Can You Use Micellar Water Instead Of Cleanser?

Micellar water is an increasingly popular product in the world of beauty. The skin-care product is used for removing makeup and cleansing and toning the skin. Perhaps you've begun to wonder if you can use micellar water instead of cleanser. We've done the research to bring you the answer.

It is absolutely acceptable to use micellar water instead of a traditional cleanser. Micellar water cleanses your skin very gently. It removes makeup, leaves your skin feeling fresh, and semi-moisturizes your skin. 

Micellar water is a valuable beauty asset. We're sure you have many more questions about micellar water, what it can be used for, and how to use it. In this guide, we'll cover all this and more. Just keep reading!

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Using Micellar Water Instead Of Cleanser

Micellar water is a multi-purpose skincare product that is made with purified water, moisturizers, and surfactants that help to cleanse the skin. Micellar water is dermatologist approved and widely used and talked about in the beauty community. And the best news is, micellar water can remove dirt, oil, and even makeup! Micellar water can be used both morning and night.

Because micellar water cleanses and removes makeup, it's a multifunctional product that you should definitely incorporate into your skincare routine. It will decrease the time in your skincare routine and save you money. You will only have to purchase a single product in lieu of cleansing facial soap and a product specifically used for makeup removing.

Believe it or not, we have even more good news for you. Micellar water can also be used to clean your makeup brushes. Many people put off cleaning their makeup brushes because it can take a long time and create a huge mess. You can wash all of your makeup brushes quickly and mess-free with just a bottle of micellar water.

Do You Have To Wash Micellar Water Off?

It is not necessary to wash micellar water off your face. This is just one of the many reasons you might want to consider using a micellar water product instead of your usual face cleanser.

Incorporating micellar water into your everyday skincare routine will definitely save you some time. Use it instead of a facial cleanser in the morning, and you will cut down your getting-ready routine so you will always be able to get out the door on time. If you decide to use micellar water instead of your typical face cleanser during your nighttime skincare routine, you will be able to get into bed that much faster.

Can I Use Micellar Water Every Day?

You can definitely use micellar water every day. It does not have any harmful ingredients, so it is safe to use each and every day. Like we discussed earlier, micellar water can take your cleanser's place in your daily skincare routine.

Does Micellar Water Cause Breakouts?

If you are prone to breakouts, we suggest rinsing the micellar water off your skin after cleansing your face with it. Micellar water can potentially cause breakouts if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin. This does not mean that you have to stay away from the product and swear it off for good, it just means that you should rinse it off at the end of your skincare routine.

The reason micellar water can cause breakouts is due to the surfactants in it. Surfactants can stay on the skin, causing your moisturizer and other facial products to not be able to sink into your skin. So, if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin, just be sure to rinse the micellar water off your face so that there is no residue left.

Is Micellar Water Good for Oily Skin?

Micellar water is gentle and good for oily skin. The product doesn't irritate the skin as it cleanses. There are certain micellar waters that are specially formulated for oily skin.  

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Is Micellar Water Good for Dry Skin?

Micellar water is good for all skin types, even dry skin. Certain beauty brands create special formulas that especially benefit dry skin. The micellar water has the same amazing benefits as others, simply with the additional ingredients for helping dry skin.

Washing your face with only soap and water can actually lead your skin to be even drier. So, your dry skin is a good match for micellar water.

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How To Use Micellar Water

Using micellar water is simple, easy, and foolproof. To make matters even easier, the only products you will need are micellar water and cotton balls or cotton pads. To use micellar water, follow these simple steps:

  1. Pump the micellar water onto a cotton ball or cotton pad.
  2. Use the saturated cotton ball or cotton pad and lightly wipe it across your entire face.
  3. Focus on areas where your makeup is concentrated, and lightly rub until your makeup is broken down and your face is clean and free of oil, dirt, and all of your makeup products.
  4. (Optional) If you want to double-cleanse, rinse the micellar water off your face with water and then wash with a gentle cleanser.

Micellar water is perfect for use on the go. You can easily remove your makeup if it's bothering you. It's also smart to keep a bottle of micellar water with you on busy days so you can use it in a pinch.

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In Closing

You can certainly use micellar water instead of a facial cleanser. Micellar water will clean your skin and remove any dirt, oil, and makeup that may have gotten on your skin throughout the day. Incorporate micellar water into your everyday skincare routine so that you can cut time out of your routine and use fewer products on your face.

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