How To Fold Yoga Pants And Leggings

Every couple of months, we all get this little itch to organize our whole wardrobe. Things that were once folded and organized are now thrown about with reckless abandon. A large portion of this modern-day mess is made up of different types of yoga pants and leggings. We found better ways to fold yoga pants and leggings, not only that but how to store them as well!

Here is the best way to fold your yoga pants and leggings:

  • Fold your leggings or yoga pants directly down the middle so the legs are now together.
  • Lay your garment onto a flat surface.
  • Fold the crotch of the leggings or yoga pants, so that there is no curve formed along the edge.
  • Bring the bottom of the legs up to meet the waistband.
  • Fold up from the knees in the same direction.
  • Open the waistband with your fingers and insert the folded-up legs.

This shape ensures the leggings or yoga pants will not fall apart when stored. With this method and ones like it, your garment will not fall apart when jostled about in a drawer or on a shelf. You can even store them easily in a bin or basket. This method also makes it easy to rifle through your collection in the morning, without disturbing your folding job. 

Of course, there are many other ways to fold these types of athleisure bottoms. Some people don't mind just tossing their bottoms in a bin, while others may want to show off their closets and leave others in awe of their skills. Let us help you find the best method to suit you and your organizational preferences.

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What Method Should You Choose?

Maybe you use the most common folding method of simply folding these garments into a neat little square and stacking them on top of one another in drawers or bins. Then you get into your daily habits, the digging. Searching through your beautifully stacked piles in order to find the exact stretchy bottoms you need for the day. We believe there's a better way to go about this.

There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding exactly how you should fold your leggings and yoga pants. We all have different forms of clothing storage and different methods of keeping our spaces tidy. Some people are blessed enough to have full walk-in closets, with room to spare. While others don't even have a closet! Let's discuss some of the best storage methods.

Small Spaces

Consider people living the 'van life or 'tiny-home life.' When these forms of housing are considered, it would be best to opt out of the rolled or rectangle method, sticking to the tucked-in method. Doing this will help in small spaces the most, and as mentioned before, prevents the leggings or yoga pants from falling apart.

In van life, you could face some turbulence on the road, resulting in your clothing falling from its location. When rolled, or rectangle folded, you're met with a mess. The tuck-in method, however, simply requires you to restack your folded bottoms.

Showing Off

Maybe, you've decided to completely redecorate your closet space, and make it more of a statement piece in your home. This could mean you choose to do a simple rectangle fold while stacking since you don't face the worries of having your bundle fall apart. Plus, when done correctly, this method can make your closet look like a fancy retail store.

However, you could still choose either other folding methods, as long as you display them in a pleasing way. Below you can see this savvy organizer has created a beautiful closet space with the rectangle method:

It is still important to remember the type of organizer you are though. Will those neat stacks stay that way? Or, will you be late for work one morning and haphazardly grab a pair from the bottom? If you consider yourself more likely to face the second scenario, it would be better to think back to the tucked-in method.

Not only that, but you can still show off a nicely organized closet. The fold-in method is ideal for placing upright into drawers neatly, creating a beautiful result when opening the drawers.

Busy Bees

Let's not forget how busy some of us are. How much a person can despise folding their laundry, and sometimes you have a lot of leggings to fold and no motivation to fold them. While the rectangle and tucked-in methods are pretty quick, the rolled method is definitely the quickest.

Some people even choose a handy basket, and simply roll their leggings and place them into a basket for easy access. This method can be great for busy parents, workaholics, or just for the person who hates folding their clothes!

How Do You Fold Leggings To Save Space?

Is your legging collection getting out of control? We get it! Leggings are just so comfy and versatile. You can wear them to: work out, run errands, or just lay around the house all day. Those plain black ones match everything, while the patterned ones are fun and daring.

To keep your assortment contained, any of the folding methods listed can be used in order to help save space. Especially because, as stated before, you can fold them into smaller and smaller bundles, depending on the amount of space you have available.

How Do You Fold Lululemon Leggings?

What about that extra special pair or pairs of leggings? You know the ones, the ones you may have saved up for or asked for as a gift. A pair of Lululemon leggings are really on a different level compared to a pair you can get at any other store. While you can of course use any method to fold these, the tucked-in method or rectangle method can work a little better than the rolled.

How Do You Store Lululemon Leggings?

Storing your most prized leggings is very important, you want to be sure you can easily access them at all times but also that maybe you can show them off in a nice way. Some people choose to forgo folding and simply hang them nicely on a hanger. Others even separate their Lululemons from the rest of their legging collection completely! There aren't many ways you can go wrong when choosing how to store them.

How Do You Fold Yoga Pants To Save Space?

Believe it or not, yoga pants and leggings can be folded the exact same way. However, you may choose to tuck the rolled legs of your yoga pants into the waistband fold instead of the waistband itself, creating a sturdier roll. You might also want to fold in the flairs at the bottom of your yoga pants to create a straighter line, making them easier to fold.

Keeping all this in mind, it is also best to differentiate between your yoga pants and leggings, even though they are folded the same. Remember, keeping everything organized will save you time later!

How Does Marie Kondo Fold Yoga Pants?

Have you heard of Marie Kondo? The organizational guru has blown up within the past few years. Marie prefers to use a variation of the rectangle method called the Kon Mari method. When folded to meet in the middle, the legs create a sort of 'tent' that can help the bundle to stand up on its own, making it easier to store. If you know anything about Marie Kondo, you'll know she swears by this method. Check it out for yourself:

In Closing

It is unclear how long yoga pants and leggings will be in style, fashion and society are constantly changing every day. But, we know we sure haven't had enough of them yet, and some of us might even have to consider new ways to fold and store our comfy little friends, to make room for more! Before you go, be sure to check out these other posts that may be of interest to you:

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