Micarah Tewers’ Angel Barbie Wings Tutorial Goes Viral: Get the Look on a Budget

NEWS - Do you remember playing with Barbie dolls as a child and wishing you could wear those beautiful and elegant dresses too? Well, thanks to Micarah Tewers, that childhood dream can now become a reality.

Beautiful girl with angel wings is walking along the seashore

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In her latest YouTube video, Micarah recreates the iconic angel Barbie dress and wings using affordable materials that will have you feeling like a real-life Barbie.

Her process is not only entertaining but also incredibly inspiring, taking us back to our childhood days of playing dress-up.

Making the Angel Barbie Dress: Crafting the Wings

Woman wearing angelic wing custome

Meet Micarah Tewers, the Thrift Find Guru who's turning heads with her budget-friendly DIY projects. In this YouTube video, she's taking on the challenge of creating a show-stopping Angel Barbie look, and she's doing it all on a shoestring budget!

Micarah's shopping trip to the supply store is more than just a quick errand.

She bumps into a fan and shares a lighthearted moment about her pet bird's love for lipstick (let's just say Gereon's got some pink smudges). You'll see the materials she picked up throughout the video, including the fabrics she uses to bring her Angel Barbie vision to life.

Just when you thought Micarah couldn't get any more creative, she jokingly suggests tracing the wing pattern with Gordon Ramsay's chicken.

Thankfully, she opts for a more practical solution: brown paper. With the pattern traced, Micarah starts shaping the wings' structure with chicken wire, which she says is easier to manipulate with tools.

Next up, Micarah uses foam and hot glue to add volume to the wings. But the real magic happens when she spends hours crafting the feathered look.

She hand-cuts leaf-shaped patterns on white vellum paper, using her pet bird's wings as a reference for the perfect flared-out shape. Gereon is truly a star in this project!

You don't have to break the bank to achieve the same results.

Now, For The Barbie Dress!

With the stunning wings crafted, Micarah sets her sights on crafting the perfect angelic Barbie dress.

Starting with an old sheet, she traced and cut a pattern for the dress, opting for a flesh-colored lining and a glittering gold exterior. Putting it on a mannequin for a final check, she then sews it up with her trusty machine.

For the silver halter top, Micarah humorously compares her fabric tubes to something "a ferret can walk through" before crisscrossing the ends over the front and securing them in the back.

To finish the look, she adds some decorative trim to match Barbie's top, bringing her angelic creation to life.

Now, To Make The Accessories.

Micarah Tewers successfully created an Angel Barbie costume using budget-friendly materials and her crafting skills. Micarah meticulously crafted a gauntlet and halo to resemble the original design of the costume.

For the gauntlet, Micarah sprayed a piece of fabric with paint and added a coat of acrylic for a glossy finish. She also added trim to complete the look. Micarah created the halo for the angel Barbie costume using hair extensions.

She pinned down the hair extensions and marked the circumference with chalk to shape it. Finally, she drew on the halo with a golden sparkly marker to match the original design.

Overall, Micarah's impressive attention to detail and her ability to create a stunning costume using accessible materials impressed those who saw it.

Micarah Tewers, Our Favorite Barbie Fan

Micarah Tewers is such a huge barbie fan; she often likes to dress like the famed Miss Barbara Roberts.

She has created numerous videos recreating costumes, from princesses to celebrities, but her most ingenious ones are where she recreates the Holiday Barbie costume.

In this video, she takes inspiration from some of the most iconic holiday-themed Barbies with high-quality but affordable materials.

Don't be fooled by the texts on the thumbnail, though--she isn't that kind of chaotic youtuber! Although...yes, she did fight in a cage and caught bats.

Aside from dressing like barbie, it also helps the visuals that she kind of looks like Barbie with her blonde hair and dazzling smile. It's also a huge bonus that she's a kind-hearted and funny person that makes everyone around her happy.

It's clear that Micarah's love for Barbie goes beyond just recreating the looks. Her videos are a celebration of the iconic doll and the impact it has had on popular culture.

By bringing these classic looks to life, Micarah is giving a new generation the chance to experience the magic of Barbie.

Barbie Gets a Live-Action Starring Margot Robbie - and We Bet Micarah Tewers Can't Wait!

Margot Robbie at the 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards

The beloved toy doll, Barbie, is getting a new live-action movie starring Margot Robbie as the iconic character--and Micarah, as expected, made a video recreating Margot Robbie's Barbie looks!

She made the video with her fiancee, Joe, who acted as Ken! This video, as usual, is rife with wit and humor that captured her barbie-loving audience.

The upcoming barbie movie is just what everyone is looking forward to: it will follow Barbie's journey in a world of perfect Barbies and outcasts.

The storyline is also rumored to include themes of inclusivity and body positivity, something that the Barbie brand has been actively trying to promote over the years.

It's kind of iconic to see a more modern spin on the beloved blonde character and even better that a unique, modern, and charming personality such as Micarah is at the forefront of representing barbie lovers in the influencer sphere.

To Wrap It Up

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a real-life Barbie, Micarah Tewers has got you covered.

Beautuful lady in barbie custome

It doesn't matter if you're a blonde, brunette, ginger, or raven-haired--everyone should be able to feel like a princess or a girly girl.

With Micarah's unhinged tutorials, you're well on your way to becoming your own version of Barbie.

If we can't follow the fast-paced tutorial, we could at least take a page out of her book: that positivity, warmth, and community are truly the things that make us shine.

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