How Long Is A Maxi Skirt Or Dress? And How Much Do They Weigh?

Whether you're hanging out at the beach or attending a moonlight dinner, maxi skirts and dresses are versatile and gorgeous clothing options to wear. They're easy to put together, especially a maxi dress. But, you might wonder how long they need to be and how much they weigh. We've looked into the topic and found some answers.

Typically, maxi skirts are 39 to 41 inches long and maxi dresses are 55 to 62 inches long. Depending on the type of material, maxi skirts weigh 3 to 9 ounces and maxi dresses weigh 0.6 to 1.6 pounds.

That seems simple enough, but there's more to it than that, such as measuring and adjusting the length. Keep reading to learn more.

Young and beautiful girl tries on her first evening red dress. How Long Is A Maxi Skirt Or Dress And How Much Do They Weigh

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How many inches is a maxi skirt?

Usually, the manufacturer will list the length of the maxi skirt in the product details. Generally, maxi skirts are 39 to 41 inches. But the exact length depends on your leg length and where the waistband sits. Also, the end of the maxi skirt should rest at your ankles or the tops of your toes.

Green pleated organza long skirt isolated over white

First, you should measure your skirt inseam:

  1. Grab a tape measurer and a partner if needed.
  2. Find your natural waist, which is the smallest part of the waist between the chest and the hips.
  3. Measure from your natural waist to the ankles or tops of the toes, as desired.
  4. Record the number.

You can measure a maxi skirt you already own if you prefer. Check out this helpful video to learn how:

If you're petite or short, you should choose a maxi skirt no more than 39 inches long. Also, you should choose one that can be high-waisted. Finally, adjust the skirt length on your own by pulling it up to your belly button.

Alternatively, foldable waistbands are great because they allow you to shorten the length of the maxi skirt. However, if it has a slit, then be aware that adjusting the length of the dress will also revise the length of the slit. This means that a subtle slit at the knee could turn into a revealing slit at the thigh.

Here is a maxi skirt with a pixel pattern and foldable waistband. Click here to see it on Amazon. 

If you're tall, then you should get a maxi skirt that is around 41 inches long. Note that you may need to pull down the waist closer to your hips to get the right look. Foldable waistbands are great for tall people, too, because you can open the waistband to make it longer.

What length should a maxi dress be?

Generally, maxi dresses should be 55 to 62 inches long. But, of course, the waistband can affect the length of the maxi dress.

Truthfully, the desired length depends on your height. For example, if you're 5' 5", you might want a maxi dress that is around 55 inches long. But if you're 5' 10", you should choose a maxi dress that is at least 62 inches long.

To measure the right length, follow these steps:

  1. Grab a tape measurer and a partner if needed.
  2. Use a tape measurer and place the end at the top of the dress.
  3. Measure from the top of the dress to the ankles or top of the toes, as desired.
  4. Record the number.

Again, you can measure a dress you already own, preferably a maxi dress. If the dress is too long or too short, then you know to subtract or add inches as needed.

Beautiful boho styled model wearing white dress posing on the beach in sunlight. Red-haired girl

Additionally, your body shape may alter the length. For instance, if you are slim like the woman above, the maxi dress might be too long. On the other hand, if you are plus size with lots of curves, the maxi dress may be too short.

Attractive young woman with natural neutral make-up and simple hairstyle wearing beautiful black long maxi dress

By the way, long, black maxi dresses are great for formal events. And you can easily dress them up with accessories. Check out our article, What Color Accessories with Black Dress, to learn more.

Should a maxi dress touch the ground?

No, typically, a maxi dress should not touch the ground. Instead, like maxi skirts, maxi dresses should extend to your ankles or the tops of your toes.

If the maxi dress is too long, then the ends might pick up dirt and grime. But, of course, you don't want your dress to turn into a broom! So, it's important to get the right length.

Beautiful elegant blonde woman posing in maroon maxi dress with a lot of ruffles, dancing sensualy, looking like a blooming flower

Or, you might trip! A long, swooshing dress sounds romantic, but it is not practical to wear unless you're a model in a photoshoot.

Also, the type of shoes you wear can affect the length of the maxi dress. For example, flat shoes will make it look longer, and high heels will make it look shorter. Check out our article, What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses? to learn more.

Mother and Daughter Happily Holding Hands on the Beach

Usually, beach maxi dresses are worn with flat sandals. And you don't have to actually be in the sand. Instead, take a stroll on the sidewalk alongside the beach!

If you crave a little height, then try to wear a slight heel. For example, here is a lovely pair of pink sandals with a small heel. Click here to see them on Amazon. 

Female wearing a long summer sway dress of vibrant colours and straw hat, walking across the new bridge

By the way, get creative with your summer maxi dresses. Floral prints and abstract designs are totally in! They're perfect for many outdoor occasions.

Here is a maxi dress with bright yellow daisies. You could wear it to a pool party. Click here to see it on Amazon.

If you're feeling bold, then go with an abstract design. For example, here is a casual, navy blue maxi dress with an interesting pattern. Click here to see it on Amazon.

How much does a maxi skirt weigh in ounces?

Overall, maxi skirts weigh 3 to 9 ounces. Of course, the weight varies based on the type of clothing material and the skirt length. But this is a lot lighter than certain materials, like wool or denim. Usually, maxi skirts consist of 2 or more materials.

Lightweight Fabrics

Young woman in long red dress walking on a windy sunny day

During the spring and summer, lightweight materials are ideal for wearing. These materials include viscose, jersey, and cotton. Typically, they weigh 4.7 to 7.2 ounces.

When you're on vacation, it's great to pack lightweight clothing items. They take up less space in the luggage, and they are easy to throw on when you're on the go.

Girl in floral pink maxi skirt walking on the sea shore

If you're planning a cruise in the Caribbean, then it's great to pack a couple of maxi skirts. They're versatile, and you can create different outfits with them. Check out our article, How To Dress For A Cruise, to learn more about what clothes to pack.

African American woman posing in the park, sitting on the grass

Take a look at this young lady enjoying the sun. She looks cool and comfortable!

Medium Weight Fabrics

For cooler months, it's best to wear medium-weight materials. These materials include linen, canvas, velvet, and polyester. Usually, they weigh 6.7 to 10.9 ounces. However, you can always add more clothes that go well with the skirt. Best of all, you won't feel weighed down because the maxi skirt is not that heavy, to begin with.

Outdoor portrait of beautiful young woman, wearing blue pullover and maxi black skirt

Blue pairs great with black. Here is a woman wearing a black maxi skirt with overlying black mesh. Even though it's chilly out, she is kept warm with a comfy blue sweater.

Elegant girl with hipster retro bike

You can go wrong with a beige cardigan during mildly cold weather. Here is a young woman riding a bike and wearing a long, dark yellow maxi skirt and beige cardigan.

How much does a maxi dress weigh in pounds?

Once again, the weight of the maxi dress depends on the type of material. And it depends on the length. But, regardless, they don't weigh that much!

Typically, lightweight maxi dresses weigh 0.6 to 0.75 pounds. In contrast, medium-weight maxi dresses weigh 1.25 pounds to 1.6 pounds. So, like maxi skirts, they won't weigh down your suitcase.

Young Girl with Blond Wig wearing maxi dress

For windy weather, you might want to opt for medium-weight maxi dresses. However, unless you're at an event dressed like Marilyn Monroe, you likely don't want your maxi dress billowing around your thighs.

Woman in maxi dress

Here is a posh young woman wearing a velvet black maxi dress with an open back. Notice how her heels create more height, thus removing some length from the maxi dress.

Here is another elegant, velvet black maxi dress. Click here to see it on Amazon. 

By the way, you can use dress weights for cute, lightweight maxi dresses if needed. Here are easy-to-use dress weights.

Click here to see them on Amazon. 

Also, the shape of the dress may affect the weight. For example, high-low maxi dresses might weigh less simply because they have less material than the standard maxi dress.

Young and beautiful girl in a red dress in anticipation of first love

Here is a gorgeous woman in a bright red, high low maxi dress. You can pull off this look, too!

Here is a beautiful high low maxi dress with a bright green liner. Surprisingly, it's made of polyester.

Click here to see it on Amazon. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, you should pay attention to the length and weight of maxi skirts and dresses. But lots of people can look great in them! If you get the appropriate length, it will likely look fantastic. Plus, they are lighter than a lot of other outfits you probably have in your closet. Have fun shopping!

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