Is A Maxi Skirt Business Casual? [And How To Wear One To The Office]

Who doesn't love a great maxi skirt? They are cute and comfortable and make quite the style statement these days. You can wear them almost anywhere-- shopping, a casual lunch, and even an evening out. But what about the office? Is it possible to turn this low-key style into something professional? We have searched the web and found what the experts have to say on the subject, so if you want to broaden the horizons of your maxi skirt, then you'll want to keep reading.

The maxi skirt can work as business casual. If you're looking to wear it to the office, make sure that you choose solid colors, professional shoes, and tops that don't look too informal. Making a maxi skirt office-friendly is all about what you pair it with!

If you love maxi skirts and are looking for ways to incorporate them into your work wardrobe, then look no further! Continue reading for more helpful style tips!
A woman wearing a Maxi skirt walking on the streets, Is A Maxi Skirt Business Casual? [And How To Wear One To The Office]

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Maxi Skirts-- Office Friendly

Choosing what to wear to work often presents quite the challenge. Pants and skirts might be your go-to, but have ever you considered a maxi skirt? Although most of us conjure up images of lazy Saturdays strolling through the park or sipping a latte at an outdoor cafe when we think of a maxi skirt, there is so much more that you can do with this versatile article of clothing. Maxi skirts are surprisingly functional, and with a bit of creativity, you can turn your maxi skirt into an office-wear essential.

Can You Wear A Maxi Skirt To Work?

Maxi skirts might seem like a casual choice, but in fact, they can be dressed up and worn to work. If you work in a casual business, and no one minds if you look like you're ready for a day at the beach, then no worries! But if your work environment is on the stricter side, you can still wear a maxi skirt. It will just take a little more resourcefulness.

Skip the flip flops and crop tops, and instead coordinate your maxi skirt with professional shoes, tops, jackets, and accessories. With just a few appropriate pieces worn with your maxi skirt, you'll be more than ready to hit the boardroom.

In this photo, this woman is wearing all neutral colors. Her tan blazer works perfectly with a brown maxi skirt and belt. Her look is polished and professional.

How To Wear A Maxi Skirt To Work

So the big question is-- how do you achieve a professional look in a maxi skirt? Here are some simple ways to get you started:

The Skirt

First, you want to opt for skirts that aren't too flowy. Flowy maxi skirts tend to make it look like you are headed out for a picnic. Instead, try to choose a more fitted maxi skirt.  You should also avoid maxi skirts that have layers, are ruffled, and anything with a slit. These styles will not work in an office environment, even if your office leans towards a business casual style.  Pleated maxi skirts are another excellent option since they have a timeless sophistication that's perfect for work.


When picking a top, choose one with longer sleeves-- at least 3/4 length. Short sleeves and sleeveless tops will only serve to make you look more casual. You want to stay away from crop tops or anything that looks like a tank top.

If you can, wear a button-down. Button-down shirts always give off a professional appearance, but remember to tuck it in! Blouses worn with maxi skirts should be on the fitted side too. That doesn't mean you want something ultra-tight, but if your top is loose and baggy, you won't look as sharp as you should.

The outfit worn in this photo shows a white button-down blouse and wool maxi skirt. The red shoes and accessories add to the look with a splash of color.

Sweaters And Blazers

In addition, a nice button-down sweater or a blazer can dress up a maxi skirt as well. Blazers are always great for making an outfit look more professional, and button-down sweaters give off a conservative vibe which is exactly what you need when you're trying to make a maxi skirt look more polished.

The woman in this photo coordinates a black maxi skirt with a black blazer and completes her outfit with a pair of tan pumps. She looks perfectly professional!

How Can I Make My Maxi Skirt Look Professional?


The right colors can make or break how professional you look. Solid colors are more office-friendly, especially black, brown, navy, tan, and white. You want to avoid flowery patterns or other designs if possible.  If you decide you want to add some color, experts say it's best to achieve it with your blouse and not your skirt. Keep your skirt one color.

The woman in the photo pairs a white blouse with a navy blue maxi skirt and white heels and achieves a professional and stylish look.

A beautiful woman wearing a white dress and a blue colored Maxi skirt on a white background


Let's not forget that shoes make all of the difference as well. Some maxi skirt enthusiasts love wearing them with high heels, which is always a great look, but if you prefer flats, opt for a conservative style of business flats rather than a pair of strappy sandals. Open-toed heels aren't recommended either. Instead, a pair of pointy-toed pumps would look great, and if it's winter, a pair of stylish boots are an appropriate option. Since maxi skirts are on the casual side, everything else you wear needs to do the dressing up.


Just like your shoes, your jewelry can make or break your outfit. When you're wearing a maxi skirt to work, go for simple, professional jewelry. Even though it might be tempting to wear something flashier, you want to keep it on the plain side for the office.

What Can I Wear With A Flowy Maxi Skirt?

Although a flowy maxi skirt might not be your first choice when looking for a professional outfit, there are ways to dress it up. A blazer or button-down sweater can make a flowy skirt look significantly less casual. If you wear a blouse or a sweater, make sure that it's fitted. Finally, choose flowy skirts that are solid colors like black or navy blue, and dress it up with a pair of heels or nice flats.

Maxi Skirts For The Win

Do your work clothes seem a little stale these days? Then consider the style advice of the experts and jazz up your wardrobe with a maxi skirt. If you are someone who would have never considered wearing a maxi skirt to the office, hopefully, the style tips here have changed your mind. Not only are maxi skirts flattering and fun, but they are also professional. All it takes is some imagination to start sprucing up your look today!

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