How To Wear Tapered Pants – 15 Styling Tips!

Deciding what to wear with your pants can be tricky without some inspiration. Do you have a pair of tapered pants but don't know how to style them? We're here to help you!

Styling tapered pants is much easier than it seems. A few ways to do this include bright accessories, oversized tops and sweaters, and even a pair of dressy shoes. No matter your gender, size, or style, we recommend choosing clothing that makes you feel confident and, most importantly, comfortable.

As we begin, we will show you our favorite styling ideas for tapered pants and tag some related products. Whether you just bought your pants or want to switch things up, we've got an idea for you. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

A woman wearing a blue blouse khaki pants and high heeled shoes, How To Wear Tapered Pants - 15 Styling Tips!

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1. Simple, Squared Off Look

First, we have a simple outfit idea for tapered pants that is perfect for a day out. If your style is on the minimalistic side, we think a simple white tank or tee paired with squared-off heels is an easy way to pull of tapered pants.

We especially like how this outfit went with soft yellow heels to bring some color to the look without being too over the top.

2. Fashion Meets Grunge

Next, we have a fashionable yet grungy look for your tapered pants. Although we don't usually associate tapered pants with the grungy aesthetic, we think this outfit looks perfectly edgy while still stylish.

A good idea to try at home would be a pair of boots similar to this combat style to give your outfit a bold look.

DREAM PAIRS Women's Fashion Ankle Boots

These ankle boots have a four-inch heel, soft PU leather material, lace/zipper closure, and come in a few colors.

Check these boots out on Amazon here.

3. Perfect For The Office

Third, we have an idea for men wearing their tapered pants into the office. Keeping your clothing a similar color is always a good idea, whether you choose navy pants and a lighter sweater or vice versa.

If you want to try this look at home, we recommend a similar pair of suede loafers to pair with your pants.

Donald J Pliner Men's Penny Loafer

This suede penny loafer has a leather sole, a 0.5-inch heel, leather lining and comes in three different colors.

Follow this link to see them on Amazon.

4. High-Waisted Trousers

Next, we have a tapered pants idea using high-waisted trousers. Recently, high-waisted pants are all anyone can talk about, so we think this is an on-trend outfit to try.

We like how this model has on a simple black tucked-in shirt and went with open-toed, sparkly heels.

5. Matching Jacket

Another idea we have for men's tapered pants is matching them to your jacket. Typically, matching sets have a sharp look and are easy to accessorize with other clothing and footwear.

We love how this model has on simple white sneakers, which give off a laid-back appearance while still looking fashionable.

6. Different Shades Of Khaki

Coming in at six, we have this comfortable layered idea for tapered pants. Generally, mixing khakis is a great way to spice up an outfit while keeping it cohesive.

Sticking with a plain white sneaker theme, this model also went with that look, which we can't say we're mad at.

Jousen Men's Fashion Sneakers

These fashion sneakers are a lightweight synthetic material, have a rubber sole, are easy to clean, and come in a few color choices.

Check out these sneakers on Amazon here.

7. Dressed To The Nines

Next, we have a high-fashion way to wear your tapered pants. We think simple black tapered pants with a tucked-in silk or cotton top are the perfect way to make a statement for those who like to get fancy.

With that said, we also appreciate the pointed heels this model has on, which tie the look together nicely.

8. High Fashion Combat Look

Eighth, we have a stunning combat-inspired way to wear your tapered pants. Besides the fact this outfit is gorgeous, we also appreciate how effortlessly simple it looks.

The leather boots are a stand-out piece in this outfit and add just the right amount of drama to this look.

Franco Sarto Women's Indigo Mid Calf Boot

These mid-calf boots have a three-inch heel, breathable lining, a synthetic sole and come in a few color options.

View these boots on Amazon here.

9. Cyberpunk Streetwear Styling

Another idea we have for tapered pants is a streetwear look using baggy cargo trousers. Regardless of gender, the streetwear aesthetic has taken over the fashion market, so this is a trendy choice for your pants.

Style-wise, we think a pair of chunky sneakers and a baggy top will complete your outfit and keep it looking current.

10. Ready For Summer

Next, we have a great tapered pants outfit for the summertime. Usually, adding a hat and sunglasses to your look will give it a casual summer vibe and keep your face out of the sun.

Another detail to note is the similar tan-colored hat and loafers, which do a nice job of tying the look altogether.

11. Comfortable Jogger Look

Following a summer theme, we have this super comfortable tapered jogger look that we love. Although joggers can have a relaxed vibe, we think adding a pair of heels to your look will help class them up a bit.

If you want to try this look at home, we suggest choosing a stylish bag similar to this example to help bring your outfit to the next level.

12. Statement Top

Coming in at 12, we have this jaw-dropping idea for your tapered pants outfit. Regardless of the season, choosing a statement top or jacket with your tapered pants is an easy way to turn heads.

We love how this model has on high-waisted pants with her top and appreciate the minimalistic heels and handbag.

13. Pink, Black, And White Details

Another outfit idea for your tapered pants is a high-fashion look using pink, black, and white. Although these colors are simple, we think incorporating a soft pink into your look helps break up the severity of black and white clothing/accessories.

With that said, we love the all-black shoes, top, and bag paired with an oversized white blazer, which makes the pink pants stand out even more.

The Drop Women's Blake Long Blazer

This women's blazer is polyester and elastane material with an oversized design and comes in black, white, and tan.

See this blazer on Amazon here.

14. Skater Meets Hipster

Next up, we have a casual and stylish way to wear men's tapered pants. In general, baggy pants have a skatepark feel, so we like that these are brought in a bit to give them a classier look.

With that said, the hipster elements like the shoes and tucked-in shirt help make this outfit feel nice enough to wear out but also casual enough to skate in.

Dr. Martens Men's 8053 Oxford

This pair of shoes is 100% leather, have a cushioned collar, textured sole, and come in a few colors.

Follow this link to see them on Amazon.

15. Effortlessly Preppy

Last but not least, we have a fall/winter look for your tapered pants. Typically, preppy clothing has more of a cold-weather vibe, so we like how this outfit comes across.

Specifically, we want to point out the subtle accessories like the watch, boots, and over-the-shoulder bag that give this outfit a classy, academic look.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you have a pair of tapered pants laying around or want to get some, styling them is easier than it seems. We found that tapered pants go well with various styles, whether it be elegant, grunge, or even hipster. When it comes to a good idea for men, we think trying a pair of simple white sneakers, and a sweater or nice shirt is perfect for your pants.

For women styling a tapered look, try going with a statement top or jacket and a pair of heels or boots for your pants. Regardless of your style or budget, make sure to choose clothing that makes you feel good, and don't be scared to experiment with colors and patterns.

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