Can Pandora Charms Be Worn on a Necklace?

Can Pandora Charms Be Worn on a Necklace?

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Pandora creates high-quality necklaces in several styles. Their elegant collection of jewelry includes chain, choker, pendant, and locket style necklaces. Precious metals like gold and silver are also used in crafting this popular, fashionable jewelry. But what Pandora is best known for is its collection of jewelry charms. There are hundreds of charm designs available. You probably already know that you can wear charms on a bracelet. Can Pandora charms be worn on a necklace?

Pandora charms can be worn on a necklace. Adding a charm or two or more to a choker or chain enables you to express your personality and make a fashion statement. With a few base necklaces, you can collect charms to change the look of your jewelry daily.

Buying jewelry can get expensive. Pandora makes it easy to build a versatile collection over time. It knows that you can purchase a couple of necklaces, and a few different charms mean more ways to design your unique look. Read on in this post as we answer a few more questions about wearing charms on a necklace as well as ideas on how to wear them.

How Many Charms Can You Put On A Pandora Necklace?

The number of charms you can put on your Pandora necklace depends on the length and style of the necklace. With Pandora bracelets, the limit is around 20 charms. In our research, we’ve seen designs with at least 20 charms on a necklace. It’s possible that a longer necklace could hold more.

Your creativity and necklace length only limit the number of charms worn on your Pandora necklace. Be sure to choose a chain that is thick and can support the weight of charms.

Charming Accessories

Pandora has hundreds of charms that are organized in different collections. The charms can be worn in countless ways, especially when they get a little help from the charm-like elegant clip and spacer collections.

Pandora Clips

Pandora clips are decorative trinkets that are mostly charms. The main difference is that the clips lock into place, and charms don’t. Clips are secured to your necklace and won’t float or move. Serving as spacers, clips are ideal for separating charms and enabling you to create separate sections.

Clips are made with metals like silver and Pandora rose gold. They feature sophisticated designs and colorful cubic zirconia stones. Clips are ideal for flanking a dangling charm and holding it in place.

Pandora Spacers

Pandora spacers and clips are similar in that they create separation between charms. Spacers, however, don’t lock into place. Spacers are thinner than charms, are not threaded, and they don't dangle. These beauties enhance the gaps between the charms on your necklace. They are available in different metals and designs that are often finished with intricate detail, polished beads, and cubic zirconia stones.

Unlike clips, the spacers allow your charms to move freely. These accessories look sharp and create a contrast between your charms.

How To Wear Charms On A Necklace

We’ve gathered some ideas on what charms to use and how to wear them on your necklace. Let’s get you styling your charm necklace.


Pendants are like charms. They are both jewelry accessories that hang freely on a necklace. But pendants can be fixed, designed as a permanent part of a chain. Or they can be added to a necklace and float.

There are a couple of ways to use pendants with charms.

Pandora Pendant

Choose one of Pandora’s thicker chain necklaces. Add a Pandora pendant and then begin to add your charms, threading both sides of the chain through each charm. The pendant serves as the base as the two sides of your chain come together. This look is best with Pandora’s spacers, clips, and non-dangling charms. The longer your necklace, the more charms you can add.

O Pendant

Pandora designed a pendant that shows off your collection of charms. The O Pendant can be worn without charms. But, why would you want to do that when you can add at least three charms to the small pendant, five charms to the medium pendant and seven charms to the large pendant. The collection of dangle charms from Pandora is a perfect fit for this O shaped pendant.

Put A Ring On It

Take your favorite ring and thread your chain through it. Then, take your favorite charms and add them to your necklace. Your ring is like a pendant, acting as a base that allows the charms to climb up either side of your necklace. Or, you can bring both sides of the necklace to center by threading each side through a charm.

You’ll need clips to hold charms in place if you want them to be displayed on each side of your necklace. Otherwise, choose your dazzling non-dangling charms to create a sleek look that stacks the charms on top of each other.

Lockets And Petite Charms

Locket necklaces by Pandora have their collection of charms. The charms are petite, and they are smaller than other Pandora charms so that they fit inside the locket. The locket can hold up to four petite charms. This line of necklaces and charms opens up a whole new fashionable way to cherish memories.

Why Wear Pandora Charms On A Necklace Instead Of On A Bracelet?

You should wear Pandora charms on a necklace because you can. And, more importantly, because it’s a chic and sleek way to repurpose your charms and chains. Wearing the same plain chain every day is fine. But, investing in one chain and a few charms means that you can change up your bling every day. With so many charms available, you can create seasonal styles. Or you can be inspired by your favorite character or animal. You can also choose elegant 14k charms to accessorize for those special occasions.

Express Yourself

Pandora creates stylish jewelry that inspires you to express yourself. While Pandora charms are trendy in creating charm bracelets, there is no reason to restrain your imagination. Take your favorite Pandora charms and show them off on your necklace.

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