How To Wear A Shoulder Bag [4 Incredible Ways]

Wearing a shoulder bag is a stylish and fun option that looks good with any outfit. Are you into a more casual shoulder bag look, or do you bring one to important events? We are also very curious about this and have done our research. Let's dive right in.

No matter the season or event, sporting a cute shoulder bag never seems to go out of fashion. Here are a few ways we found that you can wear your shoulder bag:

  • A high fashion accessory for a night out.
  • An everyday bag you hold essential items in.
  • A grocery bag. 
  • A book bag for school.

We will share tips on wearing your shoulder bag and even tag some helpful products as we begin this post. Although this bag style is on the smaller side, you can surprisingly fit and do a lot with it. Now let's get this post started!

A fashion blond woman in black dress walking on city street, How To Wear A Shoulder Bag [4 Incredible Ways]

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A Standard Shoulder Bag

Happy young fashion blond woman in black dress walking on city street

Here is a model wearing a standard-sized shoulder bag with her outfit. The easy-to-carry design of a shoulder bag makes it a must-have for anyone needing to carry their phone, keys, and wallet all in one place.

BROMAN Shoulder Bucket Handbag

Here is a fun 90s throwback vegan leather hobo shoulder bag that we are loving. This bag measures 9.45L x 5.51W x 11.81H inches and comes in various color options.

View this shoulder bag on Amazon here.

What Is The Difference Between A Handbag And A Shoulder Bag?

When comparing a typical handbag to a shoulder bag, the primary difference will be the size. A handbag will be larger than a shoulder style and will usually have two handles vs. a single strap on a shoulder bag. A typical purse is meant to hold everything but the kitchen sink, while a shoulder bag holds the essentials. Both bags are stylish options; it just depends on your storage needs.

Typical Handbag

Beige leather women handbag isolated on white background

Here is an example of a standard-sized handbag to give you a visual. You can see how this style is bigger than a shoulder bag and has double handles versus a single. This type of bag is probably what comes to mind when you think of a purse.

Where Should A Shoulder Bag Sit?

The placement of your shoulder bag will depend on the occasion and the look you are going for. Although this bag's style is meant to rest on your shoulder, you can also carry it like a regular purse. A shoulder bag design makes it surprisingly more versatile than you think and allows for more ways to wear one.

Casual Placement

The first and most common way to wear a shoulder bag is something similar to this placement. The design of these bags gives you an easy shoulder hold and has a stylish and relaxed vibe.

Cross-Body Placement

A fun and safe way to wear your shoulder bag would be a cross-body placement. Choosing to sport your bag over your body is a great way to show it off and keep it from someone else's hands—the closer your bag to your reach, the better.

Wrist Placement

You can also wear a shoulder bag right around your wrist, as this example shows. This is an easy access placement and allows you to show off your cute bag as part of your outfit.

What Should You Carry In A Shoulder Bag?

Keeping your essentials in your shoulder bag is a must when running errands or even going out on the town. Your wallet, keys, and makeup should be kept in your shoulder bag versus a pocket or spare hand for safety. The last thing you need is a case of a lost ID or credit card while you are out trying to have fun.

YIKOEE Smaller Sized Nylon Shoulder Bag

Here is a cute and stylish shoulder bag from YIKOEE that will keep your things safe and sound. This bag comes in a few colors and measures 9.5 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches, and even has a zipper pocket inside.

View this bag on Amazon here.

Different Ways To Wear Your Shoulder Bag

Now that we have covered placement and what to put inside your bag, let's show you some stylish ways to wear it. A shoulder bag is such a versatile design that there are endless ways to style it with your outfits and daily activities.

High Fashion

Here we have a model wearing her shoulder bag cross-body style with a high fashion set. Choosing to accessorize your fancy outfit with a shoulder bag is an easy way to finish off your look and have that Milan streetwear feel.

Every Day Look

Two senior women walking outdoor together on a sunny day

Another way you can wear your shoulder bag would be an everyday accessory like this example shows. Making your bag a regular item is a great way to get your money's worth and keep all your things protected.

Grocery Tote x Book Bag

Following a more practical shoulder bag usage, we have a book bag or grocery tote idea. There is nothing worse than having to carry a ton of groceries, and using your bag as a tote will alleviate your items' weight. Give your hands a rest with this idea, and let your shoulders do some work!

Covelin Retro Oversized Canvas Hobo Shoulder Bag

Here is an over-the-shoulder tote bag we found from the Covelin store that will make everyday errands much more manageable. Carrying your books or groceries in this bag is easier than ever with the adjustable strap.

View this item on Amazon by clicking here.

Are Shoulder Bags In Style?

Shoulder bags have been around for decades and have gone in and out of mainstream culture time and time again. These super stylish and smaller design bags have been trending in recent years and are back on major runways globally. Even when out of "style," this type of bag will never actually become a fad. We think they are adorable and should be an item in every person's closet.

The Wrap Up

Whether you are looking to purchase a new shoulder bag for the spring or want to pull one of your favorites from your closet, there's no better time to do it. Wearing a shoulder bag with your favorite outfit for a girl's night or even using one as a tote for your groceries is a great way to use your bag to its best advantage. The easy-to-use design of these bags makes it a must-have no matter the season or trend, and we see this style sticking around for a while. So what are you waiting for? Get that bag you've been eyeing all week and rock it!

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