How To Wear Faux Leather Leggings — 5 Outfits To Try Out

As soon as it became acceptable to wear leggings outside of the yoga studio, all kinds of styles started popping up. One of those styles is faux leather! So how do you wear faux leather leggings? Well, you're in the right place because we have some suggestions for you.

Here are some faux leather leggings outfit ideas:

  1. Pair your leggings with a t-shirt and add a flannel shirt around your waist. Finish it off with some sneakers!
  2. For fall, winter, or evenings, add a long sleeve shirt or sweater with your leggings.
  3. In the summer or spring, pair your leggings with a tank top or tube top.
  4. For a more business casual look, add a nice flowy dress shirt or a blazer. 
  5. Complete the leather look with a leather jacket. Add a bright-colored shirt underneath to help separate the two. 

We've given you five outfit ideas for how to wear your faux leather leggings, but if you need some image examples to help you imagine how the outfit might look, keep reading! We'll also answer some other questions you might have about your faux leather leggings and whether they are acceptable for work.

A woman sitting on the stairs wearing a leather denim jacket and faux leather pants, How To Wear Faux Leather Leggings -- 5 Outfits To Try Out

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How To Wear Faux Leather Leggings

1. Casual With A Tee

A beautiful woman taking a selfie wearing a black leather faux pants on a white background

Leather isn't just for nights out. For a super easy outfit, just pair your faux leather leggings with a simple t-shirt. This model is wearing a black tee, but if you have black faux leather leggings, any color tee will work. The leather look of the leggings creates a visual difference between the two black garments. Accessorize your outfit by adding a flannel shirt around your waist or a hat for a cool but casual look.

A photo of a woman wearing a faux leather pants and white boots

For your feet, this outfit would work with sneakers or boots.

2. For Cooler Days

Contrast Materials

A woman wearing a pink sweater and faux leather pants

You can soften up the look of the leather with a cardigan or sweater. Choose a light color like this pink to take the edge off even more. Remember Sandy from the movie Grease? This outfit combines the sweet innocence of Sandy at the beginning of the movie with fierce, "Tell me about it, stud," Sandy at the end!

All Black

A beautiful woman wearing a black long sleeve shirt and faux leather pants on a black background

For a night out with the girls or even on a date, you can pair your leather leggings with a black sweater. Who said looking cozy and sexy at the same time isn't possible?

3. For Warmer Days

A beautiful woman posing wearing a leather shirt and faux leather pants

For those days where it's still cool enough to wear pants but too hot for a sweater, just throw on a simple tank top. The leather will dress up the tank, but the tank will keep the look casual.

A tanned latina woman wearing faux leather pants, cheetah tube, and a jacket for work

Then, when it's time for a night out that might involve working up a sweat on the dance floor, slip on a tube top for a fun but sexy way to stay cool.

4. Business Casual

You might be surprised to know that you can even make faux leather leggings work for a business casual outfit!

A beautiful woman wearing a faux leather pants and a white dress on a white background

Pair it with a nice dress shirt (see above) or a white button-down shirt and a blazer (see below) for a sophisticated look.

A woman wearing a leather jacket and faux leather pants

5. More Leather

For a look that can be worn almost anywhere, try adding a leather jacket over a simple shirt. Check out some examples below:


A blonde woman wearing a leather jacket and faux leather pants

You can make this outfit casual by throwing on a fun hat and sunglasses. On a cold day, try adding a beanie hat!

Urban Fashion

A woman sitting on the stairs wearing a leather denim jacket and faux leather pants

Or, dress this outfit up by adding a pair of black heels for the epitome of urban fashion.

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What do you wear with faux leather leggings?

You've probably realized from some of our image examples above that there aren't many things that can't be worn with faux leather leggings, but let's summarize.

On The Top

A tall beautiful woman wearing a long sweater holding two fanny packs and a faux leather pants

You can wear any t-shirt with your leggins. You can soften the look with a cardigan or sweater. Oversize shirts work really well with any kind of leggings, so they will also work with faux leather leggings. To dress the leggings up, add a leather jacket, button-down shirt, or blazer.

On The Bottom

A woman wearing a faux leather pants and black leather boots

As for shoes, you have lots of options! You can wear a pair of heels, tennis shoes, ballet pumps, or boots with your faux leather leggings. The only shoes you might not be able to make work are sandals or leather boots. Leather boots that are higher than your ankle might clash with your leather leggings.


A woman opening a confetti wearing a leather jacket and faux leather pant

Leather can be a dominating texture, but you can change how the look is perceived by adding some accessories. Experiment with different hats, scarves, and jewelry

Can you wear faux leather leggings to work?

Whether you can wear faux leather leggings to work depends on your companies dress code and how relaxed they are. However, it is very possible to make faux leather leggings part of a business casual look. We gave you some image examples above, but the best way to make faux leather leggings look professional is by pairing them with a white button-down shirt and a blazer.

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What do you wear with faux leather leggings night out?

If you're heading to a nice dinner, you can pair your leggings with a colored blouse—bold colors like royal blue, red, pink, or purple can really make a statement. If you're heading to the club for a night of dancing, you might like something a little more fun. For this scenario, you could slip on a tube top, or if you're really daring, a mesh top over a bra like the example below!

A beautiful model wearing a net outfit and faux leather pant


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How do you wear leather leggings over 40?

You don't have to be a young 20-something in order to wear leather leggings. Even if your Friday night doesn't quite look like it did twenty years ago, leather leggings should still be a high contender for a place in your closet. No matter your age, you can make them work!

If you're older, you might be worried about people thinking you're trying to look younger by wearing leather leggings. In order to avoid this, you need to have a good idea about the types of clothes to wear with your leather leggings that will flatter your figure and complement your age.

Leggings are skin-tight, so you should pair them with long, flowy shirts—think tunic tops and airy blouses. If you want to wear a tighter shirt, create layers by adding a long cardigan, long jacket, or oversize sweater. The goal is to pair them with some upper garment, whether it's a shirt or jacket, that comes below your hip or covers your bottom. Avoid any short, skin-tight shirts, or see-through shirts.

The goal is to look classic and elegant. Earth tone colors are a good option in the fall and can help bring down the harshness of the black leather. In the spring, pair them with flowy white tops or pastel yellows. It's all about finding what works for your style. At the end of the day, if you're comfortable and you like how it looks, own it!

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Final Thoughts

Faux leather leggings are a great addition to any closet. You can dress them up or down, and the options are endless. Hopefully, our article has given you some outfit inspiration for your faux leather leggings and that you're now excited to experiment with them. Don't be afraid to wear them with confidence!

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