How To Style Palazzo Pants [A Complete Guide!]

Choosing the perfect outfit to wear can be difficult without some inspiration. Are you a palazzo pant expert, or is this your first time styling this type of outfit? We have done plenty of research, and have some ideas to share with you. Let's get into it.

From what we saw, there are countless ways to style palazzo pants successfully. We recommend wearing a cropped top or blouse with your pants in warmer weather and even pairing them with an open-toe wedge or heel. If the weather is a bit colder, try styling your palazzo pants with an oversized sweater or jacket. These specific pants tend to run long, so a comfortable pair of boots or heeled shoes will help with height.

As we dive into this post, we will show you how to style your palazzo pants and even tag some items to help you get the look. Regardless of your height or body type, palazzo pants are fun and stylish pants that will get people talking. With that said, let's get this post started!

A woman in wide black pants and classic high heels posing on the stairs, How To Style Palazzo Pants [A Complete Guide!]

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What Are Palazzo Pants?

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Palazzo pants are a long and wide-legged style of pants that you mostly see in the spring and summer seasons. This style of pants became popular in the 1930s and 1940s among women who did not want to wear a traditional dress or skirt. Palazzo pants found themselves in the center of a rapidly changing social climate and gave women the choice of comfortable pants to wear. Celebrities such as Catherine Hepburn wore palazzo pants often and helped them become mainstream during that time.

Why Are They Better For The Summer?

One of the main reasons palazzo pants are great for summer weather is their loose and breathable design. Typically, palazzo pants consist of lightweight silk or jersey material and don't feel heavy on the skin. There are warmer palazzo pant options, but this style remains a summer staple.

Made By Johnny Women's Casual Comfy Wide Leg Palazzo Pants

Here is a lightweight pair of palazzo pants from Made By Johnny that are perfect for the summer. These comfy pants have a mix of rayon and spandex that allow for movement and come in various fun colors.

See these breathable palazzo pants on Amazon here.

How Do You Wear Wide Leg Pants In 2021?

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Although this style has been around for decades, palazzo pants are a great option for your 2021 wardrobe. As we mentioned earlier, wearing a heeled shoe or boot with palazzo pants is always a good idea regardless of the temperature. Considering these pants are so wide, we suggest trying out a form-fitting top to balance your outfit and give it a fashionable look. Whether you are short, tall, or somewhere in between, palazzo pants are a great 2021 style option.

Cropped Summer Look

Here is a fun summer option to try with palazzo pants that looks super comfortable. The outfit here went with a simple nude crop top and a bright statement belt that we are loving. We suggest trying this outfit if you are going out with friends or even running errands.

SweatyRocks Women's Casual Round Neck Crop Top

Here is a round neck crop top from SweatyRocks that will go well with palazzo pants. This crop top has a mix of rayon and spandex, comes in a ton of stylish colors, and is hand wash only.

Check out this casual crop top on Amazon here.

Boho Oversized Styling

Here we have another palazzo pant outfit that will work in cooler temperatures. This styling incorporates an oversized sweater with a form-fitting top underneath that we think looks great. This type of outfit is perfect for going to class or even out to eat with friends.

Traleubie Women's Long Sleeve Boho Boyfriend Sweater

Here is an oversized open front sweater from Traleubie that will help you get the look. This sweater has a boyfriend-style design and comes in a few different color options.

See this oversized knit sweater on Amazon here.

Adding Some Height

Another way to style a palazzo pant outfit would be to pair open-toe heels with your look. We especially like the contrast between the bright pants and the softer-colored shoes that this model is wearing. Heels are an easy way to get some height when wearing palazzo pants and give your look a high-end feel.

RF ROOM OF FASHION Women's Adelyn Ankle Strap Heels

Here is a pair of heels from RF Room Of Fashion that will complement palazzo pants nicely. These suede open-toe pumps are four inches tall and completely vegan.

Follow this link to see these pumps on Amazon.

What Do You Wear With Wide Leg Palazzo Pants?

When it comes to accessorizing and styling wide-leg palazzo pants, we suggest choosing something form-fitting. If you are stuck on what kind of top to wear with your wide-leg palazzos, a turtle neck or body-hugging style is a good place to start. This specific pant tends to draw the most attention to your outfit, so we recommend keeping your other items on the softer side. We also recommend a higher shoe, whether it be boots, heels, or wedges, so your pants don't drag on the ground.

Our Wide Leg Palazzo Style Suggestion

Here is an easy-to-style wide-leg palazzo pant idea that we are obsessed with. We've seen a burst in minimalism during 2021 when it comes to fashion, and this type of outfit is a great way to stay on-trend. We also love the chunky heels that this model is wearing and recommend following a similar style at home.

Tronjori Women's High Waist Wide Leg Palazzo Pants

Here we have a pair of wide-leg palazzo pants from Tronjori that will help you achieve this look. These wide palazzo pants are 100% polyester and come in a ton of fun colors and patterns.

Follow this link to see these on Amazon.

Cape Robbin Stitch Chunky Woven Heels

Here is a pair of chunky woven heels from Cape Robbin that will go perfectly with wider palazzo pants. These woven heels measure 4.25 inches and come in a few easy-to-match color options.

View these chunky woven heels on Amazon here.

What Should I Wear With Indian Style Palazzo Pants?

According to what we found, some good options to wear with Indian-style palazzo pants are loose tops, sandals, and statement necklaces. Indian palazzo pants have a looser look to them versus a standard style, so you must compliment that. You can also follow some of the tips we gave for wide-leg palazzo pants for Indian styles because they are the most similar of the bunch. Indian palazzo pants are also known as Boho style and have a more relaxed look to them.

Our Indian Palazzo Pant Style Suggestion

Here is a stylish outfit idea that looks great with Indian-style palazzo pants. This model is wearing a simple buttoned top and beaded necklace that complement her pants nicely. We also love the sandals she is wearing that work well to tie the whole look together.

CCBSTS Women's V Neck Button-Down Shirt

Here is a button-down V-neck shirt from CCBSTS that will go well with Indian palazzo pants. This short sleeve top is a pleated tunic style, comes in a few different colors, and is hand wash only.

See this tunic-style top on Amazon here.

Women’s Ring Toe Loop Slide Flat Sandals

Here we have a pair of Bohemian toe loop pearl sandals from Morecome that are perfect for this outfit. These sandals have a durable rubber sole and come in various styles and colors.

Check out these pearl Boho sandals on Amazon here.

Is Palazzo Still In Fashion?

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Whether you grew up wearing palazzo pants or have just found an interest in them, there is no denying their timelessness. When it comes to these pants being in style or not, we would say they have adapted over the years and are still very much on-trend. One of the main reasons palazzo pants have stayed relevant so long is their unique ability to look comfortable yet high fashion. This style of pants started as a fight against traditionalism and has inspired men and women worldwide.

Can I Wear Them Year-Round?

If you are dying to wear palazzo pants, we say go for it no matter the season! Although this style is a summer staple, that is not to say you can't wear these in the fall or winter seasons. We suggest choosing a pair of palazzos that will be warm enough in the cold and pairing them with our oversized sweater recommendation.

The Wrap Up

Palazzo pants have been around for decades and continue to be a staple in fashion trends worldwide. When it comes to styling a pair of palazzo pants, we say find something to accentuate your figure. Whether your pants are super wide or Indian style, it is always a good idea to add some height with a heel or wedged shoe. Although this style of pants is primarily worn in the summer months, that is only a recommendation. No matter your height, figure, or style, palazzo pants are a great option and have paved the way for comfortable women's clothing since their start.

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