How To Wear A Crossbody Bag [9 Great Looks]

A crossbody bag is not only practical; it can be trendy and stylish, too! We've researched this topic and found some great ways to wear a crossbody bag.

There's not really a wrong way to wear these bags. But can they be fashionable? Our search considered body position, strap detail, and outfit type to reveal 9 great looks for wearing the crossbody bag: 

  1. Across the back
  2. On the hip
  3. Across the chest
  4. Against the stomach
  5. With a chain strap
  6. With thin or thick straps
  7. Casual
  8. Business Casual
  9. Formal

Practicality is a must! Gone are the days where pockets aren't really pockets, we hope. Let us explain how these bags can be practical depending on how they're worn.

Crossbody bag in women's hands. Makeup bag and bracelet. Linen bag. Knitted white. How To Wear A Crossbody Bag [9 Great Looks]

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Where Should A Crossbody Bag Sit?

Let's take a look at some stylish examples of wearing a crossbody bag. As we've noted, these looks are based on the bag's body position, strap detail, and your outfit --so you can coordinate for any event or activity wearing a crossbody bag.

Body Position

First, you should consider the positioning of the bag on the body. In fact, this is just as important as the overall look. Typically crossbody bags are worn across the back, on the hip, across the chest, and against the stomach. Activity, body shape, mobility, and even safety all impact where the bag should rest on the body.

1. Across the back

Also known as a sling bag, you can wear a crossbody bag across the back during mild to moderate activities like jogging or hiking.

Why haul a cumbersome bag on the shoulder when you can wear this bag on your back? Let's be real. You don't need more challenges when it comes to getting ready to go exercising. With this bag, store your necessities in one place with easy access -- your back. In order to avoid injury, please remember to maintain your posture! Also, you should only carry up to 10% of your body weight on your back.

Click to see this sling bag on Amazon:

2. On the hip

Is it okay to wear a crossbody bag during mild activities, such as running errands or going shopping? Absolutely! There's no need to fumble with a purse while you shop. If your bag is resting on the hip, then you can sip your favorite latte while perusing a nice pair of sneakers. That sounds perfect!

Certainly, wearing a crossbody bag on the hip may help someone with mobility issues. If someone tries to walk with a cane and carry a clutch bag simultaneously, that person might drop the cane. As a result, the individual might fall. Clearly, this is no good.

By the way, you can convert regular bags into crossbody bags seated on the hip. It all depends on the strap length. With the bag resting low on the hip, the strap should extend across the back and along the front of the body.

However, the strap must be long enough, approximately 20 inches, to achieve this look. The length varies, though, as it's all about personal preference. You'll want to ask a friend to assist you to measure your torso length for sizing the strap. Measure from the slope of your shoulder, where it meets your neck, directly down your spine to the top of your hip bone. This measurement helps you find a strap length that allows the bag to rest comfortably at your hip.

How about a refreshing look with a crossbody bag at the hip, ready for a casual walk by the beach? This looks adorable!

3. Across the chest

Yet another great option for individuals with mobility issues is to wear a crossbody bag across the chest. Certainly, this option allows the person to remain hands-free and independent while attending to errands. If you use a walker, a shoulder bag or handbag might get in the way. So, put safety first and try out this cute bag, like the one featured below.

Or try a style similar to this one!

Sometimes this look, across the chest, just isn't for you. Your body shape might be the deciding factor. If you're uncomfortable with wearing the bag across the chest, then try another way.

4. Against the stomach

If you are traveling, safety is likely at the top of your priority list. If the crossbody bag is resting against your stomach, then you are fully aware of its access to others at all times. It would be difficult for a thief to attempt to steal your wallet from between your arms. Try to avoid being in this type of situation altogether.

Close-up Of A Person Stealing Purse From Handbag

Keep your valuables safe and wear them against your stomach, as demonstrated below.

Sometimes you're not worried about thieves but might be worried about prying hands from your kids! Your bag is a great place to hide snacks and candies. Thus, it is a tempting place for the little ones to investigate. So, hide the goods from the kids in a crossbody bag positioned against the stomach.

This is another situation where body shape comes into play for the style. If your stomach is rounder, then it might be uncomfortable to place the bag in this position. As long as you comfortably wear the bag, then all is well! You decide which look works for you!

Strap Detail

Next, you should consider the strap detail of the crossbody bag. Perhaps you want a little bling. Or maybe you just care about the strap width. Or both? Let's have a look at how the strap length and width influence your overall look.

5. With a chain

You can spruce up a casual look with an accessory like a chain. For business casual, how about sashaying into the room wearing a classic black dress? Allow the crossbody bag to be the highlight of the outfit, like this.

The chain may be gold, as shown above. Or you can rock out in a silver chain. You choose!

Here is another casual look with a silver chain.

6. With thick or thin straps

The width of the strap does make a difference in the overall look that you are aiming for. Thick straps work for both casual occasions and formal events. Thin straps might be best for occasions that call for business casual or formal attire. Below is a sturdy, thick strap for a funky style on a fashionable bag. Click here to see it on Amazon.

For your next outing, try out a thin strap like this adjustable strap. This crossbody bag comes in a variety of color choices so you can easily coordinate it with your wardrobe. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Here is a beautiful orange bag that combines the thin strap with a chain.

Outfit Type

Lastly, you should consider the type of occasion you're dressing for.

7. Casual

Are you going to the mall? The store? A coffee date? With casual clothes, the possibilities for your crossbody bag of choice are endless. See how chic it looks with jeans.

Is it chilly outside? Pair a crossbody bag with a cozy sweater dress.

Feel free to make a statement with your bag when you are casually out and about.

8. Business Casual

Certain events require business casual attire. Are you going to a job interview? Yes, you can still wear a crossbody bag for this! One option is the standard all-black attire. This dress here is cute on its own, but the charcoal crossbody bag really highlights the whole look.

Hands-free mobility while wearing a crossbody bag on date night, just take a look at this snazzy gentleman.

man standing beside a woman at a sweets stall on a night market wearing business casual with crossbody bag

Check this outfit out-- another classic look. Black and white have never looked so good!

9. Formal

Despite the above variety, wearing this bag with formal outfits requires a little more thought. Need a bag for a pretty night out on the town? Be cautious! You don't want to accidentally make your chic gown look casual just by wearing the wrong bag.

Not many people attempt to wear a crossbody bag with a formal outfit --be daring! Yet, try to maintain the formality. Typically you should keep the bag small, simple, and elegant. And some sparkle goes a long way. Note that you can extend chains to achieve the desired crossbody look.

This glittery bag will add some glitz to your glam! Click here to see it on Amazon.

Classically formal, a gold bag will complement most eveningwear. Click here to see it on Amazon.

What Should You Put In A Crossbody Bag?

It's up to you what goes inside your crossbody bag. Stow your water bottle on a hot day; the sling bag below features a side pouch for just such an idea. It's large enough to carry a retractable cane, just in case you need a rest during your shopping excursion. Check out this cool bag on Amazon. It has seven color choices!

Do you want a mini crossbody bag just to hold the essentials? This cell phone bag is an excellent choice; it is available in a variety of colors for any outfit. As a bonus, it holds up to six credit cards. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Here's a casual bag with wide strap for men to carry along their essentials, crossbody style. You might organize your wallet and glasses in this small daypack. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are multiple looks that go great with a crossbody bag. Pay attention to the body position, strap type, and event attire. Keep in mind that this is just a guide. Wear it how you want, use it how you want, and have fun!

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Still not sure about the color scheme? This article is helpful-- check it out!

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