How To Make A Jelly Bath Bomb [8 Steps To Follow]

Who doesn't love bath bombs? They are a great addition to a relaxing bath. Bath bombs are common these days and frequently shopped for. But there is a new bath bomb in town...a jelly bath bomb. This bath bomb apparently changes the bathwater to jelly.  But what are jelly bath bombs and how are they made? Read on to learn more!

Making your own jelly bath bombs can actually save you time and money. Most of the ingredients are very simple and can be found around the house:

  1. Add 1/2 cup baking soda to a bowl.
  2. Add 1/3 cup citric acid.
  3. Sift both together.
  4. Add sodium alginate, 10-25 grams (about 1-2 tablespoons), to the mixture.
  5. Drop in bath oils until you can press your hand in and the mixture stays together.
  6. Add food coloring gel and mix well.
  7. Add the mixture to the mold shape.
  8. Let the jelly bath bombs dry for several hours on wax paper and then wrap tightly to keep fresh.

Make sure to continue reading for further instructions and useful information all about jelly bath bombs!

Seven pieces of lavender colored bath bombs on a white plate with lavender leaves on the side, How To Make A Jelly Bath Bomb [8 Steps To Follow]

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What is a Bath Bomb?

To discuss jelly bath bombs, we need to begin with this question - what is a regular bath bomb? A bath bomb is a compact mixture of wet and dry ingredients. They come in all soaps, suds, and colors. They can be scented in many ways, molded into many shapes, and some have lotions or essential oils added into them.  They are added to a bath and they fizzle, breaking up the bomb, turning the water different colors, releasing scent, and adding to relaxation.

Different colored bath bombs on top of crystals on the table

What is a Jelly Bath Bomb?

A woman dissolving a blue colored bath bomb before taking a bath

Jelly bath bombs are literally what they sound like. A bath bomb that can turn your water to jelly. The difference between these bombs and regular bath bombs is the fact that jelly bombs leave your skin completely smooth because of the jelly substance.

What does a jelly bath bomb do?

Bright pink colored bath bomb dissolving on the bathtub

A bathbomb provides an alternative to liquids or soaps to soften your skin when in the bath. They also add a scent to the bath and offer a choice of colors to transform your bath into your own personal spa. Fizzing and foaming are all part of the experience as essential oils, colors, and other ingredients give you a sensory bath experience. But, a jelly bath bomb is different in the way that it turns the water from your bath into a jelly-like substance.

How to Make a Lush Jelly Bath Bomb?

Gather the ingredients listed above.

Beginning with the baking soda, add 1/2 cup to a bowl. Add 1/3 cup citric acid then sift both together. Then add sodium alginate to the mixture- about 1-2 tablespoons. Add bath oils of any scent you choose until the mixture is finished. You know when the mix is ready when you can form a shape and it holds. Then, add food coloring gel if you would like. Mold the shape of the bombs and let them dry for several hours. Finally, drop that in your bath and enjoy!

What is Sodium Alginate?

Sodium alginate seems to be the main ingredient difference from a regular bath bomb to a jelly bath bomb. But, what is sodium alginate?

The chemistry process used to extract sodium alginate from brown seaweed is pretty simple. But basically, this product is obtained mostly from algae.

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There are many uses for it in daily life, including:

  1. It is used for impression - making material in dentistry and prosthetics.
  2. It is used widely in liquid medicine companies because it can increase the thickness of the liquid.
  3. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry because it acts as a binder for tablets and other drugs.
  4. It is used in gelling - such as in instant pudding.

These traits of sodium alginate can explain why when in a bath bomb, the water is turned into a jelly-like substance. The alginate is used as a thicking binder in other uses. Therefore, in the bath bomb, when it is released, it does this same process with the bathwater.

How do you make a 100% natural jelly bath bomb?

Making a natural jelly bath bomb is easier than you think and cheaper too! Check out this great recipe:

  1. Mix 4 ounces baking soda, 2 ounces cream of tartar, 2 ounces cornstarch, and 2 ounces Epsom salt.
  2. Mix wet ingredients- 1.5 tsp. water, 1.5 tsp. any kind of oil, 1 tsp any essential oil, and a few drops of food coloring if you like.
  3. Add wet to dry and mix together - mixture should be able to hold some form.
  4. Add the mixture to molds and let dry. When adding the mixture, make sure to pack molds tight so your bombs hold together.

What household items can you use to make bath bombs?

Homes often have many of the supplies required to make bath bombs. These supplies include baking soda, vegetable oil, citric acid, food coloring, sea salt, flavor extracts, and essential oils. Mixing cups or cookie cutters can make excellent mold tools as well.

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How do you make bath bombs eco-friendly?

Mint colored bath bomb on a plate with min and lemons on the side

Making eco-friendly bath bombs is possible. In fact, that is kind of the point of a bath bomb. Instead of using a chemical soap or body wash, all a bath bomb needs to be is simple, gentle ingredients to have a great bath experience. The basic items have already been discussed, but there are other things that can be used to really make the bomb special and take it to the next level while keeping the natural, simple concept in mind.

Different oils for scents are a great option. Coconut or vanilla oil can add a great smell. Also, flowers or herbs could be added to the bath bomb as well. Flowers can be ground down to powders. Some good choices are chamomile, lavender, or rose petals.

Herbal powders are also a good natural option. Grind rosemary, plantain, or violet leaves to a fine powder and sift. Oatmeal is often an ingredient that claims to be in many skin products. You can grind it and add your own. There are some clays, like purple Brazilian or kaolin, that can be used to add color as well.

In Closing

And that about covers these jelly bath bombs! Bath bombs are a great product to splurge on to treat yourself to a special bath. But, they are also simple enough to make and the ingredients are usually easily found around your home. So, maybe you will be able to give these a try and make them your own. Whether you make them yourself or buy one, bath bombs are a true treat!

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