Should Eyeliner And Mascara Match? [The Answer Might Surprise You!]

Whether eyeliner and mascara should match is an age-old debate. After all, the answer certainly isn't clear-cut. These days, there are so many over-the-top makeup looks found online and in the pages of fashion magazines that pretty much anything goes! We’ve researched what the beauty experts have said and have compiled some examples to determine whether (or when) your eyeliner and mascara should match.

Eyeliner and mascara do not always have to match. The answer is ultimately dependent on the look you are trying to achieve and your liking. An evening look could call for a dramatic black liner and black mascara to give a more sultry appearance, while a daytime look permits pairing a subtle brown eyeliner with black mascara. If you’re trying out a funky, Instagram-worthy makeup look, all bets are off, and you can use mascara and eyeliner in literally any color of the rainbow!

Keep reading as we delve into various matching and contrasting eyeliner and mascara applications. We’ll also let you know which rules are meant to be broken!

A beautiful woman with colorful eye makeup, Should Eyeliner And Mascara Match? [The Answer Might Surprise You!]

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Can You Wear Brown Eyeliner With Black Mascara?

For a natural, subtle makeup look that is daytime-appropriate, brown eyeliner is perfect to wear with black mascara for almost anyone. Brown eyeliner can be built up to be as natural or as dramatic as you want. It can transition from daytime to nighttime with a heavier application and looks good on nearly any eye color.

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Brown eyeliner and black mascara paired together tend to make lighter eyes pop and accentuate their natural color. Brown eyeliners can be found in the lightest, most neutral shades or the darkest brown that can almost pass for black, which makes the possibilities endless when it comes to picking the right brown!

You can use it for a smoky eye that isn't overly dramatic and perfectly acceptable for the office or daytime errands.

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Can You Wear Mascara Without Eyeliner?

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We’ve all had those mornings when we’ve snoozed too many times, and there simply isn’t enough time to get ourselves completely ready. These are days that oftentimes we’re forced to omit part of our morning routine rather than rush to complete it all, and we have to choose what’s most important. On those hectic mornings, worry not when it comes to your makeup for the day! Rest assured, it’s completely permissible to skip the eyeliner and only use mascara.

Wearing mascara by itself still makes your eyes look bright, even when your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet! Even on a day that isn’t rushed, but you simply don’t feel like applying an entire face of makeup, applying some mascara gives you the appearance of a finished face. Skipping eyeliner isn’t only for rushed or lazy days though, depending on how dramatic your entire makeup look is can also determine whether you should go sans eyeliner.

If you’re rocking a smoky eye with heavy black and gray or deep brown shadows, there likely will not be a need to apply eyeliner since it won’t be entirely visible. Perhaps you’re donning a bright red lip, and you want that to be the focus of your face; that’s a perfect time to skip the eyeliner and let your mascara frame your eyes. Try a volume-boosting mascara for the appearance of extra length!

Also, be sure to coat your top and bottom lashes with mascara for a few reasons listed in this guide: Should You Put Mascara On Bottom Lashes?

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Do You Have To Wear Eyeliner With Mascara?

The great thing about makeup is that there are few rules that you actually need to follow. There are obvious advisories that are mostly common sense; for example, your foundation should match your skin tone. As far as the eyes, you can break all the rules you grew up hearing, because nowadays anything goes, and too much is never enough!

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Thanks to social media, risk-taking with makeup is encouraged. You can wear eyeliner with mascara or skip it altogether. You can coordinate your eyeliner and mascara—and we're not just talking black or brown here. You can match shades of blue, purple, green, or whatever color suits your mood that day! Now that eyeliner and mascara are available in literally every color, the combinations are endless.

If you're opting not to wear mascara, use a brown, black or deep blue eyeliner on your top lid and in the waterline of your eye. This will highlight your eyes without having to worry about your mascara running. You can also try a bold colored eyeliner with a simple black mascara if you don't feel like matching the two or are building up your courage to try something a little more eccentric. For those ready to take the plunge for an attention-grabbing eye, go all out and coordinate both! In the end, it's up to you and your comfort zone.

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What Color Mascara Is Best For Brown Eyes?

Black mascara is a go-to for nearly every eye, hair, and lash color. Mascara, in general, helps to brighten the eyes and make them pop. However, if you're feeling a little daring and are looking for a color to really make your beautiful brown eyes stand out, be sure to try a purple or deep green mascara. Far from traditional, this will be a guaranteed conversation starter while also accentuating the cool undertones in your eyes' natural color.

A purple mascara isn't so over-the-top that it's completely ridiculous to consider wearing. Because the color is darker in nature, it may not be entirely obvious at first. It will make people do a double-take, "is she or isn't she?" moment. And who knows who you'll inspire by living the lavender life! Pair your favorite deep purple or green mascara with neutral eyeshadows and a lightly applied, smudged black or brown eyeliner for optimal results. Also recommended is applying a colored mascara with a light shadow in the same color family.

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In Closing

As we've stated, as far as beauty goes, there are certain rules that are meant to be broken. Your eyeliner and mascara don't always have to match; only match them if and when you want to! It's also worth noting that what works for one may not work for another. Determining what works best for you may include some trial and error in order to find a look that suits you. That said, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try a bold color eyeliner or mascara. At least you'll be able to say you tried it!

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