How To Wear Black Leggings [4 Outfits To Consider]

Black leggings have become a fashion staple in recent years and can be used to create many different styles. If you're curious about what to wear with black leggings, you're in luck. We have looked into the best black legging looks for you to try today.

With the help of a few basic guidelines, outfits styled with black leggings typically fall into these four following genres:

  1. Athletic
  2. Casual
  3. Chic
  4. Layered

Though there are other ways to wear black leggings, these are the most fashionable, versatile, and popularly worn looks.

Each of these types of outfits requires its own unique components to achieve the overall look. In this post, we will break down each style for you, down to the shoes, tops, and even some accessories. With these tips, you should be able to confidently style any outfit around a good pair of black leggings.

model in casual clothes on pink background. How To Wear Black Leggings [4 Outfits To Consider]

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How To Wear Black Leggings

1. Athletic Legging Outfits

Athletic woman practicing stretching near a red private plane. Working out on the aerodrome on planes

To style black leggings athletically, you're going to want to focus on your footwear and top. For the shoes, stick with tennis shoes, sneakers, or hiking boots. The bulk of a cushioned pair of sneakers or hiking boots gives a nice contrast to the tight silhouette of the leggings.

Lake and mountain range distant, climber wearing black leggings

Crop and tank tops, sports bras, and basic tees pair nicely with black leggings when trying to create a more athletic look. Keep it simple with no frills. The athletic style is meant to look functional and utilitarian. If you require a jacket, stick to leather, a blazer, or a hooded sweatshirt to keep warm.

2. Casual Legging Outfits

Beautiful brunette on stool, wearing casual attire and black leggings

For a more casual look with your black leggings, opt for a clean and simple top and footwear. For shoes, again, tennis shoes always work well. Flats, sandals, slip-ons, and boots also look great with this style. However, if you are wearing sandals, make sure if there are any ankle straps that they do not go above the length of the leggings.

Shirt options are nearly endless for this style. You can go as decorative or as laid-back as you like as far as pattern, fit, and design. Most people stick with more simple varieties of longer tunics. Whichever top you wear, make sure it is not competing with any other part of your outfit.

 standing woman wearing coat and fashionable brown shoes with a handbag and black leggings

Plaid, t-shirts, or sweatshirts are also commonly worn to achieve this look. Cotton tops look best with this style. For upper outerwear, try to stick to soft suede, wool, or nylon jackets and coats. If boots are being worn, suede, leather, or ankle tie-up boots look great paired with black leggings and a nice jacket.

3. Chic Legging Outfits

Beautiful woman in a fashionable outfit sitting on stone stairs. chic legging outfits

To achieve a more chic look with your black leggings, the right footwear is absolutely necessary. Knee-high boots and dressier flats can certainly look fashionable, though the best way to look chic in a pair of black leggings is to pair them with a sharp set of heels. The tight pants paired with the heights of the heels elongate the legs.

model with beautiful legs wearing black leather pants and black high heel shoes on red background

This look can also allow for the use of a more bold top. A dramatic fit or color can look really chic. Feel free to reveal some skin in this area if possible, either using unbuttoned shirts, a v-neck, or shorter sleeves. A cold shoulder top looks great with this style. Make sure to add one piece of jewelry, either a necklace or bracelet, for added elegance and charm.

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Full monochromatic black is also very sophisticated and chic. All black is very commonly used for a sleek, modern, and more fashionable appearance. It is clean and sharp to the eye, often leaning out the wearer's figure due to its dark color. Black heels can go with nearly anything and are no exception when it comes to black leggings.

4. Layered Legging Outfits

 beautiful attractive young fashion model posing on chair by window wearing Layered Legging Outfits

Layered is a common black legging look in colder months. Again, plaids and sweatshirts work great for this style. The idea is to wear at least two layers on your top half. Often a pair of bulky socks or leg warmers are added to peek out over the chosen footwear. This creates a warm, comfy, cozy look that is great for wintertime.

Winter fashion. Woman legs wearing fashionable wintertime clothes woolen warm socks and black tights

This look is again more utilitarian, much like the athletic style, and is meant to look purposeful and functional. Colors and patterns can clash, which makes this a fun and easy style to pull off. Obviously, this look would not be very comfortable in the hot summer months, however, so it does have its limitations.

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For foot and outerwear, opt for a comfortable pair of chunky snow boots and a heavy winter coat. Parkas look awesome with this style and are great at keeping the wearer warm even in the coldest of climates. Keeping warm also depends on the material of leggings, so be sure to check out our post on if and how leggings can keep you warm by clicking here.

Black Legging Basics

Black leggings can be worn with a multitude of styles and looks. Footwear, shirts and jackets, and accessories can be used to really complete a particular style. Choosing and sticking to a particular style by making sure all pieces of the outfit are in line with that look creates a more seamless and cohesive appearance.

Do Black Leggings Go With Everything?

Generally, black leggings will pair nicely with just about anything. You can wear specific items to punch up the look of an outfit or push it more in one direction or another. Black leggings are capable of looking sleek, cool, or casual. The overall appearance of an outfit is almost entirely dependent on what items you are paring your leggings with.

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Black leggings can sometimes come off as unprofessional or too revealing, and for that reason, are sometimes avoided in the workplace. If worn in the workplace, they should be very carefully styled in a chic way to present as more professional and less laid back or sloppy.

How do you style black leggings?

When styling black leggings, it is best to first decide which look you are aiming to achieve. There are many looks possible, but generally, black leggings will work best with one of the specific styles mentioned above.

Within each of these styles, it is worth noting that most people choose to wear a longer top to better cover their backside unless the leggings are of thicker, quality material. Leggings come in all different degrees of fabric thickness and quality; make sure if you are exposing your backside that you are wearing high-quality, fully opaque leggings.

What shoes go with black leggings?

Nearly all types of shoes can be worn with black leggings. Though extra thought and care should be taken when trying to style a pair of black leggings with sandals, flip-flops, or work boots. Tennis shoes, slides, and sneakers work great with black leggings for a casual look. Boots and heels will add dimension and character to a simple pair of black leggings.

What color boots do you wear with black leggings?

Some people like to pair black boots with their black leggings for a monochromatic look, but just about any color boot can be successfully paired with black leggings. The color black is not competitive, neutral by nature, and will not overshadow your fancy footwear if you should choose to go that route.

Brown leather boots also look amazing with black leggings, as do the occasional brightly colored pair. If you choose a brightly colored pair, like red, make sure that it is the only statement piece in your outfit. Too much going on will distract the eye and give off a busy, disheveled look. You can read more on matching boots to leggings by clicking here.

What to wear with black leggings in summer?

A simple t-shirt or tank top will work well with leggings during the hot summer months. Try to pick leggings of a softer, thinner fabric for optimal comfort. If you find your leggings are a bit see-through, make sure to keep to a longer top, so you are not uncomfortable when bending over. Athletic wear with black leggings looks great in the summer and can allow the wearer to remain more comfortable and cool.

Black Leggings are Comfortable and Versatile

You genuinely cannot go wrong with a black pair of leggings. Follow these simple guidelines, and you'll have a comfortable and fashionable look in no time. Remember to stick closely to the overall idea behind the particular style you choose.

If going casual, athletic, or layered, make sure all pieces fit into this style. The pieces paired to create this look should be functional and comfortable. If you are going chic, again, keep it in line with the classy, more feminine nature of the overall look by pairing with simple, elegant, and even bold or dramatic tops and accessories.

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