What Nail Color Goes With A White Dress?

White dresses are as classic and versatile as a little black dress, making them a must-have staple for your closet. One accessory that can set the tone for that white dress is nail polish. Whether you're aiming for a soft and youthful look or a daring and romantic vibe, nail polish has the power to transform your white dress into the look and feel you want to achieve. So what colors are going to give you the best look with your favorite white dress? For your convenience, we've pulled together some of the top colors.

These nail colors will look amazing with your white dress and still provide ample versatility for the style you want:

  • Red
  • Lavender
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Do you still need help deciding on what color to go for? Keep reading! We'll also cover other important questions when it comes to matching your nail polish.

A woman with pink nails dressed in white wedding dress, What Nail Color Goes With A White Dress?

Nail Colors That Go Well With A White Dress


Beautiful woman wearing white dress

Starting with a classic, red is an easy go-to for most dress choices. When it comes to nails, reds can act as a neutral and suit many different color options.

When paired with a white dress, red makes a bold statement. It looks mature and feminine in both dark and light shades. Combining red nails with matching lips will give you a sultry look sure to draw all eyes to you.

Have fun and play around with different shades of red and colors of accessories. Bright reds look amazing with black or silver accessories, while deep reds make gold jewelry really pop. With a white dress as your canvas, reds leave a lot of room for creativity.

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Beautiful female in white dress with perfect pink nails design holding coffee cup

Soft and pastel lavenders look youthful and delicate when combined with a white dress. Lavender is understated and won't distract from your outfit when you want it to be the star of the show.

Lavender is an incredibly versatile nail color. Light purples look amazing with gold and silver dainty jewelry. Plus, lavender with more gray tones can act like a neutral to match with daily outfits, meaning you won't have to redo your nails when you're finished with your white dress.

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Hand holding pink lipstick

Shades of pink add the perfect touch of color to a white dress. From light pastels to hot pinks, there's a shade for every occasion and time of year.

For making a dramatic statement, magenta and bubble gum pink shades are sure to draw attention. And when you're looking for a more modest and subdued nail color, blush or dusty rose will add a sweet hint of color.

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Close-up of woman hands applying blue nail polish on fingernails

Blues are a beautiful color choice to liven up a white dress when you're feeling more adventurous with nail color.

Fall and wintertime are ideal for royal and midnight blues. Light shades like a baby or cornflower blue are the perfect addition to a flowy white summer dress for spring and summer.

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Hands holding yellow nail polish tube and cap with nail brush

White and yellow are sunny colors for summer and spring, especially in bright and pastel shades. Yellow nails in mustard or gold are also gorgeous in the fall when paired with a white sweater dress.

Yellow nail polishes can be a bit hard to pick out, as the wrong shade can make your nails look yellow (and not that you actually painted them that way!).

For paler skin tones, lighter yellow polishes can wash out your skin, so choose shades that are two or three shades darker than your skin tone. This means choosing deeper pastels or yellow that lean more towards orange and gold.

For olive and darker skin tones, yellows will pop and look extra bright, so be cautious with neon yellows that might look even brighter than you anticipated against your skin tone.

Don't be afraid to splurge on yellow polishes to ensure you are getting an opaque and streak-free application for the best finish.

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Orange nail polish

Orange covers a wide range of shades and tones, from coral to marigold to amber. There's an orange polish for every occasion, style, and time of year, all of which will pair beautifully with your yellow dress.

If you're afraid of looking too eager for Halloween in the springtime, ginger and canteloupe offer shades of orange that don't scream of October. And if you are looking to harness the fall in your nail color, yam, carrot, and squash are deliciously perfect for channeling Autumn.

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Should your toenail and fingernail polish match?

Beige nail polish manicure and pedicure on brown fabric

Choosing a matching manicure and pedicure will create a beautiful, seamless look when you have your hands and toes out. However, it's not necessary to be matchy-matchy with your fingernails and toenails.

Instead of choosing the same shade for your mani-pedi, you can try complementing colors combinations. Colors like pastel blue and yellow, emerald and gold, and gray and pink are perfect combinations for coordinated hands and feet.

Should your nail color match your dress?

When preparing for an event or special occasion, it's never a bad idea to match your nails to your dress. It creates a cohesive and put-together look.

However, there are ways to create a matching look without having to change your nail polish as often as you change your clothes.

How to match nail polish to dress

If you want to match your nail polish to your dress, you have a few options. You can match a dress color, match your accessories, use a color that pairs with everything, or use a contrasting color from your dress.

Matching Dress Colors

Girl wearing a powder blue dress with a corsage

When you find that you have an exact match of nail polish as the dress you plan to wear; there's nothing wrong with a monochromatic look. However, this does work better if you have a dress in more than one color and match just one. For instance, a white dress with blue details is the perfect opportunity to choose a blue polish.

If you like to get your nails done and not change the color for a couple of weeks, this may not be the best option for you unless you choose a color that also coordinates with frequently worn outfits in your wardrobe.

Match Accessories

Woman holding her purse

For solid-colored dresses that you are spicing up with colorful accessories, you can choose a polish color that matches the pops of color in your accessories instead of your dress. This will make your nails pop and coordinate beautifully with your ensemble.

Basics and Nudes

Street style outfits in detail during Milan fashion week

When in doubt, basic and nude shades are always a safe bet. Nudes, light pinks, french manicures, and reds tend to fair well with almost any outfit choice. This is especially great if your dress is a bit more out there, and adding to that with matching nail polish would be too much.

This allows you to match any outfit and dress you may choose until your next manicure, and you can take the headache out of deciding what will give you the best look for your dress.

Contrasting Shades

Woman hand with light pink nails on pastel blue table side

Contrasting or color blocking your nails with your dress is the perfect way to create a high-impact look. This technique is when you choose a contrasting and complimenting color for your nails. Color combinations like yellow and blue, red and green, and blue and pink will help you achieve this look.

What is the most popular nail color for 2021?

Burgundy brown manicure on a background of acorns

This year is all about those warm reds, yellows, and oranges. From the sunshine yellows of summer to the burnt oranges of fall, this trio is taking over 2021 from start to finish. However, one color is surpassing the others as the most popular nail color this year—red. Specifically deep, classy reds, like burgundy, mahogany, and wine.

Reds are timeless, elegant, and dramatic in any shade. Plus, the wide range of shades and undertones means there is red for every skin tone. Its versatility and bold beauty are why it's dominating 2021.

In Closing

White dresses are incredibly versatile, and therefore leave you with tons of room for styling creativity! Whatever look you're aiming for, there's a nail color perfect for the job!

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