11 Great Pedicure Ideas For Dark Skin

Figuring out what color pedicure to get with darker skin can be tricky at times. Do you want your nails to pop, or is something more subtle better for your lifestyle? Regardless, we have found you some good ideas. So let's dive right in.

Whether you love neon polish on your toes because they pop with your skin tone or something neutral, a pedicure is always a fun idea. From what we found, bright and light colors work well with darker skin because they make your feet stand out. Whether it's a softer and brighter white or something fun like hot pink, you've got plenty of pedicure options that will look good with your skin.

As we begin, we will share our top 11 pedicure ideas for dark skin and tag some related products. From super bright to classy and simple, we've got a nail color for you. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Cropped view of legs of black woman wearing high heeled shoes and walking down stairs in park with railing in background, 11 Great Pedicure Ideas For Dark Skin

1. Green, Gold, And Grey

First up, we have this beautiful green, gold, and grey pedicure idea that looks great with darker skin. Generally, deeper shades of green pair well with dark skin tones and look great with gold accents. We recommend you follow a similar format to this pedicure and embellish your toes with gold or sparkly detail.

OPI Nail Lacquer Green Nail Polish

Here is a dark green nail polish from OPI to try. This polish is a gel, promises up to seven days of wear, and comes in a few different colors.

Check out this nail polish on Amazon here.

2. Bright Neon Green

Sticking with a green theme, we have this bright neon pedicure idea. As we mentioned, green goes well with dark skin, and going with a neon color is a fun and trendy option to try. Even if you don't go with neon green, bright colors, in general, will look nice and are sure to get people talking.

3. Soft Pink

Switching gears a bit, we have this soft and simple pink pedicure idea for dark skin. Although bright and bold colors work well with darker skin tones, soft shades look just as pretty. We especially love how this pink is not quite a pastel but more of a blush/purple tone option.

4. Sky Blue

Coming in fourth, we have this light sky blue colored pedicure that we love. Typically, blue of any shade works well with darker skin and goes with just about anything. We like how this pedicure went with a simple look while the manicure has more intricate details.

China Glaze Water-Falling In Love Nail Polish

Here is a light blue nail polish from China Glaze to use on your toes. This polish has a creme finish, dries quickly, and promises to last longer than ordinary polish.

View this nail polish on Amazon here.

5. White And Gold

Another gold-accented pedicure idea we have for dark skin is something simple and white. Generally, a white polish is a good idea if you want your skin tone to pop and your feet to have a summer vibe. Although white is a pretty plain color, you can add glitter and other details to your pedicure to spice things up.

OPI Nail Lacquer White Nail Polish

Here we have a white nail polish from OPI to try for your pedicure. This polish has a gel finish, spreads evenly, and promises to be streak-free once dry.

Follow this link to Amazon to view it.

6. Vivid Turquoise

Next, we have a vacation-worthy turquoise pedicure idea for those with darker skin. Like our other blue idea, turquoise is perfect for those wanting a bright and festive pedicure and feels perfect for the summer season. If you're going to try this look at home, maybe even try a white accent or add some sparkles to your nails.

7. Multi-Color Drip Design

For those after a unique pedicure idea, we have this multi-colored drip design that has us obsessed. Although this type of pedicure might cost you more than standard polish, we think it is perfect for any occasion and is sure to get you some compliments. If you aren't in love with every toenail having a drip design, we also think just one will look good.

8. Neon Yellow

Coming in at eight, we have this bright neon yellow pedicure that is perfect for dark skin. Yellow, in general, looks very good with tan or dark skin, so this color is a good option to consider. Whether you go with a super bright neon yellow or something more pale and simple, yellow is a good spring/summer color and goes with just about anything.

 Duri Atomic Neon Yellow Nail Polish

Here is a bright neon yellow nail polish to try from Duri. This nail polish has a matte finish, is full coverage, and does not contain formaldehyde.

See it on Amazon here.

9. Bright Orange

Another bright pedicure color we love is a neon orange similar to this. In general, orange is more of a summer color, so this option might not be ideal for all-year wear. If you aren't a huge fan of yellow, orange is a good compromise and should give off similar energy.

10. French Tip

Next, we have a simple and elegant pedicure idea for dark skin. Typically, french tip manicures have a more classy feel, so this option is perfect for a wedding or special event. Another benefit of this pedicure style is that it looks good all year round, so you don't have to worry about being out of season.

11. Hot Pink

Last but not least, we have a hot pink pedicure idea that looks stunning on dark skin. Like our other example, this simple pink pedicure turned out amazing and has a fashionable look. Although there are hundreds of different shades of pink, we tend to like the lighter or brighter options for those with darker-toned skin.

To Wrap Things Up

Cropped view of legs of black woman wearing high heeled shoes and walking down stairs in park with railing in background, 11 Great Pedicure Ideas For Dark Skin

Whether you love to switch up your toenail color or prefer to keep it similar, there are tons of options for darker skin. We found that brighter and lighter colors tend to go best with dark skin and look good with almost any other color/design.

If you prefer a simple, classy pedicure, try a french tip or soft white option. For anyone after a fun summer look, we recommend neon colors and fun patterns. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to find a color that suits your skin tone and when all else fails, add some glitter!

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