How Much Does a Pandora Bracelet Cost?

How Much Does A Pandora Bracelet Cost?

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Pandora bracelets are stylish and highly customizable. You can express your creativity by choosing a style like a bangle or a chain bracelet. You can add charms that reflect your personality. And you can even choose from an array of precious metals like 14k gold, sterling silver or Pandora rose gold. Creating your very own style of bracelet sounds like a fun idea. That is if the price is right. How much does a Pandora bracelet cost?

Pandora Jewelry has six categories of bracelets. A modest fabric cord Pandora bracelet starts at about $39.00 while a gold clasp Pandora bracelet fetches up to $2,500.

Wow! That’s a big gap in price. We are going to take a look closer at the bracelets that Pandora offers. Keep reading this post and we will explain the mile-wide range in price in more detail.

What Are The Types Of Pandora Bracelets?


Pandora's trendy bangles can be worn solo or stacked to make a daring statement. Most of the collection is made from sterling silver. Unique styles include an open bangle as well as a wishbone-shaped bangle. The starting price in this category is $55 for a classic sterling silver bangle. The most expensive bracelet in the collect is about $225. This pricier bangle is designed with 18k gold-plated sterling silver and is adorned with cubic zirconia stones.

Bolo Bracelets

This chic collection features sliding bolo bracelets that are adjustable. The collection includes Pandora rose gold, 18k gold plated and sterling silver as metal options. The price range for these bracelets starts at $55 for a simple woven leather bracelet. The price jumps to $200 for an 18k gold plated piece of bling.

Chain Bracelets

Wearing a Pandora chain bracelet makes a fashion statement. Styles in this collection have distinct embellishments, from beads to stars to butterflies. The least expensive and most modest bracelet is made of sterling silver and starts around $55. A more elegant but pricier option is a heart-shaped padlock clasp bracelet made of 18k gold plating, decorated with cubic zirconia. The price: $250.

Charm Bracelets

A plethora of colors and styles to go with any outfit can be found in this collection. These bracelets enable you to be uniquely stylish to you. Staring around $49 you can sport a leather wrap charm bracelet. And when are you feeling super indulgent there is a $2,500 14k gold charm bracelet just waiting for you.

Leather Bracelets

These bracelets are sleek and cool, ready to complement any style. You can choose from woven leather charm bracelets to single strand slider bracelets in at least seven different colors. For about $49 you can add a leather bracelet to your jewelry stash. Or make a splash with a woven bracelet finished with a Pandora rose gold lioness clasp for about $90.

Pandora Reflexions™ Bracelets

These flat mesh bracelets are a classic yet modern style. This collection features sterling silver, 18k gold plated or Pandora rose gold bracelets. Sterling silver bracelets are about $65 while 18k gold plated is about $200.

Clearly, Pandora has a design and a price for any budget.

Why Is Pandora Jewelry So Expensive?

Some of Pandora’s jewelry lines are made of precious metals like gold or silver. These metals have a higher value especially when the jewelry pieces are crafted with sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold. And, Pandora also uses gemstones like diamonds, quartz, cultured pearls, amber and topaz in some of their designs. Some other high-end materials used in creating Pandora’s jewelry include cubic zirconia, crystal, Murano glass, and leather.

All the finer materials used in the creation of Pandora’s jewelry lines add to the bottom-line cost of each piece. There are plenty of items that are reasonably priced. And at the same time, there are several fancier jewelry pieces that just might break the bank.

Another factor to consider in the price of Pandora's Jewelry is their popularity. Pandora has high marketing value. Jewelry that is in demand at prices customers are willing to pay tends to make it Pandora more expensive.

Are Pandora Bracelets Made Of Real Gold?

To understand the term “real gold” we need to define "gold." Gold is a precious metal that is expressed in karats. The “k” in 14k for example, stands for karat and represents the gold's purity. Pure gold is 24k, 18k is 75% pure gold and 14k is 58.3% pure gold. The other metals that make up 18k or 14k gold are usually zinc, nickel, silver or copper. Pure gold is soft and less durable, not ideal for jewelry worn daily like a bracelet. Blending gold with these other more metals creates a stronger piece of jewelry.

Most of Pandora’s bracelet collection is crafted with 18k gold plated sterling silver. Gold plated jewelry is created by depositing a thin layer of gold over a metal such as silver. Bracelets that are made with gold plating in Pandora’s collection include Blue Stripes & Stones, Flower Stem, and Pandora Moments Snake Chain. These bracelets are made with real gold but it’s a thin layer of gold that will eventually wear off. The gold-plated jewelry is attractive and stylish and much more affordable than a bracelet made from purer gold. Pandora’s 18 gold plated bracelets start at just $200.

Pandora also has a line of bracelets that are made with 14k gold. Bracelets like the Moments Bangle or Moments Gold Clasp are made with 14k gold. These bracelets are much more luxurious and designed with gold that is purer than their plated line of bracelets. That luxury is reflected in the price point. The 14k bracelets start at $1,500 and can sell for as much as $2,500.

What Is The Most Expensive Pandora Charm?

Buying a Pandora bracelet means that you are going to want to make it unique and special by adding charms. There are hundreds of Pandora charms to choose from. They are handcrafted and available in a wide variety of styles. You can also select charms by metals such as sterling silver, 14k gold or rose gold. And, charms designed with gemstones are widely available, adding just a bit more flair to your bauble.

Pandora charms start around $30 and quickly climb up to about $450. There are currently two charms at this top price point.

Here are the charms that you can buy for around $450:

  • Hawthorn Flower Safety Chain Charm: Coming in three sizes, this charm is made from 14k gold and is engraved with floral details.
  • Pavé Heart Clip Charm: This heart inspired charm is made from 14k gold and embellished with cubic zirconia.

Charmed, I’m Sure

Pandora bracelets and charms are trendsetting. You can buy a base Pandora charm bracelet and change the look with the hundreds of different charms in their collection. Whether you choose an upscale 14k gold charm or a whimsical sterling silver unicorn charm, there will be one to suit your style and mood.

You can mix and match bracelets from all the collections. Pandora bracelets can be worn solo or they can be stacked for a contrasting look. And, by changing or adding charms, you are always creating a new look for you and your bracelet.

Wearing a Pandora bracelet makes a bold fashion statement. Whether your style is classic and timeless or hip and modern, Pandora has a bracelet for you. For just under $40 you can own a Pandora bracelet. And if you are feeling super indulgent, you can spend as much as $2,500. At either price or somewhere in between, you deserve to own a Pandora bracelet.

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