What Does A Red Purse Say About You?

Most of us were taught never to judge a book by its cover. Yet a person’s style choices say a lot about their personality. Using color to communicate is a powerful and age-old styling tool. So what might it suggest about a woman who chooses to carry a red purse in place of a more common neutral color? We’ve done a little soul searching to help answer this question in more detail.

Beautiful girl in polka dots dress holding red purse, What Does A Red Purse Say About You?

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Red is considered to be a strong, powerful, and energetic color. Chances are, a woman is not shy if she is currently toting a red purse day-to-day. Historically, this color demands attention and is undoubtedly symbolic. A person who is bold enough to carry a red purse may possess any of the following traits:

  • Confidence
  • Boldness
  • Pride
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Aggressiveness
  • Impulsiveness

As for those of us who don’t quite fit the mold above, there are times when it may be beneficial to venture outside of the comfort zone in certain situations. Bold accents of red color can be fun for some or scary for others. It is understandable that coordinating or properly accenting this color can be challenging - especially for those introverts out there. Read further as we bring to light some styling tips that will help bring pops of passion and fire into your wardrobe.

Does a Red Purse Go With Everything?

Believe it or not, red is extremely versatile and goes with just about everything. Of course, that’s not to say that people haven’t taken it too far in the past. A red purse is more likely to clash with a particular tint, shade, or tone of color in an outfit, rather than the base/hue itself. Generally speaking, it is best to play with different shades and tints of the colors when coordinating a specific look. To further help you explore coordinating colors, the color wheel is the best guide to follow.  

Need more help coordinating colors? Play with this color calculator here.

Are Red Bags in Style?

Like black and white, red is a timeless color.  Adding a touch of red will forever be considered classic and on-trend.

How Do You Wear a Red Purse?

With confidence, of course! Carrying a red purse makes any outfit striking, so be prepared to be noticed. For a more visual explanation of styling a red bag, there are lots of ">videos online that will visually explain coordinating red with other patterns and colors. A red purse will enhance patterns like stripes or animal prints. It will also intensify solid colors like black, white, pink, blue, or yellow. Adding a red purse will make even the most basic outfit - like jeans and a t-shirt - look polished and purposeful. 

What Color Shoes Go With a Red Purse?

 A red purse begs for the perfect shoe to compliment. This is the point where dialing it back a bit, and sticking with the basic neutral colors is best. Another resource is the color theory advice above if you want to venture out into other colors. One word of warning: stay away from green (unless you’re dressing up as one of Santa’s elves this holiday season). 

What color purse goes with a red dress?

With red being such a vivid color, keep in mind not only the color but also the size of the purse you want to carry. A small black bag may look beautiful with a red dress, whereas a large or bulky black bag will overpower the look. Instead, keep the purse size to a minimum and have fun with the color or print. Even though any neutral color will do, perhaps go for something different and accent the bold color and try a fun print. Aside from a typically neutral, try pairing your red dress with any of the following:

Animal Print


Floral Print

Abstract or Other Print

Solid Colors Like Fuschia, Pink or Teal


Is Red a Neutral Color?

The definition of a neutral color will vary from person to person. While red is not commonly included amongst the list of approved neutrals in a home decorating sense - fashion defines this color differently. In the fashion world, red is equally as flexible as the standard group of neutrals: black, white, gray, tan, and even navy. Red works great as a base color like a dress, or an accent color like a purse. There is no doubt that a  red purse is arguably as versatile as a black or tan bag. Take into consideration the undeniable popularity this color has within the fashion world, and it makes the cut for as a neutral. 

Can a Red Purse Be Worn Year-Round?

Without a doubt, a red purse can be carried in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Most people save their red handbags for fall and winter; however, this is unnecessary. Since red is considered a neutral in fashion, you can carry a red purse any time of the year and remain stylish. 

Is a Red Purse Good Luck?

In some cultures, red is the color of fire and could potentially represent burning your money away. In other cultures, red is a color of success. Taking into consideration a red purse may help a woman exude a little extra confidence - it might be worth a shot to see if that extra dose of vitality makes a difference.  

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