How Much Do You Tip For A Pedicure?

Pedicures are a great way to treat yourself. No matter the season, there is nothing better than a fresh pedicure to show off with flip-flops or keep comfy in boots. Pedicures can be a great luxury because they are usually quick, and the price usually isn’t too high, depending on several factors. But tipping can add unnecessary stressors to your experience.

The general rule of tipping for a pedicure is 15-20 percent. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, which will be further discussed here. The spectrum of 15-20 percent allows for some flexibility in adjusting your tip amount. The quality of the pedicure, the services provided, and the spa you visit. Evaluating these three things is an excellent rule to come to that final tipping number.

The spectrum of the 15-20 percent range allows for some personal choices on quality. Did you receive a mediocre pedicure that felt rushed? That might only call for a 15 percent tip, whereas perfectly pampered feet and polished toes might bump that tip to 20 percent, possibly even 25 percent. We have put together a great list of helpful tips and considerations, so keep reading for more!

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Is it bad not to tip at the nail salon?

Of course, it’s terrible not to tip at the salon. It’s important to remember these workers are making minimum wages and count on their tips to make enough money to support their families. A pedicure is also a lot of work and detail. Not to mention can be disgusting depending on the feet. So not leaving a tip is rude.

Also, technicians can learn who is a good tipper versus who is not a good tipper. This can lead to battles between customers and even refusal of serving a customer if they do not tip.

Here is an excellent guide to pedicure pricing!

Is $5 a good tip for a pedicure?

Depending on the price of the pedicure, $5 can be a good tip. The pedicure would have to range from $20-$25, and depending on where you are getting your pedicure done, this is possible. Usually, nail salons in large shopping areas such as malls charge a quick $25 per pedicure.

If you are at a more expensive salon, pedicures can get upward near $100, and $5 would not be considered a good tip.

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How much should you tip for a $60 pedicure?

20% of $60= $12

$12 is 20% of $60, making the appropriate tip $12.

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How much should you tip for a $30 pedicure?

20% of $30=$6

$6 is 20% of $30, making the appropriate tip $6.

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Cash or card?

Hands holding US dollar bills and credit card

For the workers, the issue is not always how much to tip but how to tip. Cash is always best to have on hand for tipping because you never really know if your tip on your charge card gets to your pedicurist. This is wrong and dishonest, but it still happens.

Cash tips are also better for salon owners because it is fewer taxes and paperwork they need to file, and at the end of the year, that can really add up.

Tipping through future customers

One of the best tips you can give to a business is to put a raving review on the internet. Whether it be Facebook, Yelp, or Google, this is the best way these days for people to research in their area the best pedicure places.

This is also a great benefit for the salon, sending more customers to their salon so they can earn more money. Also, following a bad experience, it may be a good idea to leave a negative review, warn others, and allow the pedicurist to step it up.

Gel Pedicure Considerations

Close-up on a woman's foot with a lamp for pedicure

Here is one thing you probably haven't thought of. A gel pedicure lasts significantly longer than a regular pedicure. Because of the special gel polish, this kind of pedicure can last for weeks, whereas a regular pedicure can chip much earlier and need to be fixed. So, should a gel pedicurist get a higher tip?

With this thought in mind, should a pedicurist make a higher tip for a gel pedicure seeing as they are doing fewer pedicures overall? If a person got a regular pedicure monthly, that's twelve times per year.

Let's say she started getting gel pedicures instead and switched to every two months a year. That's six times in a year. That's half the number of pedicures that a pedicurist performs per person and half the number of tips. If most people start following this method, that adds to a significant loss in income.

Here is a great article about how long a gel pedicure lasts!

What if you're unhappy with your pedicure?

A tip is meant to be a thank you for the time spent on your pedicure, not as a teaching lesson. Don’t let your tip reflect your satisfaction.

Pedicurists expect a client to speak up when they find something unsatisfactory during the procedure, not complain about it afterward. They want their client to leave happy. When you are voicing your dissatisfaction, keep your statement simple instead of getting angry.

Also, remember another option is to speak with the manager if you are unhappy and feel your concerns are going unheard. A manager will be able to get down to the depth of the issue and figure out the appropriate solution. Often, the problem is a simple miscommunication.

What do people do that nail salons hate?

Taking too long to select a polish color can throw off an entire schedule. If you're looking to play with colors, arrive 10-15 min early so you can be ready to soak your feet when it's time. A salon is usually booked full, and every minute counts.

The same is true of arriving late. If you arrive too late, the salon may have squeezed another in your place. So, plan to get to your appointment on time.

Rushing to put your freshly polished toes in your shoes can result in ruined nails and is annoying when a technician is needed to fix them. Always ask your staff if they think your toes are dry and ready to go.

Multiple Technicians

If you get two different technicians during your pedicure, it can be confusing to know how to tip. Usually, splitting the tip is the best bet. Sometimes, one technician does the pedicure, and one does the polishing. If this is the care, maybe tip the first technician 60-70% and the rest to the second technician.


There are certain exceptions when you might feel like leaving something extra for your pedicurist. Holidays such as Christmas or New Year. Maybe even their birthday. An additional $10 or $20 added to your usual tip makes them feel special and happy that you remembered them at this time of year.

In Closing

We have covered many tips and considerations regarding tipping your pedicurist. In the end, getting a pedicure should be a relaxing experience and not worrying about the tip. By following the suggestions in this article, you are guaranteed an excellent pedicure experience every time!

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