My Pandora Charm Is Stuck – What To Do?

Everyone with a Pandora bracelet knows that adding charms is a key part of its appeal. It’s always fun to add charms and make them into something uniquely your own. But what do you do when a Pandora Charm is stuck? We’ve researched a couple of methods of fixing your Pandora bracelet when this issue occurs.

There are two popular techniques you can use to loosen a stuck Pandora charm:

  • Spray WD-40 on the stuck charm, and use a clean cloth to spread it over the nearby bracelet area. Let the bracelet sit for a few minutes, then try to free the charm. Wipe the remaining WD-40 off, buff, clean, and rinse the bracelet before letting it dry.
  • Insert a metal flat-nose tool, such as a screwdriver or a knife between the charm and the bracelet, and rotate the charm while scraping your tool/knife against its inside edge. This movement will widen the hole until the charm comes loose. If you use a knife, be careful not to stab or cut your fingers!

We know some of those steps might require further explanation, so we’ll break down both methods in this post. We’ll also discuss Pandora’s policy for broken charms, tell you what to do if your bracelet feels overly stiff, and cover how to open these bracelets as well.

A Pandora bracelet placed on a rock, My Pandora Charm Is Stuck - What To Do?

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Pandora Charm Is Stuck - How To Fix It?

It’s always frustrating when one of your charms gets stuck, but luckily this issue has been well-known for years, so there are some relatively easy fixes for it.

The WD-40 Method

For this method, you’ll need a can of WD-40, a pair of disposable gloves, a cloth or paper towel to cover your work surface, some clean cloths to wipe the charm, and a small bowl of water/dish soap mixture. Before you begin, be sure to read the directions on the WD-40 can and follow any safety or use guidelines that they recommend.

First, put your disposable gloves on and spray the stuck charm and the bracelet area to either side of it with the WD-40. Use one of your clean cloths to rub the WD-40 next to and under the charm as much as possible. If parts of the cloth get dirty or blacken, adjust it so that only clean areas touch the bracelet.

Once you’ve finished spreading the WD-40 over the relevant area, let it sit for a few minutes. At this point, the WD-40 will have done its work, and you can try moving the charm. It might come loose easily, or you may have to use a little force. Then, use another clean cloth to wipe off any remaining residue and buff the bracelet. Finally, clean the bracelet with the water/dish soap mixture, rinse it, and let it dry.

If reading about this method makes you curious about how to clean and maintain your Pandora bracelet, feel free to read our other posts on this topic.

The Scrape Method

This technique requires less equipment than the WD-40 method. All you need is a metal flat-nose tool, such as a screwdriver or a knife that will fit between the bracelet and the charm. Any craft or utility knife will do. Again, you should be extra careful if you decide to use a knife, so you don’t stab or cut yourself!

Insert your tool of choice between the bracelet and the charm. Start twisting the charm, and use your tool to scrape off a thin layer from the charm’s inner surface. Once you’ve turned the charm a full rotation and have removed the layer, try moving the charm. If it’s still stuck, repeat the process. You may have to scrape material from the other end of the hole as well if you think the charm is stuck on that side too.

One way a charm can get stuck is when its hole starts to warp on either side due to repeatedly hitting other charms. The technique we’ve just described expands the hole so the charm can move again. If you notice that one of your charms is getting harder to move, you can take it off the bracelet and perform this method as a preventative measure.

Does Pandora fix broken charms?

Pandora’s warranty and repair policy guarantees free repairs for manufacturing errors for up to either 1 or 2 years after purchase, depending on which materials make up the item. Just make sure you have a receipt or credit card/bank statement as proof of purchase.

Make sure you only wear official Pandora charms on your bracelet as the warranty doesn’t apply to counterfeit charms or those from competitors. If you’ve already worn those types of charms on your Pandora bracelet, remove them before you head to the store, or the warranty will be invalid.

Take the broken item back to the store you got it from if possible. If it's not, take it to another store that sells Pandora jewelry. Either way, bring proof of purchase. The store staff should let you know if repairs are possible and, if so, whether or not your warranty still applies.

Why is my Pandora bracelet so stiff?

If you’ve just bought a new Pandora bracelet, it may seem like it’s excessively stiff. You shouldn’t worry, though, because that’s normal. Over time, your bracelet will become softer and more flexible.

How do you open a Pandora lock bracelet?

We’ve already covered how to open Pandora bracelets in a previous post, and you should read it if you want the full, in-depth answer. However, we’ll briefly review the topic again here. There are two ways to open a Pandora bracelet: using your fingers/nails or a clasp opener.

Using Fingers/Nails

First, find the bracelet’s clasp. It’ll look like a bead with a line running through it, which creates a groove. Make sure the groove is facing you. Put your thumbnail in the groove and slowly start to push against it. Gradually increase the pressure until the clasp pops open, and then you can pull the end out of the clasp.

Using Clasp Opener

This method works with the Pandora clasp opener (the one shaped like a 4-petaled flower) or any strong object with a thin edge such as a coin. Hold the clasp opener between your thumb and index finger on one hand, and let the clasp rest between your thumb and index finger on the other hand. Like with the previous method, you want the groove facing you. Put the clasp opener in the groove, and gradually start applying force until the clasp opens. Pull the end out of the clasp.

Final Thoughts

It’s never pleasant when one of your prized Pandora charms gets stuck on your bracelet. Thankfully, there’s no reason to worry since you can fix the problem yourself or bring it to a Pandora seller so it can get the right care from a professional.

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