How To Sharpen Marc Jacobs Eyeliner [A Complete Guide]

Figuring out how to use your makeup can feel impossible without some extra help. Are you unsure of how to sharpen your favorite eyeliner, or is that something you do regularly? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

When it comes to sharpening a Marc Jacobs eyeliner correctly, you can do this pretty easily. To begin the sharpening process:

  • Start by grabbing your built-in or separate eyeliner sharpener
  • Insert your Marc Jacobs eyeliner into the sharper head on
  • Rotate your eyeliner clockwise three to five times
  • Buff off any excess shavings with a tissue

As we dive into this post, we will show you how to correctly sharpen a Marc Jacobs eyeliner and tag a few related products. Whether you are an experienced Marc Jacob user or just bought your first eyeliner from them, it's always good to know how to sharpen one. With that said, let's get into this topic!

A newly sharpened black colored eyeliner with sharpeners on the background, How To Sharpen Marc Jacobs Eyeliner [A Complete Guide]

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How Should I Sharpen My Eyeliner?

For those who use eyeliner regularly, you know how easily one dulls after using it enough times. From what we found, the best way to sharpen one of Marc Jacob's eyeliners is to use its built-in sharpener that comes with most of their crayon highlighter options.

If your eyeliner does not have a built-in sharpener, you can use one of your own the same way. According to the Marc Jacobs website, their eyeliners should last you many uses before needing a sharpen, but that is not the same for all of us.

Marc Jacobs Eyeliner Sharpening Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to sharpen a Marc Jacobs eyeliner from their official ">YouTube account. As we mentioned earlier, the easiest way to sharpen your eyeliner is with their included sharpener and then with a tissue. Regardless of whether your eyeliner has a built-in sharpener or not, make sure to insert and sharpen it gently.

Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon Bronze Shimmer Highliner

Here is a gel crayon eyeliner from Marc Jacobs. This eyeliner has a shimmer finish, promises to glide on smoothly, and stays on throughout the day.

See this bronze shimmer eyeliner on Amazon here.

Can You Sharpen A Gel Eyeliner Pencil?

According to what we found, you can sharpen a gel eyeliner pencil. Despite this type of eyeliner being gel-coated, the same steps apply to sharpening one. We found that it is best to use as little pressure as possible while sharpening your eyeliner to avoid damaging it. For best results, gently insert your gel eyeliner pencil into the sharpener and twist it clockwise about three to four times.

Is Gel Eyeliner Easy To Apply?

Between the many different types of eyeliners, a gel option is one of the easiest to apply. Gel eyeliner is essentially a hybrid between liquid and regular pencil formula and glides onto your skin without smudging. Another benefit of gel eyeliner is how thick and long-lasting it is versus other options. Marc Jacob has an extensive line of gel crayon eyeliners that can also be sharpened similarly to a regular pencil.

Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon Black Highliner

Here is a gel crayon eyeliner from Marc Jacobs for you to try. This black gel eyeliner promises to deliver bold color and a non-smudge finish to your eye makeup.

Check out this eyeliner on Amazon here.

Can I Sharpen My Marc Jacobs Eyeliner With A Regular Pencil Sharpener?

Although this sounds like a quick and easy way to get the job done, we do not recommend using a regular pencil sharpener on a Marc Jacobs eyeliner. We say this because a regular pencil sharpener does not have the same shape and sharpness as an eyeliner.

Pencil sharpeners are far too rough on eyeliner tips and will end up breaking or even creating splinters in your eyeliner. Because of this, we recommend you only purchase a makeup-safe sharpener or use the one Marc Jacobs provides.

Why Does My Eyeliner Break When I Sharpen It?

A black colored eyeliner with residue left on the side

There are many reasons your eyeliner breaks when you sharpen it, but luckily most of these have an easy fix. One of the leading causes of eyeliner breaking is that your product is not stored at a cool enough temperature. Whether you have a gel or pencil liner, it is best to keep your product in a dim, room temperature location between uses.

COOSEON 6 Liter Portable Mini Beauty Fridge

Here we have a portable mini beauty fridge from COOLSEON to keep your eyeliners chilled. This six-liter, travel-sized fridge features a thermoelectric cold and warm setting and has an LED mirror on its exterior door.

View this mini beauty fridge on Amazon here.

Another reason your eyeliner keeps breaking might be because of the angle you are sharpening your liner. We say this because of the unequal pressure your liner goes through at an angled position versus head-on, which causes breaking.

How Do You Sharpen A Soft Eyeliner Pencil?

A make up artist sharpening a new black eyeliner

From what we found, sharpening a soft eyeliner pencil needs to be done carefully. First, we recommend putting your eyeliner in the freezer to harden it up a bit. Next, you will need to gently insert your liner into the sharpener and twist it clockwise about three times. Once you have done that, grab a tissue or paper towel and remove any shavings off your liner. The key to sharpening a softer pencil eyeliner is to be gentle and not overdo it with twisting.

Should I Put My Eyeliner In The Freezer Before Sharpening It?

When it comes to putting your eyeliner in the freezer before you sharpen it, we found that this works. Despite sounding unconventional, freezing your eyeliner for five to ten minutes before sharpening helps prevent it from breaking or crumbling during a sharpen.

If your eyeliner is thicker, like a gel crayon, try to freeze it for 15 minutes before sharpening so it can get hard enough not to crack or break. For example, if your eyeliner is room temperature or warmer, it is more susceptible to crumbling and breaking than one that is frozen solid.

Julep Cosmetic Makeup Pencil Sharpener

Here is a travel-sized eyeliner pencil sharpener from Julep for those of you without a built-in sharpener. This easy-to-clean makeup sharpener promises to catch your liner's shavings and features German-made carbon steel blades.

View this travel-sized sharpener on Amazon here.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Eyeliner?

Depending on how often you use your eyeliner, we suggest you sharpen it weekly. We say this because of the bacteria build-up that can happen on your eyeliner and cause trouble down the road. A good rule of thumb to follow is to sharpen your eyeliner every two to three uses. We found it good to wipe off your eyeliner with a tissue before and after you use it when it comes to daily maintenance. Regardless of whether your liner is gel, crayon, or pencil, make sure to keep them as clean as possible.

An up close photo of an eyeliner being sharpened

Wrapping Things Up

Whether you came here a Marc Jacobs connoisseur or someone curious about their eyeliner, sharpening can be tricky. According to what we found, it is best to use the built-in sharpener that most Marc Jacobs eyeliners feature and be as gentle as possible.

Although your eyeliner should have a defined tip, we found that it is not always a good idea to sharpen your product extensively. Marc Jacobs eyeliners come in gel, liquid, and crayon options, so it is essential to check what sharpening technique works best before starting. No matter your level of eyeliner expertise, make sure to be careful when sharpening and keep your products in a cool, dimly lit place between use.

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