What Kind Of Dress To Wear As A Guest For A Beach Wedding?

If you have been invited to a beach wedding recently, you are probably struggling with what to wear. Are you in need of beachy dress ideas? Well, do not worry because we have done all the research necessary to provide you with the perfect kind of dress to wear as a guest to a beach theme or beach destination wedding.

The kind of dress that you should wear as a guest to a beach wedding depends on how formal, or not-so-formal, the wedding will be; as indicated by the invitation. Generally, beach weddings are more casual compared to other wedding locations or themes. A good rule of thumb for dress design is to look for light, bright colors, and flowy fabrics. A short or t-length sundress is a great choice for a daytime beach wedding. For an evening beach wedding, go long with either a flowy jumpsuit or a maxi dress.

If you still feel overwhelmed about beach fashion choices, keep reading because we will break down everything to make it simple for you from style, to color, to shoe pairing. We will even provide you with links to specific dresses so you can start shopping. And if you have more beach wedding-related questions, like what exactly does 'Island Chic' mean or how to dress your male partner in a beachy fashion, stay tuned because we have all the answers you need.

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Guest Attire; Overdressed Vs. Underdressed At Beach Weddings

Have you ever heard the saying, "It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed"? Well, this rule applies to beach weddings too! If the wedding invitation does not specify the formality of the occasion, stick to a dressier sundress. You should definitely stay away from ballgowns or anything of the sort unless the wedding invitation calls explicitly for black tie attire.

A sundress is an excellent go-to option because of its versatility. Sundresses can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on your choice of shoes and accessories, and come in a variety of lengths so you can shorten up for a day wedding or go long for an evening wedding.

Accessorize Sundresses

For example, wooden or cork wedges can make a sundress appear more casual and provide the perfect look for a beach wedding. Pairing wedge shoes with your sundress makes it much easier to walk and dance compared to stilettos, especially if the wedding takes place on a sandy beach.

If you want to dress up the sundress to ensure you are not the underdressed guest, try accessorizing with plenty of jewelry. Hoop earrings, lengthy statement necklaces, and stacked bracelets are all great for dressing up an outfit.

The KILIG Women's Casual Button-Down Midi Dress with pockets is the perfect choice for a beachy wedding! The dress is classy yet simple and comes in various colors and patterns. Click here to see this cute dress on Amazon.

Consider Beachy Colors

When it comes to beach weddings, color is key—wearing colors that match the beach aesthetic will definitely wow the bride, groom, and all of the other guests. A good rule of thumb is to wear light colors. Beach weddings usually take place in the summer, so wearing light colors makes sense.

Stay away from solid black dresses. Black makes you stand out too much amongst the light-toned setting and other guests. But it's also important to never wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride. Tan is another color to wear, and if you want to shine in some color, consider a light pink dress.

The Shein Women's Floral Cami Dress is available in either light pink or light green. This dress is made of polyester material, meaning it is flowy and comfortable. It has spaghetti straps, so you will be able to keep cool if the wedding is on a hot day. Choose a sundress like this for a casual daytime wedding on the beach. Click here to see this dress on Amazon.

Color is not the only thing to consider; pay attention to the material of the dress you are planning to wear. Flowy is better when it comes to beach weddings. Choose a dress made of thin, flowy fabric, so you are comfortable, cute, and ready to mingle and dance.

Men's Beachy Wedding Attire

Male guests should plan on wearing a tan suit, including linen suits, or khaki pants and a light-colored shirt. Black suits are usually too harsh for a beach wedding and will also make you even hotter since you will be sitting out in the sun.

Can A Male Guest Wear Shorts To A Beach Wedding?

Are you wondering if it is acceptable for a man to wear shorts for a beach wedding? After all, it is the beach. Esquire gives this a hard no, "...stick to the suit. You can get away with a more relaxed outfit here, but it needs to look polished—you're still at a wedding, after all. You could wear some well-fitting dark denim (sans rips, please) and a button-down."

Is It OK To Wear A Romper To A Beach Wedding?

Are you thinking about mixing it up and choosing something other than the typical dress you always see at weddings? If you are thinking about wearing a romper to the beach wedding, here is the scoop. A fancy romper is acceptable, especially if it is a daytime wedding. But it is crucial to make sure that your romper is not too short and revealing. You do not want to stand out too much in the crowd of guests. A better option is a jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are just as fun as rompers, but they are easier to dress up. Jumpsuits are long and flowy, similar to a maxi dress, making them the perfect option for a beach wedding. If you are attending an evening beach wedding, try dressing the jumpsuit up with some jewelry. Wearing a few necklaces will make a huge difference and make everyone think you tried a lot harder than you did to look that good.

What Shoes Should A Guest Wear To A Beach Wedding?

Destination Wedding Details recommends wearing a pair of flat shoes is acceptable for guests to wear to a beach wedding. Flats are great news for you because this style makes walking in the sand and dancing the night away, both easy tasks. Choose flat sandals that are on the dressier side, and steer clear of any rubber flip flops you were thinking of sporting.

This Women's Casual Thong with ankle strap sandal is a perfectly acceptable shoe choice for a beach wedding. These sandals feature a comfortable insole and an adjustable buckle closure with five adjustable settings and hidden elastic on the back strap for a flexible fit. And the best part is, there are four colors to choose from, making it easy to match whatever dress you choose to wear. Click here to see these sandals on Amazon.

But if you still want some height, as we mentioned before, wedges are a perfect go-to shoe for women to wear to a beach wedding. It is much easier to walk in the sand in comfortable wedges with a bulky bottom than it is to walk in heels. Kenneth Cole's Reaction Women's T-Strap Wedge sandal comes in seven different colors! These wedges have a synthetic rubber sole, a heel a little over three inches, and moisture-wicking fabric that makes these shoes breathable, cool, and comfortable. Click here to see these Kenneth Cole shoes on Amazon.

And if you want something in between a flat sandal and a pair of wedges, consider a pair of platform sandals like Soda Top's Bryce design, with open toe, buckle ankle strap, and flatform wedge. Click here to see these platform shoes on Amazon. These shoes feature a rubber sole. They are both cute and comfortable, perfect for having fun on the dance floor at the wedding.

Men's Shoes For Beach Weddings

And for males, Gentleman's Gazette suggests wearing casual close-toed shoes to a wedding on the beach. A perforated leather shoe is the preferred option to keep feet well ventilated and cooler. Wearing tan and brown tones will match the beachy aesthetic of the wedding. We recommend staying away from harsh colored dress shoes, like solid black shoes.

These casual dress shoes by Bruno Marc are ideal for comfort and style to wear for a wedding at the beach. Memory foam construction and soft sole cushion your feet so you can dance all night! Click here to see these on Amazon.

A yachty shoe, like these loafers by Cole Haan, is a great choice for a casual, daytime beach wedding. Strut about comfortably in the sand wearing 100% Nantucket leather. Click here to see these on Amazon.

What Do You Wear To An Evening Beach Wedding?

Evening weddings tend to be a tad more formal than daytime weddings, even if it is on the beach. We recommend wearing a flowy maxi dress to an evening beach wedding. The long length of the dress makes it a little more formal. Maxi dresses are also convenient for evening weddings because they will keep you a little warmer than a short cocktail dress will.

R.Vivimos Women's Summer Cotton Sexy Backless Long Dress is a perfect maxi dress for a wedding on the beach. It is affordable and comes in seventeen different colors, so you are guaranteed to find one you would like. Click here to see this long, beautiful, flowy dress on Amazon.

What Is 'Island Chic' Dress Code?

Real Simple says that if the dress code is referred to as island chic, dressy resort attire, garden party, or outdoor wedding, this means "Easy and breezy with a touch of elegance." The key is to balance fashion and function, meaning you should consider that you will be outside in the sun and walking in the sand. But this does not mean you should dress completely comfortable. Wearing something flowy like a loose sundress is the right choice.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know what kind of dress to wear to a beach wedding. Light-colored sundresses are always a good choice! And maxi dresses are perfect for a more formal wedding or an evening wedding. If you are looking for more wedding fashion advice, check out Can You Wear A Crop Top To A Wedding?

And if you're the bride, check out 12 Types Of Wedding Bands and Should You Wear A Necklace With A Strapless Wedding Dress?

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