Do Pandora Bracelets Stretch? [And how to CONTROL that]

Do Pandora bracelets stretch? These popular bracelets with fun interchangeable and collectible charms are all the rage. They come in a variety of bracelet styles, and the variations are virtually endless, which is perhaps why they are so loved. But you've heard they stretch. Is it true?

Yes, a Pandora bracelet can stretch over time. Much of it will depend upon which style of Pandora you choose. The leather bracelets and snake chain bracelets tend to be the most susceptible to stretching.

A gorgeous pandora bracelet placed on a dark black stone, Do Pandora Bracelets Stretch? [And how to CONTROL that]

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But don't worry, as you'll see, the stretch is not something to put you off from buying one. You just need to know how to measure the bracelet for the right fit and the best ways to care for it. So let's take a look.

Getting The Best Fit For Your Pandora Bracelet To Minimize Stretching

When buying your Pandora bracelet, you want to be sure and get the right fit. Using a cloth tape measure, wrap it around your wrist at the broadest part and add one and a half inches. If you want a bangle that slides over your hand, you'll want to measure your hand at the widest point and buy the size closest to that. 

Tips On Keeping Your Pandora Bracelet Looking Its Best

If you don't have a bangle bracelet, you should always use the clasp, hooking it and unhooking it to take the bracelet on and off. Rolling a non-bangle over your hand will cause it to stretch more than it might otherwise. The same goes for adding charms. You never want to shove or manhandle your charm onto the chain or cord. You want to lightly drag the charm onto the chain to get it in place.

If you have oxidized charms or bracelets, the dark oxidation may disappear with time. This is normal. But to keep the oxidation dark for as long as possible, you want to avoid wearing your bracelet while cleaning, swimming, or exercising, as cleaning agents, chlorine, and perspiration can all cause it to fade.

How Tight Should A Pandora Bracelet Be?

Because your Pandora charm bracelet will stretch over time, it must start with a snug fit. The best rule of thumb is to allow no more than a thumb space between your wrist and the bracelet. Another way to get the right fit is to measure your wrist then add 1-2cm. 

How Much Will A Pandora Bracelet Stretch?

There are many variables at play when it comes to exactly how much stretch you'll get. Because Pandora bracelets come in a variety of styles, there will be some differences in the stretch. Solid bangles may have no stretch, whereas snake chain bracelets and leather will both stretch over time. If you wear your bracelet often or have a lot of charms, there will be more chances of stretch. In checking in with Pandora bracelet wearers, it seems as though one can expect a 1-2cm stretch over time.

 How Do I Stop My Pandora Bracelet From Stretching?

The fewer charms you put on your bracelet, the less likely it is to stretch. Also, starting with a snug enough fit is key to keeping it from stretching with time. With a leather Pandora bracelet, it's recommended not to use more than 7-9 charms at any given time to help keep the leather from stretching.

Can You Make Pandora Bracelets Bigger?

Yes, it's possible to make some Pandora bracelets larger. However, they may not look quite the same. There are extender chains available online, and with some clever deconstruction and reconstruction, you can add a bit to your Pandora bracelet. For more detailed instructions, go here.

Can You Make Pandora Bracelets Smaller?

If your Pandora Bracelet has stretched out too much, there are a few things you can try. One, you can add a few more beads. The more sliding-type beads you have, the more bulk it creates for your wrist, which reduces the space between your wrist and the chain. If that doesn't work, you can take your bracelet to a local Pandora dealer to have it cut down in size, and the clasp reconnected. However, if you don't take it to an official Pandora store, your guarantee will be void.

The Basic Styles Of Pandora Bracelets

1. Charm Bracelets

Probably the most popular of the Pandora bracelets, this snake chain charmers come in a variety of metal colors to suit every taste. You can tell who you are by purchasing unique charms that show off your personality.

This classic sterling silver charm bracelet from Pandora features a single barrel Pandora clasp and is waiting to be filled with the charms of your choice.

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2. Pandora Bangle Bracelet

Here's the classic Pandora bangle in silver with a rose gold-hued barrel clasp. This style is meant to stretch over the hand and will have much less stretch than the other styles.

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3. Leather Cord Pandora Bracelet

Here's an example of the classic Pandora double braided leather cord bracelet. This has the same barrel clasp available on the other models and can be used with charms. It's recommended not to but more than 7-9 charms on the leather bracelets to help prevent stretching and wear.

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Jewelry is always a fun accessory to pair with your favorite outfit and Pandora bracelets, especially so. All of the fun charms mean you can put your stamp on your style. 

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  1. My bracelet has stretched so much I feel it will slide of my hand.i only have 5 charms on it ,I had it for my 50th birthday and I’m 52 in march. So sad it’s stretched so much.

  2. I’ve had the same thing happy to my bracelet I went back to the shop and they will not size it down for me because I’ve had it more than 2 years 😡 I went to many jewellers and they can’t help me 😡😡 very disappointed

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