How To Get Messy Textured Hair (For Men)

Messy and textured hairstyles for men have increasingly become more and more popular, no matter your age or look. This extremely versatile style has gained popularity and has been noticed by high-end fashion brands. A messier and fuller hairstyle complements the male facial structure and also gives the hair a thick and healthy appearance. So, how do you get that just rolled out of bed look? We've found the styles and products to achieve messy, textured hair.

In order to get this messy looking hairstyle, you need to make sure your haircut is compatible. We recommend a layered cut to allow your hair to be styled easily and end up with a cleaner finish. Using styling products can also achieve the look by shaping and holding your hair in place. Messy hair might involve a trip to the salon and trying new products to get that perfect look.

How to achieve a messy textured hairstyle in three simple steps:

  1. Begin with clean, dry or damp hair.
  2. Use a blow dryer to mold the shape of your desired hairstyle.
  3. Get a little bit of product and run your fingers through your hair until the desired look is achieved.

Whether it be product recommendations or actual haircut inspiration, we have got you covered with details to achieve this hairstyle. Getting those designer messy fronds is much easier than you might imagine. We'll also discuss caring for your scalp and hair to promote thickness. Healthy hair can look great messy, keep reading to find out how!

young adult in textured hairstyle, How To Get Messy Textured Hair (For Men)

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What Products Add Texture To Hair?

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Ensuring your hair's overall health is the first major step you need to take in your messy hair journey. Adding that texture to your hair must be done with the appropriate products. We have found some amazing pastes, gels, and other various hair shaping products for you to check out.

Before even styling messy textured hair, you need to make sure your scalp is healthy and happy. Viking Revoluton Pomade targets anyone who may need some moisture and growth in their hair. It provides maximum hold with an easy rinse clean after your night on the town. Simply massage into your scalp as you style, and natural castor oil promotes hair growth. Follow this link to see this Viking Revolution on Amazon.

Also organic, this styling and texturizing hair spray has glowing reviews from verified customers. This is a one-stop styling product, affordable and easy to apply to your hair. Follow this link to check it out on Amazon.

Free & Clear hair styling gel is for those who may have sensitive and acne-prone skin. It keeps your scalp soothed, while acne and dandruff free. Use this gel lightly, on damp hair, and blow dry to achieve the desired shape. Follow this link to view this hair gel on Amazon.

Is Texturizing Spray The Same As Hairspray?

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Texturizing spray compared to normal hairspray differs depending on the actual product ingredients, you may be using the wrong type of hairspray. Most organic and higher-end hairsprays will add texture to your hair automatically, while cheaper options with subpar ingredients may actually diminish volume. When picking out a hairspray, make sure to look for the keyword, texturizing, on the label.

OUAI volume creating hairspray enables you to keep your messy look and also have a fuller head of hair all day. A lot of the time, our hair gets tired throughout the day or falls flat; this volumizing spray fights the flatness. No matter your schedule or climate, this is a great two in one hair and texturizing spray. Click this link to check this product out on Amazon.

Styling Finishing Spritz by Biolage works as a texturizing and hair shaping product with amazing reviews on Amazon. This is a non-aerosol hairspray that is also Paraben-free. Having a more natural product in your hair will work better to keep your hair's shape and quality throughout the day. Follow this link to check out this hairspray on Amazon.

Does Texturizing Spray Add Volume?

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Texturizing spray is intended to add volume to the hair and create a fuller look, but does it? According to our research, this claim is somewhat accurate. Texturizing spray works similarly to dry shampoo to create a matte and effortlessly messy hairdo. A lot of people choose this spray over dry shampoo or hairspray because it gives off a cleaner hair look.

Going back to our earlier point, finding a multi-purpose hairspray with the right effect is the best way to go. Some of these products actually can do more bad than good when it comes to your overall hair and scalp's health. Make sure to look for organic ingredients and Paraben-free products when buying a hairspray or texturizing spray.

Here is a natural ocean salt texturizing spray from Beauty by Earth. This specific product definitely packs a punch when it comes to messy and textured hair treatment. This is basically the beach in a bottle, so if you can't get to Malibu this weekend, we recommend this to you.

Follow this link to view this sea salt hair spray on Amazon.

Is Texturizing Good For Thin Hair?

If you have thinner hair, a texturizing spray may be the perfect fix to this problem. The key to finding the right product is assessing what type of look you honestly think your hair can achieve. Thin hair is not going to suddenly become high volume and super thick with just a texturizing spray. We have looked into a couple of great hair growth and volume creating products to show you. Healthy hair always looks better, no matter the style.

Boldify is infused with Epsom salt, algae extract, and giant sea kelp. This is a naturally derived product that promises hair growth and health. This spray is for both men and women and is very highly rated on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

Biotin's thickening spray is created specifically for people with thinner hair. This product is infused with Biotin and is rated very well on Amazon. Biotin is a great and natural way to increase and stimulate hair growth in men and women of all age groups. Click here to see this spray on Amazon.


We hope we taught you a little something for those of you who came here looking for the perfect messy hair tutorial. Your hair's shape and style can impact your ability to get a messy textured look, so make sure your haircut is compatible. Try switching up your look with one of our recommended products, and make sure to read the ingredients!


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