How To Stretch Thigh High Boots – With A Few Methods To Try!

Figuring out how to get your shoes, namely, a new pair of thigh-high boots, to fit can feel impossible sometimes. Do you have a pair of thigh-high boots you've been dying to wear but can't seem to get them on? We are also very curious about this and have done our research to find you the answers.

There are a few good ways to stretch thigh-high boots. One of our top picks is to use a softening spray on your boots to expand them a bit. Another way to stretch thigh-highs is to heat them with a blow dryer and manually pull at any sections that feel too tight.

As we begin, we will cover all things thigh-high boots. Whether you have outgrown your favorite thigh-highs or want to make them more comfortable, we've got you covered. With that said, let's get right into this post!

A model sitting on a stool wearing thigh high boots, How To Stretch Thigh High Boots - With A Few Methods To Try!

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How Should Thigh High Boots Fit?

Generally, thigh-high boots should fit your legs tightly, but not to the point they are hard to move in. Depending on the material, thigh-high boots should have a natural stretch to them, but this varies.

Most times, thigh-highs will zip up the back or have a pull-on design, which can be tricky if they are too tight.

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Should You Size Up For Thigh-High Boots?

When it comes to sizing, we would recommend choosing a slightly bigger pair of thigh-high boots. We say this because if your boots are too tight, you risk them not being comfortable to wear and being hard to style.

Of course, don't go with a pair of thigh-highs that are too big, but instead, ones give your legs some room to breathe. With that said, if you find a pair of boots with an elastic material in them, you should be okay to stick to your regular size.

How Should I Stretch Thigh High Boots?

For anyone with thigh-highs that won't fit, there are a couple of ways to stretch them. Our first suggestion is to use a fabric softening spray on your boots to loosen them up a bit.

To do this, spray around any tight areas on your boots and let them sit for a minute. Next, put on your thigh-highs and do some stretching/walking in them to break them in. You can do this right before you wear your boots out and repeat this process until they feel looser and more comfortable to wear.

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Can I Use Heat To Stretch Thigh High Boots?

For those not set on using a softening spray, yes, heat will also work. To do this:

  1. Grab a hairdryer and turn it to its highest heat setting.
  2. While avoiding direct contact with your boots, move your hairdryer over tight areas for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Once your shoes are warm to the touch, manually pull at them to encourage a looser fit.
  4. Repeat this process until your boots don't feel as tight, but be careful not to get them too warm.

How Do I Stop My Thigh-High Boots From Rolling Down?

Woman legs in black suede boots

When it comes to keeping your thigh-highs in place, we recommend using a fashion tape or skin-safe adhesive near the tops of your boots. Usually, fashion tape is the easiest option and can go between your socks and the inside of your thigh-highs.

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With that said, you can also try to wear thick socks to help keep your boots in place throughout the day.

Should You Wear Socks With Thigh High Boots?

In general, we do think it is a good idea to wear socks with thigh-high boots. Not only will socks help keep your boots in place, but they will also help make them feel more comfortable while you wear them.

We recommend choosing a long pair of socks that reach your knees or higher. That said, try not to have your socks show over your boots unless that is a part of your look.

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Should Boots Fit Tight Or Loose?

Boots should fit you well, but not too tight. Like a pair of heels, you want your boots to hug your feet, but not to the point that they hurt. Regardless of style, boots should be comfortable and fit your foot as true to size as possible.

How Tight Should Knee-High Boots Be?

For those with knee-high boots, try to find a pair that fit your calves well. Like thigh-high styles, you want your knee-length boots to hug your legs while still being comfortable to wear and put on.

When it comes to sizing, we recommend sticking to your normal shoe size to keep your boots from looking bulky if they are too big around your shins and calves.

How Tall Should Thigh High Boots Be?

Young elegant woman wearing dress and black coat

Length-wise, thigh-high boots should reach around your mid to upper thighs. This can vary depending on how tall you are, but generally, try to have your boots be long enough to cover around two-thirds of your legs.

With that said, there are thigh-high styles that reach slightly lower than your mid-thighs, as well as ones that cover your entire legs. Regardless, try to keep your boots from being too low, so they don't cut off at an awkward spot and give your legs a frumpy look.

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Can Short People Wear Thigh High Boots?

For all our short people reading, of course, you can wear thigh-high boots! Even with a long style like this, thigh-high boots can be very flattering and give your legs a longer, slimmer look.

Choose thigh-high boots that aren't super long. Like we mentioned above, there are endless styles of thigh-highs, including options that end closer to your knees, which is perfect for a shorter person.

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Are Thigh High Boots Still In Style?

If you aren't sure whether your thigh-highs are a fashion-forward choice, we think they are. Although thigh-high boots are nothing new, they are a sexy style that everyone seems to love.

Trend-wise, chunkier heel boots are what's 'in" at the moment, but a classic stiletto design is always a good choice too. Of course, find a pair that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and don't focus too much on what the magazines are saying.

Are Thigh High Boots Appropriate?

When it comes to how appropriate thigh-high boots are, we think they are better for a night out. This style, in particular, has a more edgy look, so we wouldn't recommend wearing your thigh-highs into the office.

However, if you want to wear your boots into a more professional setting, try opting for long pants to cover them up a bit.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you have an old pair of thigh-highs that no longer fit or bought some that are too tight, it is possible to stretch them. From what we found, using a shoe softener is just one way to get your boots feeling more comfortable.

Another way to stretch your thigh-highs is to heat them with a hairdryer and pull at their material. In general, thigh-high boots should have some natural stretch, but this depends on how they are made. Regardless, make sure to choose a pair of thigh-high boots that fit your legs well, and don't be afraid to try some fashion tape or adhesive to keep them from sliding down.

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