How To Clean Tourmaline Jewelry

Figuring out how to clean your jewelry can be tricky without some help. Do you have tourmaline pieces but don't know what products you should clean them with? We are also very curious about this and have done plenty of research to find you the answer. So let's get right into it.

Tourmaline jewelry, although hardy, prefers a gentle cleaning with soap and water. You can also clean your tourmaline with a precious stone cleaner, but make sure to find one that isn't overly abrasive. Generally, it is better to use a mild detergent, warm water, and a toothbrush over anything too complex.

As we begin, we will cover all things tourmaline jewelry and tag some helpful related products. Whether you just bought a tourmaline piece or want to clean your existing one, remember to be gentle. With that said, let's discuss this topic!

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How Do You Clean A Tourmaline Necklace?

To clean a tourmaline necklace, you should start by grabbing a gentle soap or detergent and a toothbrush. Of course, if you have an actual jewelry cleaning solution, that will also work. Next, place your necklace into either a container or the sink (make sure the drain is fully closed) and turn the water on.

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Try to keep the water's temperature more lukewarm than hot, so you don't end up damaging the tourmaline. We recommend letting your necklace sit in the warm water for five minutes before scrubbing to allow any dirt or grime to soften.

Tide Free & Gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent

This product is unscented, phosphate and dye-free, and hypoallergenic.

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TAKAVU Horsehair Detail Brush Set

This set includes two horsehair brushes, a polishing cloth, and promises to be gentle on jewelry.

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Can I Clean All Tourmaline Jewelry The Same Way?

Regardless of the setting, cleaning will be virtually the same. Whether you have a pair of tourmaline earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a broach, you should clean this precious gemstone with soap and water.

Although some gemstone cleaning kits will work, we found that warm water and soap do the best job of maintaining overall tourmaline quality. If you prefer a gemstone cleaning kit, make sure the one you choose is ammonia-free, so your tourmaline stays intact.

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Can Black Tourmaline Be Washed?

If you have black tourmaline and need to clean it, you can do so. To do this, leave your black tourmaline jewelry in saltwater overnight and then gently wash it with cold water in the morning.

Black tourmaline is known for its protective energy, so try to clean it about once per month. Drying-wise,  black tourmaline needs to air dry in the sun or lay in rice, so any negative energy it has won't remain in the stone.

Can You Shower With A Black Tourmaline Necklace?

When it comes to wearing black tourmaline in the shower, we recommend avoiding it. Although this precious stone can get wet, tourmaline doesn't usually react well to heat and should not be worn in hot water.

If you take colder showers, you should be fine, but some say this is not good for your spirit or stone. Regardless, make sure to dry off your necklace after a shower, so it stays in good shape.

Can You Get Pink Tourmaline Wet?

A watermelon tourmaline stone

Like most tourmaline, pink stones can also get wet. Pink tourmaline does not do well with salt, so avoid wearing it to the beach or cleaning it with saltwater. Generally, it is best to keep pink tourmaline dry and only wash it with water every so often. We suggest using a gemstone polish and cloth between washes to keep your stone looking good.

GreatShield Jewelry Liquid Cleaner Solution Kit

Here we have a liquid jewelry cleaning solution kit from GreatShield to polish your tourmaline. This kit includes a gemstone-friendly cleaner, a polishing cloth and does not contain aqueous ammonia.

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How Often Should You Wash Pink Tourmaline?

Similar to black tourmaline, washing a pink stone once a month should be plenty. Typically, pink tourmaline does well with regular wear and doesn't get as dirty as other precious gemstones.

Of course, if you notice your pink tourmaline start to look less shiny or clean, you can give it a quick scrub in the sink. Remember to avoid saltwater contact with your stone, and don't be afraid to polish it regularly.

Is Tourmaline A Hardy Gemstone?

When it comes to the hardiness of tourmaline, this gemstone sits at a 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale, meaning it is pretty tough. Usually, tourmaline is fine to wear frequently and does not crack or scratch with everyday use.

However, with too much pressure or laborious activities, you heighten the risk of damaging your stone. Among the gemstones, tourmaline is one of the more substantial choices and shouldn't cause you too many issues if you like to wear it often.

What Are The Benefits Of Tourmaline?

Tourmaline gemstone necklace on a white background

Tourmaline is a precious stone that works to balance and cleanse your chakras. A few of the main benefits of having this stone include improving physical and mental health, cleansing the energy in a space, and eliminating toxic metals around you.

Black tourmaline, in particular, is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety and helps keep you grounded. Similarly, pink tourmaline is often used by those experiencing heartbreak or anxiety and is a good stone for bringing peace to your life and spirit.

Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Necklace

This necklace features natural black tourmaline on a silver plated chain, comes with an eco-friendly velvet bag and an e-book crystal guide.

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Agvana 14K Solid Rose Gold Pink Tourmaline Pendant Necklace

This October birthstone pendant necklace is 0.6 carats, 14k solid rose gold, and comes prepared in a special gift box.

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How Do You Clean Tourmalinated Quartz?

When cleaning Tourmalinated quartz, you can either hand wash your jewelry or use an ultrasonic cleaner. Tourmalinated quartz is a bit stronger than regular tourmaline, so your cleaning can be deeper without damaging your stone.

Tourmalinated quartz should not come in contact with hot water or temperatures, similar to a regular tourmaline. We recommend using a jewelry-safe ultrasonic cleaner for this type of stone, so it gets a better clean versus simply handwashing with soap.

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This ultrasonic cleaner features a digital timer, uses only tap water, and has five different cleaning cycle presets.

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Can I Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner On Regular Tourmaline Jewelry?

Although it seems harmless, tourmaline does not do well in ultrasonic cleaners. Unlike Tourmalinated quartz, using an ultrasonic cleaner on regular tourmaline can cause stone fading and damage. As mentioned earlier, tourmaline is highly temperature and light-sensitive, so an ultrasonic device is too harsh for cleaning this gemstone. Not all ultrasonic cleaners use heat, but even the light and mechanics inside of one are not suitable for standard tourmaline jewelry.

The Wrap Up

Whether you wear tourmaline jewelry regularly or want to purchase your first piece, cleaning is essential. From what we discovered, tourmaline jewelry does best with warm, soapy water and does not need to be cleaned too often. Generally, this precious gemstone holds out well against the elements but should not come in contact with high temperatures.

If you have black or pink tourmaline, you are OK to get them wet as long as you dry them afterward. Regardless of what type of tourmaline jewelry you wear, make sure to do your research and allow your crystal to work its magic in your space or on your body.

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