Should Boots Match Leggings? [And Should You Tuck Leggings In?]

If you have jumped on the legging trend and love a good boot, you may wonder how to properly style boots with leggings and what color combinations are most fashionable. We have looked into this topic for you and found several great ways to pair boots with leggings.

Wearing boots and leggings of the same color is a very popular style option because it creates a sophisticated monochromatic look that is currently on-trend. When styled correctly, some boot types can also look nice paired with different or contrasting colored bottoms. Unless your pants are too short to be tucked in, leggings should be tucked into boots for the best overall appearance.

While some boots look best with solid black leggings, others pair more easily with patterned or brightly colored pants. Read on for which boot types and legging colors are best worn together as well as what combos should be avoided to look more put-together and chic.

Female friends wearing leggings and boots, Should Boots Match Leggings? [And Should You Tuck Leggings In?]

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The Basics Of Wearing Boots With Leggings

Boots and leggings are not a difficult combination to pull off, but some basic fashion advice can help you present yourself as more stylish or fashionable when wearing the two together.

What Kind of Boots Do You Wear With Leggings?

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Almost any boot can be worn with leggings in a flattering way. If you have a beautiful pair of boots and aren't sure if you can pull it off, know that with the exception of sock boots, all boots can look fashionable with a pair of leggings when paired correctly. Ankle and knee-high boots with leggings are the most popularly worn styles.

As with any fashion decision, it's all about balance when wearing boots with leggings. Specifically, make sure to pair detailed boots with plain leggings only if possible. You do not want clashing patterns or designs competing for the eye's attention. For this same reason also be sure to wear your more flashy, colorful, or patterned leggings with plain, solid-colored boots.

To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

If your leggings are longer or the same length as the top of your boots, tuck them in. However, if the top of your boot is just a few inches lower than the bottom hem of your full-length leggings, do not try to stretch or hide the bottom of the pant. Instead, embrace this difference in length by letting a bit of your ankle show through by wearing low-cut socks.

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Do not allow any length of your leggings to bunch up around the top of your boot. This creates a messy, unrefined look that is not at all flattering. Clothes should always be worn in a way that they are not being wrinkled or stretched too much, allowed to hang and sit freely on the body the way they were originally created to fit.

By wearing your clothes in a way that compliments and suits the original tailoring, you will achieve the most flattering look for that particular piece of apparel. This rule applies to a simple pair of stretch leggings as well.

What Should You Not Wear With Leggings?

Sock boots vary in length, but the ankle part is stretchy and thin which causes the boot to blend in with the shape of the leggings. These boots can give the appearance of wearing socks or no boots at all when paired with tights or leggings. This look can be especially unflattering for full-figured women.

It is also suggested not to wear Capri-length leggings with any type of boot as it shortens and chops up the appearance of the lower body. If you are looking to wear capris with boots, make sure the boot is tall enough to cover up the bottom of the legging to give the appearance of full-length pants. This trick works well with knee-high boots.

What Color Boots Do You Wear With Black Leggings?

Black leggings are a staple in most women's wardrobes. Though any color boots can be paired with black leggings by using a matching top or accessories, black boots are most commonly worn with black leggings. This monochromatic color scheme on the bottom half works well on all body shapes, maintaining a cohesive, sleek, and modern look.

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If you choose to wear a different color boot with black leggings, either make a statement by making your boots the only thing of that color in your outfit, or if the boots are a more subtle color they can be matched with your accessories or top.

What to Wear With Leggings to Work

Due to the sudden popularity and prominence of leggings, it has become commonplace to rock this look in the workplace as well as on the weekend. At work, women should remain professional. It is advised to wear either leggings made of a thicker fabric or a top or tunic that covers the majority of your back side.

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As far as footwear, it is best to pair workday leggings with a simple ankle-cut boot. Keep the style simple in a dark neutral color like black or brown. A boot with a slight heel, made of suede looks nice in just about any work setting. Match your boots to your legging color for a clean-cut but versatile day into night look that can be worn around the office and later to happy hour.

How to Style Different Types of Boots With Leggings

Ankle boots, knee-highs, and wild or bright colors are all popular footwear options that are commonly worn with leggings. Each type of boot looks best with a specific style of legging and can be worn in various different ways as described below.

How Do You Wear Ankle Boots With Leggings?

Ankle boots are probably the most popular choice to pair with leggings and can be worn flat or with heels. Leather and suede are common in both flat and high-heeled ankle boots and make a timeless addition to any wardrobe. Typically coming in dark, neutral colors, these boots can be worn with multiple colors of leggings and other bottoms.

Texture or bulkiness is a great look to add to your style when wearing ankle boots with leggings. Look for a boot with a chunky heel. Winter footwear and shearling boots can also look super cute with leggings and an oversized tunic or sweater top. Click here to read more on how to wear shearling boots.

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Ankle boots made of canvas or leather with a lot of grain pair nicely with leggings, as do boots with laces. Brightly colored or patterned leggings can easily work with an ankle boot, as long as you keep the boot color solid and the style clean and simple.

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Feel free to bunch up tall or knee socks just over the top of your boot. Let them peek out over laced-up ankle boots for a more fashionable look. This works great with fluffy, decorative winter socks giving an appearance similar to that of leg warmers. Don't do this with overly bulky socks though as too much bunching can look sloppy and ruin your look.

How Do You Style Knee-High Boots With Leggings?

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Knee-high boots work nicely over just about any legging. Again, if there is a lot going on with your boots, stick to a simple solid-colored legging. Many knee-high boots have a lot of texture or interesting character to their design and will look best paired with leggings free from patterns, bright colors, or bold designs.

How to Wear Bright or White Boots With Leggings

If you are going to wear brightly colored boots, it is best to keep your leggings to a minimal print or solid color like black or white. White boots can look good with brightly colored or patterned leggings if you are wearing a plain shirt. Brightly colored or solid white boots will be a statement piece all on their own and should not compete with your leggings or any other piece of your outfit.

Can You Wear Cowgirl Boots With Leggings?

Woman wearing patriotic cowboy boots and jeans

Cowboy boots are often worn with leggings for a more country look. A lot of people choose to wear their cowboy boots with faux jean leggings for a more traditional look. These leggings are soft and comfortable but often have a jean pattern or texture. They also typically have brown or white stitching and false or real pockets.

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Boots and Leggings Make for a Fashionable Duo

Leggings are widely used by people all over the world, and boots are an absolute fashion necessity. Now you can wear your favorite boots with leggings in several different ways without the fear of looking unfashionable. If you are interested in other ways to style this popular pant type, click here to check out our post on wearing dresses over leggings.

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