97 Pixie Haircut Ideas [Mega Picture List – 2020 Edition]

A haircut can be a truly defining feature for your whole appearance. Whether you have short hair or long hair, curly hair or straight hair, your locks can truly make you stand out. A pixie cut is one of the trendiest hairstyles to try out due to the vast amount of variation. 

Changing up the look of your hair can seem like a daunting task. That's why it takes time and consideration to create a new look.

A young woman with a pixie haircut and red lips, 97 Pixie Haircut Ideas [Mega Picture List - 2020 Edition]

Are you ready to try something completely different with your hair? Keep reading to find out more answers to all your pixie cut questions. We'll finish off with a gallery of 97 pixie cut examples so that you can pick the best look for yourself. So, without further ado, let's get to it! 

What Does A Pixie Haircut Look Like?

A pixie haircut features short locks of hair that measure between a half-inch and 3 inches. The hair is typically longer on top of the head and shorter on the sides. Angled bangs, layers, side bangs, asymmetrical looks, and fringe are great options.

What Face Shape Can Pull Off A Pixie Cut?

While any face shape can wear a pixie cut, there are a few face shapes that pull off the look exceptionally well. A heart, square, or oval face shape does the best with a pixie cut. Pixie cuts help to soften and define the features of the face. A pixie cut can help elongate your face, too.

How Much Does A Pixie Haircut Cost?

A pixie haircut costs the same amount as any other average salon haircut. Depending on the salon that you go to, a pixie haircut can cost, on average, anywhere between $40 and $80.

How Often Should Pixie Cuts Be Trimmed?

A pixie cut should be trimmed every month to two months. If you're set on keeping the look, regular maintenance is required. If you don't want to maintain the cut, then you can just let it grow out after the initial trip to the salon.

How Do You Maintain A Pixie Cut At Home?

For starters, pixie cuts require some level of styling every morning. Luckily, your hair won't require too much work in the morning to have it looking just the way you want it. Use some hair paste or wax to give it some volume and shape.

You'll also need a good pair of haircut scissors and a mirror. Since your hair can grow rather quickly, you may want a convenient way to keep it trimmed without having to make a trip back to the salon.

As your pixie grows, use a mirror and good haircut scissors to trim your locks. This process won't take long and you'll save money. 

Does A Pixie Cut Age You?

Pixie cuts are known to be an "anti-aging" haircut because they can actually make you appear younger than you really are. Pixie cuts, when styled properly, frame your face well and look perfectly stylish.

What Is The Difference Between A Pixie Cut And A Crop?

A crop haircut is a slightly longer version of a pixie haircut. Pixies feature shorter layers while crops may have longer, differentiated layers on the top of your head and your bangs. 

97 Pixie Haircut Ideas For 2020

The following photos showcase a wide variety of pixie haircuts. The pictures feature many ways to style and color your pixie cut to pull off the trendy look. So take a look and feel inspired!

Young beautiful woman with short hair thinking and looking up isolated on white background

Studio portrait of a fashion blonde with short hair wearing checkered shirt

Blonde young punk-style woman looking over to the camera

A portrait of a young business woman with short hair in a modern co-working space

Young beautiful woman with pixie bob short haircut dyed blue and green

Young beautiful girl with a short hair cut pixie bob in pink color

Young attractive woman with purple-colored pixie haircut in a white t-shirt

Smiling mature woman with short hair posing and looking at camera

Side view of model woman with short hair and stylish gold earring

Portrait of young woman with short blonde hair in nature background

Portrait of young girl with blonde fashion hairstyle looking at camera isolated on gray background

Portrait of fashion woman with blonde short hair

Portrait of confident, successful business woman with short hair

Portrait of business woman with short hair sitting in front of big modern building

Portrait of a young latin woman with short hair in the city

Portrait of a smiling mature woman with short hair at home

Portrait of a depressed woman with short red hair

Portrait of a beautiful smiling senior woman with short hair

Portrait of a beautiful looking girl with short hair smiling in a sunset

Mature woman with short grey hair wearing black sweater smiling towards the camera

Happy young woman with short hair in black dress and pearls

Happy young fashion woman with short hair in leather jacket walking in city street

Hairdresser styling customers hair at work

Fashion model with straight short hair

Close-up portrait of beautiful model with glossy blonde hair

Close-up of Latin American girl with short hair smiling isolated over white background

Close up portrait of an attractive young woman smiling with short hair and glasses on

Close up face of brazilian young woman with curly short hair smiling and looking at camera

Beautiful young woman with short hair smiling over gray background

Beautiful young African American woman with short dyed blonde hair

Beautiful woman with short hair wearing casual clothes happy smiling over gray background

Beautiful short haired platinum blonde woman standing against an ivy fence background

Beautiful short hair brunette smiling against white background

Beautiful blonde woman with short haircut against red wall

Beautiful blonde woman with short hair and evening make-up looking at camera





























































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