Can You Pull Off Pink Hair? [Here’s how!]

Woman with tattoos and pink hair wearing black dress and hat, Can You Pull Off Pink Hair? [Here's how!]

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When it comes to dying your hair, you might be asking yourself: can you really pull off a color as bold as pink?

Of course, you can! Some might argue that a pink dye job requires a specific face shape, hairstyle, or skin color, but that's not the case.

If you want to experiment with pink hair, what are you waiting for? Let's explore the different styles pink hair meshes with so you can plan for your next dye job.

Can You Pull Off Pink Hair?

It's easier than you think to pull off pink hair. Take a gander through the picture gallery to see what kind of styles, face types, and dye jobs make pink hair look the best.

Young woman with pink hair sitting outside

The combination of pink and brown here makes this woman's dreadlocks look out of this world! The pink isn't meant to dominate, which makes the flow of the dye job work all the better.

Young woman in a stairwell with a retro punk look

This model's opted for a pink fringe. She's embraced the shock of color alongside a more natural blonde, making her appearance all the more striking.

Young girl with blonde and pink hair color in dress on white wall background

Pink bangs let you celebrate the job of the color without overwhelming your natural look. By dying your bangs pink, you're able to get a feel for the pink color while also experimenting with your style.

Young beautiful girl with short pink pixie bob haircut in white background

For a more all-encompassing alternative, you can dye all of your hair pink. This model's opted for a pink-to-purple ombre that's emphasized by her shorter hair cut. The combination dulls the bright nature of the pink dye and lends to her cute, subdued appearance.

Portrait of woman with pink hair smiling in an office

There's no reason not to go all-in on pink, though. This model embraces a rosier pink alongside a faux undercut, bringing a punk-rock look to the workplace.

Portrait of fashionable girl with pink hair, sunglasses and a hat on grey background

If the darker shades aren't your thing, why not experiment with pastel pink? This pink works best with lighter hair, and while it doesn't quite look natural, it's subdued enough to help you ease into your new style.

Happy senior woman with pink hair smiling on white background

Don't let age stop you from dying your hair! Here, this model's short look and the bright pop of pink help her stand out from the crowd and retain her youthful energy.

Close-up portrait of a young girl with pink hair in the studio on a black background

Want to use a pink dye job to emphasize your natural color? Pink highlights won't overwhelm darker hair colors, and they'll add brightness to your everyday look.

Charming slim woman with wavy pink dyed hairstyle wearing striped shirt

Alternatively, you can go full bubblegum with your hair. This model makes the most of her short, wavy hair and boosts its already bouncy energy with a light and playful shade of pink.

Beauty portrait of young pink haired woman

Want to combine a playful dye job with an elegant look? This pink up-do emphasizes grace and style while also allowing the model to celebrate her unique hair color.

Beautiful smiling girl with pink hair posing for fashion shoot

Some might panic when their roots start to show, but this model is all about that look. The combination of her dark roots and pink dye job makes her a picture of contrast.

Beautiful pink haired woman with glitter make-up in a carnival event celebration

Above all else, a pink dye job is about having fun. This model embraces that mindset with the combination of her gold body glitter and bright pink curls.

How Long Does Pink Hair Last For?

Not everyone wants to commit to several weeks of pink hair. How, though, can you know for sure how long your dye job is going to last?

Several factors contribute to the length of time a dye job will last. These variables include:

  • The dye you've used
  • The health of your hair
  • The original color of your hair
  • Your hair care routine

Types of Dye Jobs

When deciding what dye job to commit to, you'll be able to choose from a variety of dye options. These include:

Bleach and Highlights

If you have darker hair, you may want to bleach it before dying it a light pink color. The bleaching and highlight process removes the color from your hair via the oxidation process. This process literally, physically removes the color from your hair, leaving it white or a light color once you've completed the job. If you bleach your hair too often, you risk it turning yellow, as your hair will no longer be able to hide the natural color of the keratin that it's made of. If you bleach your hair before dying it, your dye job will typically last for two months.

Semi-permanent Dye

Semi-permanent dyes don't last for as long as bleach jobs do. They also tend to reflect the natural color of your hair, even if you're experimenting with pink dyes. These dyes do not need to be pre-mixed, and they tend to last up to six weeks.

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair dyes aren't quite as permanent as you think. They also use the oxidation process to remove your natural hair color and replace it with an alternative color. You'll need to leave the dye in your hair for longer than you would, though, if you bleached your hair or used a semi-permanent dye. Once your dye job has been completed, you'll retain your pink hair for between a month and a half and three months, depending on the quality of dye you invested in.

Ammonia-free Dye

If you want to forgo an oxidation-based dye job, you can always rely on ammonia-free dyes. These dyes have variable pHs and, in turn, variable effects on your hair. The higher the pH of your dye is, the more impact the affiliated color will have on your hair - but the more damaged your hair will be once the dye fades. Ammonia-free dyes tend to last for five weeks at a time.

But what kind of impact does your natural hair color have on the longevity of your dye job? If you have darker hair, ranging from brown to black, then a dye job completed without the bleaching process isn't going to last more than two weeks. The dark pigment of your hair will overwhelm the dye. Comparatively, blondes and lighter-haired folks will be able to retain a pink color for longer.

You may also be able to preserve a pink dye job if you take careful care of your hair. Try experimenting with dye-friendly shampoos and conditioners just after you get your hair dyed. There are some brands, like L'Oreal, that actively work to help you retain your dye job.

You can find this shampoo, and others like it through Amazon.

Is Pink Hair Appropriate For Older Women?

As you get older, it becomes both more and less acceptable to play with your appearance. On the one hand, you've likely found a job you like and decided whether or not you want to commit to having a partner. On the other hand, you've also likely developed habits that you're fond of. If you've been sporting the same hairstyle for the past twenty years, why bother fixing what isn't broken?

You don't have to change your look if you're comfortable. However, age should not keep you from experimenting with your hair. Older women can just as easily dye their hair pink as a younger woman - and it's entirely appropriate! Whether you're interested in hot pink or a sunrise shade, talk to your hairdresser about the color that you think will suit you best. If anyone tries to tell you off, remember: your hair is a part of your body. Only you can decide what's appropriate for your style and what isn't.

Do keep in mind, though, that some professions prohibit you from dying your hair unnatural colors. While you can still experiment with your look, make sure you're not going to get in trouble at work for changing the color of your hair.

Does Hair Color Impact Your Ability To Get A Job?

So, you've decided that you want to experiment with a new hair color. Good for you! With so many different shades available to you, you'll easily be able to find the color that suits you best.

If you're in the market for a job, though, you may be wondering: will dying your hair pink prevent you from getting a job?

This is an understandable question. Some jobs have strict dress jobs that prohibit unnatural hair colors. The Radio City Rockettes, for example, are prohibited from dying their hair any colors besides blonde, brunette, and a non-intrusive red.

Unless you do want to be a Rockette, your hair color should not legally impact your ability to get a job. Employers are legally prohibited from discriminating during the hiring process based on hair color, among several other serious factors. As a result, you can sue a company if they claim that your appearance is part of the reason they didn't hire you.

Does that mean people are going to turn off their internal biases? Unfortunately, no. Some potential employers may form an opinion about you based on your hair color and style. Again, though, they are legally prohibited from refusing to hire you based on your appearance. Make sure, when you go in for a job interview, that your materials are in tip-top shape, and you should come away with the job you deserve.

Ready to start experimenting? Whether you're dying your hair in your bathtub or getting it colored by a professional, why not add a touch of pink to your usual style? The bright shade will add a pop to any look.

Not sure if pink is your color? For more great ideas, check out our post on purple hairstyles, or our post on blue hair ideas!

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