Will My Ring Fit After Pregnancy?

Will My Ring Fit After Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy changes a number of things about a woman's body. There are some changes that are selective to the individual. Most women, though, will experience a degree of bloating as their pregnancy goes on. The question is when you start to bloat, will your ring still fit? Further, once you've given birth, will you need to resize your ring permanently?

In most situations, a pregnant woman will need to temporarily resize or go without her wedding ring to remain comfortable. After the pregnancy, most women return to their original ring size. However, not all pregnancies require you to resize your ring. So long as you keep your individual situation in mind, you'll be able to make the right decision regarding your ring.


Keep reading to see just how much a pregnancy could affect your ring size.

Will You Ring Fit After Pregnancy?

Your body is going to undergo significant change once you become pregnant. Not only will your uterus, and subsequently, your belly, get larger, but you'll notice bloating in your ankles, wrists, fingers, and other joints. This means that your ring may tighten on your finger. This typically occurs near the 20th week of your pregnancy, but it can delay until your 30th week.

It's possible that your ring will get stuck on your ring finger if you don't remove it once it gets tight.

After you give birth, your body will take some time to recover. Your swelling will likely decrease over time, but it may take time for everything to return to normal. Whether or not your ring fits after pregnancy will depend on your degree of swelling and how your body adjusts to life after giving birth.

Should You Wear Your Ring During Pregnancy?

Typically speaking, if your ring starts to feel tight on your finger in the midst of your pregnancy, you should remove it. It'll be best not to wear your ring again until you've given birth. While you may feel as though you have a moral obligation to continue wearing your wedding ring, you may accidentally damage your ring finger if you keep your ring on.

If you're feeling conflicted about taking off your wedding ring, speak to your spouse or to your general practitioner. However, it will be safest to remove your ring within the 20th week of your pregnancy and replace it with a ring that's larger.

Women worried about wearing their wedding rings while pregnant or after they've given birth may want to invest in a silicone temporary ring. While less immediately striking than a traditional ring, these rings make excellent, clean substitutes during stressful situations.

To find more silicone wedding rings, you can shop Amazon's catalogs.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Ring Resized?

Alternatively, you can get your ring resized. Resizing your ring involves either thinning out the metal of your ring, breaking and expanding the ring to its new size, or decreasing the size of the ring by compressing the metal.

The cost of resizing your ring will depend entirely on the kinds of changes you need. These variables include:

The Degree Of The Resize

After your pregnancy, you may need to permanently expand the size of your ring. Alternatively, you may have replaced your initial ring with a larger ring and want to shrink it after your pregnancy. In general, it is less expensive to shrink a ring than it is to make a ring larger. However, it that cost will depend on the other following variables.

Ring Thickness

The more material your jeweler needs to resize your ring, then the more expensive the endeavor will be.

Involved Stones

If your jeweler needs to remove or add any jewels to your ring, resizing your ring may be an expensive endeavor. Typically speaking, gems like emeralds and sapphires will cost less to add to a ring than additional diamonds, but this will depend on their sourcing and the number involved in the resizing.

Metals Involved

The more expensive the metal that makes up your ring is, the more expensive a resize will be. Platinum, for example, will cost more to resize than sterling silver.

Generally speaking, the cost of a resize will vary between $20 and $150.

You can find more traditional or non-traditional wedding rings through Amazon.

Does Resizing A Ring Damage It?

It is possible that resizing your ring may damage your ring. Again, shrinking the ring is both the less expensive process and the process less likely to damage your ring in the long run.

When shrinking your ring post-pregnancy, jewelers will remove a section of your wedding ring and weld the remaining pieces back together. Because fusing metal back together is a reasonably simple process, as soon as the circular band is restored, you'll be able to wear your ring as you normally did.

Making a ring larger is a more complicated process. Increasing the size of a ring can be done in one of two ways. Jewelers can thin out the metal. Doing so will lessen its structural integrity, but the process is simpler than the alternative. Most jewelers can resize a ring if it needs to be increased by less than half a size.

Jewelers may also need to cut the ring if it needs to be resized by more than half a ring size. After cutting the ring, jewelers will need to add additional materials to the cut ring so that it meets its newest size standards. These materials include band materials, like white gold or sterling silver, or gems. Once those materials are replaced, the ring will be smoothed, cleaned, and polished so that it looks as good as new.

However, the fact that the ring has been cut will not change. The area that has been added will always be weaker than the rest of the ring. If it's exposed to a significant amount of force, the ring may break or be damaged. That said, a talented jeweler will be able to resize a ring without compromising its structural integrity.

Should A Ring Be Tight Or Loose?

When you're debating whether or not to resize a ring, consider how well it fits in the midst of your pregnancy. A ring that fits well should pass over your knuckle. After it does, it needs to comfortably come to rest towards the bottom of your finger. A ring that fits well will take a bit of effort to remove from your finger, but you shouldn't need to tug on it or use soap to remove it.

Do note that your ability to comfortably wear your ring will vary based on a few factors outside of your control, including pregnancy and giving birth. If it is too warm outside, your body may bloat, and your ring may grow tighter. The same can be said for days when you drink too much water. Alternatively, cold days can make your ring grow loose.

So long as your ring fits on a standard day, post-pregnancy, and isn't uncomfortable to remove, then you'll know that you won't need to have it resized. However, if your ring readily slides off your finger or takes significant effort to remove, you may want to speak to your jeweler.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Ring Resized?

The time it takes to resize your ring will depend on the complexity of the resize you request. A simple resize can take as little as ten minutes. However, more complicated resizing processes can take up to 48 hours. Check-in with your jeweler ahead of time for a more accurate schedule. If you need or want your ring right away, then make sure you plan your ring's resizing in advance.

Pregnancy does a lot of strange things to your body. You need to take care of yourself, even if that means removing your wedding ring once you start to experience swelling. After you've given birth, you may need to resize your ring. Never fear, though. The process isn't as intimidating, expensive, or time-consuming as you think.

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