jeans or dress pants two days in a row? You can! This is easier to pull off with darker pants than lighter ones. That's because it's usually harder to see dirt on darker pants.

How Often Should You Wash Levi Jeans?

Levi jeans are known for the way that they form to each individual's body over time. That's why they have their own unique set of rules. You should wash your Levis' after every ten times you wear them or wait as long as you can. Once you wash them, they are going to spring back to their original shape a little. To go as long as you can without putting them in the washer, you can try a couple of different things.

You can use the freezer method or spot clean them by hand. The freezer method is to put them in the freezer overnight. This will help kill off some of the bacteria and freshen them up if they start to smell a bit. Spot cleaning them when you need to in between washes also helps out a lot. Use warm water, dish soap, and a clean cloth to clean any dirt that pops up before you're ready to wash them.

What Happens If You Don't Wash Your Jeans?

The main side effect of not washing your jeans is that they'll get dirty and start to stink. You could spot clean them as they get visibly dirty in spots, but that doesn't eliminate the smell. Jeans, like any other type of pants, absorb your body oils and sweat as you wear them.

You can try the freezer method, but that's not nearly as effective as washing them. One last side effect is that they may get a little too loose. Jeans stretch over time. This usually makes them more comfortable, but if it goes on for too long, they may get too loose and make it hard to wear them.

Finishing Up

Unrecognizable woman holds stack of lot jeans pants on white background, How Often Should You Wash Pants? [A Breakdown By Type]

Each type of pants has its limit of how long they can go before being washed. Some of them you'll want to wash more frequently for cleanliness and to retain their shape, like with leggings. For other types of pants, you want to wait as long as possible to wash them so that they don't fade and quickly look worn, like with jeans.

The most important thing to consider when you're deciding when to wash your pants is what you did in them while wearing them. Knowing when you should wash each type of pants helps keep your wardrobe looking amazing!

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