Closet Chronicles of a Young Fashion Blogger Finding Her Style

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NEWS - Greetings Style-Savvy readers! Today we’ve stumbled upon a flash video of a young girl in London who is making a name for herself as a Fashion Blogger.

Grace Tutty recently posted a TikTok video, among her other fashion trends, where she demonstrates high-waisted versus low-waisted pants. Her preference - low-rise.

@gracetutty showing the difference between low and high waisted yoga pants 🫶🏻 I way prefer low waisted on me!! #lowwaistedjeans #lowwaistedvshigh #lowrisevshighrise #lowerise #lowrisepants #lowwaistedpants #highwaistedpants #yogapants #lowriseyogapants #lowrisefashion #y2kstyle ♬ som original - 春野舞羅

Snaps to Grace on the super film-cloning technique! This was as much fun to watch as comparing the two looks side by side. Frankly, we think she looks great in both options!

We took a look at the emergence of the low-waist fad and found that those of us with an ample behind like the low-rise.

Why? Because it visually minimizes the square footage of material covering our backsides, creating a ‘tromp l’oeil’ of the derriere.

And ladies with ample assets may also have a tiny waist, just like Grace. It’s a perfect way to highlight a great attribute, and it’s why she rocks this look.

Grace doesn’t hesitate to show the option of the high-waisted pants - even though they’re not her fave. We love the way she is confident to showcase the styles themselves, and then stay body-positive with her preference.

We also 100% love visual style comparisons, they totally clue us in to what we like so that we can go find the perfect pair for ourselves.

Opinions on TikTok were mixed, with tons of commenters loving the high-rise pants, and some loving the low-rise pants.

TikToker Abbi looks at them side by side and thinks, "That’s why I LIKE high waisted, I can’t stand it otherwise."

And Amayja from TikTok also believes in high-waisted style, "It literally looks way better than the low rise here."

On the reverse, deffonotkeirax TikTok’r disagrees, "WHAT ARE Y’ALL ON ABOUT? LOW RISE PANTS LOOK SO GOOD ON HER"

And hundreds more liked a comment from TikTok’s G Rise, "LOVE THE LOW RISE😍"

But one popular thought that we vibe with perfectly was this:


…just a moment ago, TikTok’s yung grump echoes, "I think you look great in both!🥰"

We absolutely agree.

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