What Color Lipstick Goes With Teal And Turquoise?

Deciding what color lipstick to wear with your outfit can be tricky at times. Are you going for a bold, bright lip or something softer and more neutral? We don't want to leave you wondering, so we put together some of the best lipstick colors tow ear with teal and turquoise.

There are tons of good color lipsticks to try with teal and turquoise. A few of our top picks include burgundy, red, pink, nude, and brown. Although these colors might not have come to mind, having fun with your lip color can make a world of difference. We especially like the deeper shades of these colors with teal or turquoise and think nude is a good universal soft look for any occasion.

As we begin, we will show you our favorite teal and turquoise lipstick ideas. Whether you love to spice things up or want to try something new, lipstick can transform an outfit. With that said, let's get this post started!

A beautiful blonde woman with gray eyes with light pink colored lipstick, What Color Lipstick Goes With Teal And Turquoise?

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What Lipstick Goes With A Teal Dress?

When it comes to pairing a lip color with your teal dress, stay with something fun and dramatic. Teal is a hybrid of green and blue and looks great with burgundy or any shade of pink lipstick. Another good color to try with a teal dress is red to make your look pop. Generally, teal is a pretty easy color to work with and will look good with most lipstick colors.

A tall beautiful woman wearing a turquoise dress and black high heeled shoes

Dramatic Burgundy Lip

Here is a stunning teal dress makeup look from the Met Gala that we adore. This dramatic burgundy lipstick makes this outfit stand out and brings our attention to the face. You don't want your dress to overpower your makeup, so go with something that will catch people's attention.

PYT Beauty Lipstick + Lip Gloss

Here is a burgundy lipstick from PYT Beauty to try with a teal dress. This lipstick is moisturizing, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Check out this lipstick on Amazon here.

Show-Stopping Red Lip

Another lipstick idea we have for a teal dress is a classic red color. Although red is a bright, bold color, it complements teal perfectly and gives your look an old Hollywood vibe. We suggest opting for a red lip if you have a special event to go to or want to stand out in your look.

BOM Red Matte Lipstick

Here is a long-lasting matte red lipstick from BOM to wear with a teal dress. This product has a non-sticky matte formula, an all-day-long stay, and has apricot, avocado, macadamia oil, and vitamin E to nourish lips.

View this red lipstick on Amazon here.

What Lipstick Goes With A Turquoise Dress?

A beautiful woman wearing a light blue dress and light red colored lipstick

If you are styling a turquoise dress and can't choose a lip color, we have got you covered. Typically, pink and nude lips tend to look the best with a turquoise dress. Although turquoise and teal are similar, the bluer color in turquoise makes it brighter, so stick with a softer lip. If you choose to wear nude lipstick, try to match your unique skin color or go with a pale pink/brown.

Subtle Soft Pink Lip

Our first turquoise lipstick idea is a soft blush pink color. Although pink goes with just about everything, softer shades look best with brighter colors like turquoise. It is always a good idea to soften your makeup if your dress is super bright, so your look doesn't end up clashing.

Urban Decay Dusty Rose Lipstick

Here we have a soft pink lipstick from Urban Decay to pair with a turquoise dress. This lipstick has a metallic finish, smooth application, and is waterproof.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

Nude/Brown Lip

This nude brown lipstick idea is perfect for a turquoise dress. Although everyone's shade will be different, a color matching lipstick to your skin is an easy way to add some color to your lips without doing a lot. We especially love how soft and elegant this lip color looks with the bright turquoise and even recommend a similar eyeshadow as this model has on.

BYS Matte Lipstick Over The Taupe Nude

Here is a matte taupe-colored lipstick from BYS to pair with turquoise. This lipstick has a velvety finish, is suitable for all skin types, and is pocket-sized for travel.

See it on Amazon here.

What Color Lipstick Goes With Teal Eyeshadow?

Generally, we suggest keeping your lipstick simple when wearing teal eyeshadow. Some good colors to try include blush, brown, and nude. Although we love bright, fun colors, teal eyeshadow needs to have its moment and stand out within your makeup look.

Too many colors will take away attention from your eyeshadow and confuse the aesthetic you created, so subtle lips are a must. However, if you go with a brighter lip, that is completely fine as long as you keep your other makeup minimal.

Our Lipstick Suggestion

Here is a perfect example of what we mean by a softer lipstick color. You can see how the lighter neutral lip works well with brighter colors and doesn't take away from the overall look. If you plan to recreate a similar look at home, we recommend a darker lip liner and a soft pink/nude lipstick. Less is more when it comes to teal eyeshadow and brighter eye makeup.

NYX Soft Matte Nude Lipstick

Here we have a soft nude lipstick from NYX to wear with teal eyeshadow. This lipstick has a matte finish, high pigmented formula, and is cruelty-free.

Check out this lipstick on Amazon here.

NYX Lip Pencil

This slim, light brown makeup pencil has a glossy finish, is soft on your lips, and is cruelty-free.

View this lip pencil on Amazon here.

Are Teal And Torquoise Hard To Style?

A long legged woman wearing a turquoise colored dress, a pink clutch bag, and high heeled pink shoes

Whether you wear these colors often or not, they can be difficult to style. When it comes to choosing the right accessories, go with something simple and elegant. If you have a teal or turquoise dress, go with a neutral heel and a matching bag. The key to successfully styling bolder colors is to keep your outfit simple and cohesive.

How Do I Choose Lipstick For My Dress?

Regardless of where you are going, lipstick can make or break your outfit. As in the examples shown earlier, we loved the dramatic lip colors with teal and the softer colors with turquoise. The turquoise dresses had a brighter look between the two, making a lighter lip the best option.

On the other hand, teal looked amazing with bolder colors like burgundy and red and didn't feel too forced. This will come down to your preference and style, but you should always try to create a color palette with your looks and keep them similar.

Can I Match My Lipstick To My Outfit?

If you want to try a mono-color look, we think matching your lips to your teal or turquoise outfit is a great idea. Generally, it is always a good idea to match part of your makeup to what you are wearing, so a similar lip is not as crazy as it seems. If you aren't sold on wearing the same lipstick color as your outfit, try going up or down a shade.

There are no wrong ways to wear your makeup, and if it makes you feel confident and beautiful, we say go for it.

Do I Have To Wear Lipstick?

When it comes to wearing lipstick with your outfit, this is not mandatory. Although we think you should try to wear a little color on your lips, going all-natural is also super in right now. A good alternative to lipstick is a lip gloss or tinted chapstick to add some subtle color to your makeup.

Here is a sheer lip tint from Undone Beauty to try instead of lipstick. This product has a cherry-colored tint, natural shea, jojoba, and rosehip oil and is cruelty-free and vegan.

Follow this link to see it on Amazon.

There are also lip stains you can try at night if you don't want to do much in the morning or before you leave.

This set includes six wine-colored stains and promises long-lasting and waterproof color.

Check out this set on Amazon here.

To Wrap Things Up

Although teal and turquoise are stunning colors to work with, it can be tricky to style them. Lighter and softer lipsticks go better with turquoise, while bolder and more dramatic hues compliment teal nicely. Another thing to note is that occasion plays a huge role in what lip color you should choose, so have some fun if the mood calls for it. Whether your lipstick is matte, glossy, or somewhere in between, make sure to keep it simple and elegant.

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