12 Short Hairstyles for Plus Size Over 50

As women approach 50, they may notice that their hair is thinner and more brittle. While long hair may be their preference, it might be harder for them to pull off longer styles if their hair isn't as full as it used to be. Short hair is always in style and a good choice for women over 50.

For a thinner woman, donning a short hairstyle may be an easy and welcoming adjustment. Though, it's been said that short hair is unflattering when paired with round or full faces. So what is a plus-sized woman to do? Go ahead and get that hair cut short! There are plenty of options that will leave plus size women over 50 celebrating their hair and bodies.

Woman over 50 with short hair walking along side a vertical garden, 12 Short Hairstyles for Plus Size Over 50

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1. Classically Cropped

Portrait of a Mexican senior woman

This woman confidently dismisses every plus size, short hair stereotype with her cropped look. Her hair isn't framing her face or hiding her flaws, yet she looks stunning. She is wearing her age and short hair with grace.

2. Sophisticated Bob With Face Framing Bangs

Mature woman with red hair against a wooden wall

This cut that ends mid-neck with layered bangs long enough to be swept to the side creates a classic face-framing look. Short but not drastically, this popular and timeless style is a great option for women who are apprehensive about short cuts.

3. Cropped and Spiked

If you're considering a cropped cut, you don't have to worry that you will have nothing to do with your hair. Put a small amount of gel in your hands and run them through your hair to create an interesting and edgy style.

4. Face Framing Crop

This style is a little bit longer than some of the other crops we've seen, but it's still cut short and close to the scalp. While cropped styles typically keep hair out of your face, it doesn't have to be this way. Your hair can be cut in a way that frames your face even if it is cropped.

5. Pixie and Pompadour

This stylish and modern look features ultra-short sides and leaves the top long but swept back. The result leaves this model looking sophisticated yet fun.

6. Angled Bob

Don't have a lot of time to create a perfectly positioned style? This trendy angled bob is low maintenance. The hair falls right where it should, and any messy or flyaway pieces just add to the texture that makes the look so appealing.

7. Shaggy Chic

Going shorter doesn't mean that you have to fall in love with a pixie or a crop. Shaggy cuts still fall close to the shoulders, so you may not feel as though your hair has gone through a dramatic transformation. The textured layers that are cut into the style breathe new life into flat and thin hair.

8. Short But With Substance

This straightforward style doesn't use cut to create a visually appealing look. Instead, color is used to draw the eye, while a uniform cut provides balance to keep the look from being too over the top. The cut used to create this look is suitable for all ages and provides an easy canvas to experiment in other areas, such as color.

9. Classic Bob

The bob is one of those hairstyles that never go out of style. If you're unsure about getting short hair or apprehensive about trying a daring new cut, the bob is a safe option. With so many ways to change this classic style, you can still try new things with your hair without stepping out of your comfort zone.

10. Fit For a Celebrity

If you need further confirmation that a pixie can stunning, take inspiration from none other than Sharon Osbourne. Her face-framing pixie with textured top flatters her face and gives her an edge. If this intense red shade is too much for you, this look will look just as fierce in a calmer brunette or blonde shade.

11. Bob Full of Curls

If you have particularly curly hair, you might be wondering how your curls will fare in a short cut. A bob cut works with your curls, while more choppy cuts may leave your curls frizzy and unmanageable. Anyone with curly hair knows that a lot of time and effort goes into taming them. With this shorter bob, your maintenance time will decrease significantly.

12. Flatter With Feathers

Actress Kate Mulgrew shows us that round faces don't have to hide behind a framed cut to be beautiful. Her feathered top gives her hair an interesting texture whether she chooses to leave her sides and back long or cut them closer to her face. If you have a round face, consider a look like this or, or one that gives your hair a bit of texture.

Short Hair, Don't Care

Gone are the days where short hairstyles only suit skinny faces or daring celebrities. Whether you prefer a classic and sophisticated bob or something a little bit shorter, you can use the haircut elements to flatter the face rather than highlight its flaws. Bangs, face-framing layers, and texture are great ways to give your hair some visual depth and complement your natural beauty.

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