How To Keep Leather Pants From Falling Down [Inc. Faux Leather]

You've heard leather leggings and pants slide down, so how can you keep leather pants from falling down off your hips? We've researched to find out how to solve this fashion dilemma and have answers for you here. The trick is always in the right fit.

The way to keep those leather pants and leggings from falling down is all in the fit:

  • Buy high-waisted leather leggings
  • Find leather pants with belt loops
  • Make sure they are snug in the store
  • Choose styles with panels for movement without stretch
  • Consider faux leather versus real leather
  • Use a tailor

We're going to examine each of these tips in more depth. We'll also discuss how your leather pants are supposed to fit and if they're designed to be tight. We'll also discuss washing leather pants, if they can be altered, and the best way to store them when you're not wearing them. So please, keep reading.

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How To Keep Your Leather Pants And Leggings From Falling Down

Leather pants have come screaming back into style. It is stylish and chic, especially leather leggings; they provide a great alternative to jeans and are easy to both dress up or wear more casually.

But what happens with leather after wear? Because this material has some natural give, leather pants may have a tendency to stretch out. Often the stretching occurs in the knee area from bending and sitting, but it can also occur in the fit around the hips and rear end. When this happens, they may tend to slip down.

An unrecognizable woman wearing a black shirt and leather pants

So what's the best course of action to keep those leather pants at your waist where they belong? We have a few suggestions.

Buy High Waisted Leather Leggings

If you're going for leather leggings, choose a high-waisted style. High-waisted leggings are flattering, and they have the added benefit of fitting snugly up and over your hips. They'll give you a smoother silhouette overall.

These lamb leather leggings feature a high-waisted elastic waistband and a skinny fit. They are easy to pair with a jacket, boots, a long cardigan, or really, any garment. Wear high heels or sneakers for a perfect and unique look. This indispensable classic, versatile leather pant is a staple for your four seasons' wardrobe. Click here for these real leather leggings on Amazon.

Find Leather Pants With Belt Loops

A woman posing and showing her black and high heeled sandals and leather pants

Another option for keeping your leather pants up on your hips and waist is to use a belt. Of course, you'll need a pair of leather trousers with belt loops for this option. Though many leggings won't come with belt loops, leather pants styled like jeans or other casual trousers will often have loops.

You can also have a tailor add some if the perfect leather pants don't come with the perfect belt loops.

Make Sure Your Leather Pants Are Snug When You Try Them On

Because leather is a natural material, it has a natural give to it. Which is great for breathability but also means there may be some stretching that happens when worn. When shopping, look for leather that is advertised as non-stretching.

And even though thinner leathers can be buttery soft, they will also stretch more easily. Make sure whichever leather pants you get are sturdy and not too thin. This will help keep them in shape and prevent any sliding down over the hips.

Choose Panel Construction For A Better Fit

Panel construction in leather pants is often found in leggings. Much like Spanx or other control fit pants, an additional panel of fabric is built to help compress the belly area. This type of leather pant is going to give you a firmer fit that is less apt to stretch with time. It will move better with your body while still holding its shape.

Consider Faux Leather Over Real Leather

If you want super smooth and skin-hugging leather leggings, one way to make sure they don't stretch and slip is to skip the leather part. Instead of going for real leather, go for faux leather. These pants are typically made from some type of nylon, polyester, and spandex blend that doesn't stretch out.

Most of them actually look just like leather, and unless someone is up close and personal to compare, no one will be able to tell the difference. And without the stretch, there'll be no bagginess from ill-fitting leather pants.

These faux snakeskin leather leggings hug the body and give that second-skin look you want from your leather pants. Click here for these nylon and spandex leggings on Amazon.

Use A Tailor

Use a tailor if your leather pants have gotten stretched out and even a belt won't hold them in place anymore. A good seamstress or tailor can take up hems and gather seams. This might just be the solution to getting your favorite leather pants back in fighting form.

There's no sense in passing along a favorite without first seeing if you can have them fixed.

How Are Leather Pants Supposed To Fit?

Leather pants are meant to be snug. Unlike other materials, leather doesn't look great when it gets baggy and stretched out. They should be as comfortable as a second skin.

However, leather pants should not be so tight that they're uncomfortable or feel like the seams are going to split. You want them to have a smooth appearance over your skin.

How Do I Wash Leather Pants?

Most people suggest that you don't wash your leather pants, rather wipe them off between wearings. However, if you have a stain, it may be necessary. You can dry-clean them, or you can use a special leather wash. If your leather pants specify they can be washed, do it on a gentle cycle with the pants turned inside out.

Faux leather is often washable on a gentle cycle in your machine. Follow the instructions on the label and hang to dry when finished.

We have a post here with in-depth details on how to wash your leather pants the right way: "How To Clean Leather Pants."

Can Leather Pants Be Altered?

A tall model wearing black leather pants and black high heeled sandals

A knowledgeable tailor or seamstress can alter leather pants. This is great because it allows you to turn a wide-legged out-of-style pair of pants into something skinny. Or you can take a pair of leather pants that are too long and turn them into classic capris and show off your ankle.

Be sure to check with the tailor or seamstress to make sure they've had experience working with leather garments before. And that they have the appropriate machine to sew through sturdier leather. Overall though, using a tailor is a great way to turn a so-so pair of leather pants into something you truly love.

What Is The Best Way To Store Leather Pants?

Many leather pants come with loops sewn inside of the waistband. The purpose of these loops is to hang the pants. This is a great way to store your leather pants because they won't get creases.

If you do need to fold them over a hanger, use a garment hanger, not a wire hanger. You don't want a line to form in the pants at the point of the fold.

Never store your leather pants in plastic because they can't breathe and might dry out. It's better to keep them in some type of cotton garment bag where they are protected from scratches but have air circulation.

These gorgeous linen garment bags are a great place to store special items of clothing, like your favorite perfect-fitting leather pants. Click here for this on Amazon.

Remember, It's All In The Fit And The Care

Keep those leather pants up on your waist and snug on your hips with the tricks and tips we've suggested. And don't despair should they begin to stretch. Find a tailor who can take them in for you, so you don't lose the investment in that perfect pair of leather pants.

If you don't want to worry about something that's very expensive but still want the look, consider a pair of faux leather leggings that are made from non-stretchy materials.

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