How to Wear a Cami Top? [10 suggestions with pictures!]

How to Wear a Cami Top? [10 suggestions with pictures!]

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The camisole, also known as a cami top or cami, is undoubtedly a popular article of clothing, but what's the best way to wear it? To answer that question for you, we've done some digging on the style blogs of the internet and collected a few of the best ways to wear a cami top. Also, we've assembled thorough explanations of each distinctive cami top style so you can select the best one for your body and your closet with confidence. Get ready to revamp your entire wardrobe with the aid of this effortless top!

Cami tops are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing to have in your closet. They can be worn alone, used for layering, or to add an accent of color or texture to an outfit. There are also a few outfits in which they shine, such as:

  1. Slinky Cami Top with Matching Colored Bottoms
  2. Sequined Cami Top with Jeans and Cardigan
  3. Lace-Trimmed Cami Top with High Waisted Dress Pants
  4. Cami Top Layered Over a Blouse
  5. White Cami Top with a Black Skirt
  6. Cami Top Half-Tucked in Pants
  7. Relaxed Cami Top with Cut Off Shorts
  8. Cropped Cami Top with High Waisted Jeans
  9. Cami Top Under a Cardigan with Jeans
  10. Basic Cotton Cami Top Under a Jacket

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to style a cami top. However, it's helpful first to understand each style of cami top so that you can rest assured that you're making the best choice for each of your outfits. There's a lot more to choose from than just the basic stretchy cami top that's commonly worn as a layering piece. To help you out, we've added pictures and descriptions of each different style below.

Types of Cami Tops

Basic Cotton

Attractive asian woman wearing cami top

A basic cotton cami top is the perfect go-to staple for any woman's wardrobe. Made from stretchy cotton knit fabric, these cami tops can be layered under button-up shirts, sweaters, or t-shirts for an added layer of warmth, to fill in a low-cut neckline, or to conceal the lines of a bra under a see-through shirt. They can also be worn alone as a simple tank for summer.

Additionally, these tops usually have a shelf bra - an extra layer of fabric over the bust supported with a piece of elastic around the ribs - to add additional support. The support of the shelf bra is usually enough for smaller-chested women, eliminating the necessity of a regular bra. Even though the shelf bra might not be enough for larger-chested women when worn alone, it can provide some additional comfort and support when worn over a regular bra.


Attractive young blonde woman in blue denim skirt and white cami top

A lace-trimmed cami top can be very similar in design to a basic cotton cami, solely with the addition of lace trim that's usually found at the neckline and around the hem. Alternately, these cami tops can be made from silky fabric for a slinkier, dressy look. With either style, however, the neckline is typically a slight or plunging v-shape. This style of top looks fantastic layered under sweaters and shirts since the lace trim peeking out adds an extra decorative touch. You can use it to dress up a simple sweater, fill in a plunging neckline on a shirt, or wear alone as a fun, flirty summer garment.

Bra Top Cami

Red sexy lingerie cami top

A bra top cami features bra pads sewn directly into the shirt, which eliminates the need for a regular bra and makes getting dressed a breeze. Some are almost identical to basic camis, some are designed as sportswear, and others look a little more like lingerie with silk and lace. Depending on the style, you can layer them with sweaters and shirts, wear them alone for working out or use them to add a feminine touch to any outfit. They also come in a variety of sizes and support styles to fit women of almost any size. Plus, this style is perfect as a stand-alone top since the built-in bra means you won't need to worry about visible bra straps!

Lingerie Style Cami

Bra tank top hangs from a hanger

Lingerie cami tops can have a few different looks, but all add a bit of sensuality and feminine charm to any outfit. As pictured above, some resemble a regular underwire bra with a fabric portion attached below the bust to create a shirt. Others are a little slinkier, with silk, lace trim, and plunging necklines. Some have a built-in bra, while others are designed to wear over a bra or even bare skin for a more sensual look. These cami tops can be worn as a daring stand-alone shirt, a base layer underneath sweaters, or to provide charming contrast beneath a blazer. Of course, they can also be worn as lingerie or as fun, sassy nightwear.

How To Wear A Cami Top

Now that you understand the main styles of cami tops, you might be wondering how to style them with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. We've got you covered! In this section, you'll find examples of outfits suitable for everything from the office to a date night that all incorporate cami tops. We'll explain how to achieve each style and even share suggestions for recreating it yourself. Let's get inspired!

1. Slinky Cami Top with Matching Colored Bottoms

This outfit uses a lace-trimmed cami and matching skirt to create a monochromatic look that resembles a dress. To create this style for yourself, choose a cami and skirt in matching colors with a similar amount of shine to achieve a cohesive look. Silk cami tops are perfect for this outfit, and for a fun variation, you could wear a pair of sequined shorts or pants instead of a skirt.

2. Sequined Cami Top with Jeans and a Cardigan

For a look that could easily be dressed up or down, try wearing jeans paired with a cardigan and a slinky sequined cami. The example pictured above dresses the outfit up with lots of jewelry, a big belt buckle, and a fuzzy, eye-catching cardigan. However, you could just as easily dress it down with a chunky knit cardigan, sneakers, and a simple watch and single-strand necklace.

3. Lace-Trimmed Cami Top with High-Waisted Dress Pants

This simple combination of a lace-trimmed cami with high-waisted dress pants creates a sharp look that balances both masculine and feminine styles perfectly. You could add a blazer or cardigan for a business casual look, or wear it alone for a great after-hours outfit. Additionally, for a boho take on this style, you could try keeping the cami top but swapping out the solid-colored dress pants for wide-leg dress pants in a bold print.

4. Cami Top Layered Over a Blouse

For a youthful, unique look, try layering a cami top over a blouse. This works best if your cami top is loose-fitting with a plunging neckline, and the blouse is close-fitting with a higher neckline and interesting stylistic details like pleats or lace. A solid blouse with a patterned cami top, or vice versa, offers the most appealing contrast, as do two solid colored shirts in highly contrasting shades.

5. White Cami Top with a Black Skirt

This simple, classic look consists of a basic cotton cami top paired with a black mini skirt. For different variations, you could wear other styles of cami top and skirt while remaining within the same color scheme. For example, a lace-trimmed white cami tucked into a black circle skirt would create a subtly retro style.

6. Cami Top Half-Tucked in Pants

For another simple look that can be easily dressed up or down, try wearing a fun cami top half-tucked into a pair of pants. In this example, the model wears a solid-colored, ruffle-trimmed cami with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans for a classy but casual outfit. You could also try a close-fitting cami half-tucked into a pair of wide-legged pants, or a loose, patterned cami with ripped jeans.

7. Relaxed Cami Top with Cut-Off Shorts

This simple, cute outfit is perfect for a casual summer day of relaxing or exploring. To achieve it, tuck a loose-fitting floral cami into a pair of cut-off denim shorts. This look works best with mid- to high-waisted shorts. You could also try it with a striped or solid colored cami top for different effects, or add a hat or pair of sneakers.

8. Cropped Basic Cami Top with High-Waisted Jeans

To show just a little bit of skin but not too much, pair a cropped basic cotton cami with a pair of high-waisted jeans. This example also adds a loose-fitting cardigan for a super cozy look, but you can wear the cami and jeans on their own for casual summery vibes. That makes it a versatile look that can be worn in almost any weather.

9. Cami Top Under a Cardigan with Jeans

A cami underneath a cardigan and paired with some stylish jeans is a timeless, versatile look. In this example, the model wears a lace-trimmed cami tucked into high waisted jeans and topped with an open v-neck cardigan. Since there are many different styles of cami tops, jeans, and cardigans, the possibilities for variations of this look are almost endless. For instance, you could try wearing a colorful, boldly patterned cami top with neutrals like a gray cardigan and a pair of skinny black jeans to make the cami top pop. Or, you could go dressy with a silk cami top, lacy cardigan, dark wash jeans, and high heeled boots.

10. Basic Cotton Cami Top Under a Jacket

Wear a basic cami with a pleated midi skirt and top it all off with a blazer-style jacket to achieve the look in this example. The cami is a soft, simple addition to this outfit that allows the strong lines of both the jacket and skirt to take center stage. If you'd like a blazer with a loose, oversized look like the one pictured, you can purchase one that's a size or two larger than what you would typically wear. You could also achieve lots of different effects with other colors, skirt styles, or by pairing the look with pants or shorts.

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