How to Wear a White Handbag [9 Suggestions with Pics]

What is the best way to wear a white handbag? Should you choose the iconic look of black and white, casual with jeans, or dressed up for a wedding? What are some of the best ways to wear your favorite white purse? We have scoured a variety of sources to give you a comprehensive look at all the best ways to wear a white handbag!

Here are some great ways to incorporate a white handbag into your look:

  • As a clutch, to play off of a white shirt
  • Dressed up for a spring garden party
  • To play off of a fun faux fur coat
  • As a tote with jeans and neutral colors
  • With chunky white shoes
  • With a pencil skirt and blouse
  • Pair a shoulder bag with an off-the-shoulder shirt
  • At your wedding
  • Make it fun with a jean jacket and black leggings

A gorgeous woman with a white shirt and holding her white handbag, How to Wear a White Handbag [9 Suggestions with Pics]

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Let's take a closer look at some of the ideas to get a sense of exactly what we're talking about. We'll also look at when white purses might not work with your outfit.

How To Incorporate A White Purse Into Your Look

1. Wear A White Shirt With A Coordinating Clutch And Chinos

A gorgeous woman with a white shirt and holding her white handbag, How to Wear a White Handbag [9 Suggestions with Pics]

For a great casual look for the office or the campus, throw on a pair of softly colored chinos and pair them with a white blouse. Tuck your favorite white clutch under your arm, and you've got an easy three-season look for almost any situation.

2. Dress A White Purse Up And Pair With A White Lacy Dress For A Summer Garden Party

A young woman lying on a concrete pavement with her white dress holding her white handbag

A simple white leather bag looks gorgeous with this white lace dress. Throw on a fabulous ring and some pearl bracelets, and you will simply shine at this spring's afternoon affair.

3. Pair A Round White Purse With A Boho Faux Fur Coat

A woman with a white fur coat and holding her white round hand bag

You love a style that stands out, and this round white purse looks fantastic with this fun faux fur coat. A monochromatic look is always in style.

This round Michael Kors purse is precisely the sort of fun accessory to pair with a fantastic monochromatic outfit. The canteen-style bag has gold accessories and is made out of quilted leather. It's about 6.5" in diameter and 2.25" deep, which is a great medium size for a night out.

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4. A Slouchy White Leather Tote Bag Is Great With Jeans And Stacked Sandals

A couple walking together with the woman holder her white handbag

A slouchy white tote bag is a perfect summer and spring choice to pair with jeans, a pair of platform sandals, and your favorite loose tee. It dresses it up while still letting you feel casual and cool. 

This over-the-shoulder tote bag has a cute plaid lining and plenty of room for everything you need to carry. It's a faux leather that is easy to clean, which can be a bonus when carrying a white bag.

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5. Play Around With Finding The Perfect White Purse To Pair With Chunky White Shoes

A tall woman wearing a brown jacket and pants carrying her white handbag

Do you love a chunky boot shoe with a dressed-up jog suit? Then consider going for white shoes and a neutral color suit in a camel tone. When you add a classic handled white hobo or tote bag and a jaunty cap, you elevate your look from fresh to fabulous. 

6. Choose A White Envelope Clutch To Wear With A Pencil Skirt

A formally dressed woman wearing a white suit and a long skirt holding her white handbag

If you're headed in for an important meeting with a client and need to carry papers but still look fantastic, consider pairing a practical envelope clutch with a pencil skirt. Here the soft tones of the shirt and skirt play well with the white of the clutch, and the whole ensemble gives off a clean and professional vibe.

This white clutch from Rebecca Minkoff has gorgeous clean lines and classic envelope styling. The overall size is 10.5 x 7.5 x 1/4," so this will fit a tablet but may not fit paperwork. The foldover flap features a magnet closure, and there is a slip pocket on the interior of the bag.

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7. Pair S Shoulder Bag With An Off-The-Shoulder Shirt

A physically fit woman wearing a gray shirt and pants holding her white handbag

A fun and flirty way to wear a white handbag is to pair a long shoulder strap purse with an off-the-shoulder-blouse. The contrast will draw eyes to your handbag and your blouse all at the same time. 

8. Find A White Beaded Bag For Your Wedding

A woman with a dress and holding a white handbag

Though you may not keep your bag with you at all times, it's nice to have a place to keep your phone and some lipstick refresher on the day of your wedding. It's also the perfect time to finally use a white beaded handbag.

This white pearl studded box clutch from St. Xavier is built for a bride. It's hand-beaded and has a removable chain strap. Inside there's a room for credit cards, an iPhone, and lipstick. The bag measures 8" x 2" x 5" in total.

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9. Make It Fun By Wearing A White Crossbody Bag With A Jean Jacket And Black Leggings

A fit young woman wearing a crop top with her white handbag

Nobody wants to keep up with a purse when you're out for a day of festival-hopping or sight-seeing. That's why we love a good crossbody bag. And this little number in white is a perfect choice for this edgy jean jacket, crop top, and black leggings.

This Guess crossbody features a long chain strap with comfortable leather shoulder rest. It's a perfect small to medium size to carry the things you need without being heavy or obtrusive. Inside there's a zip pocket and two slip pockets. The hardware is pale shiny gold in appearance.

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Do White Handbags Go With Everything?

Theoretically, yes, they do. But there may be times when you don't want to use a white handbag. If your outfit is dark, and you don't want your bag to steal the spotlight, then you might choose a different-colored bag. In some professional situations, white bags may be seen as too fashion-forward and not conservative enough for the environment at hand. And then, of course, there is the cleanliness issue. White tends to attract and show more dirt and grime than darker colored handbags. So if you know you'll need to be setting your purse down or that you may be in crowds or crowded metro stations, you might choose to save the white bag for another day.

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