Should Guys Wear Nail Polish? [And What Colors Should They Choose]

Who doesn't love beautifully polished fingernails? And these days, polished nails aren't exclusively for women. More than ever before, men are making a statement with colorful, polished nails. So if you've ever wondered whether guys can and should wear nail polish, we can help you find that all-important answer.

Yes, guys can absolutely wear nail polish! In fact, many male musicians and celebrities are seen on the red carpet sporting their favorite nail polish shade. The best nail colors for guys are:

  • Nude
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Clear

Guys wearing nail polish is gaining in popularity right now, and if you want to know all about the very best nail polish for guys, scroll down and keep reading. We have all of the most up-to-date information!

Should Guys Wear Nail Polish?

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According to the experts, nail polish isn't just for women, and it isn't a new fad. Men wearing nail polish dates back thousands of years when men in China, Babylonia, and Egypt actually painted their nails in a type of polish.

In more recent times, the trend of males wearing nail polish was typically associated with the punk rock and alternative music scenes in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

These days, the trend has become much more mainstream. Now that breaking gender norms is more common, men are free to engage in style trends that were historically reserved for women.

Everywhere you look, there are guys sporting the latest nail colors. From Harry Styles to Machine Gun Kelly, men have discovered the fashion-forward look of perfectly polished nails.

In fact, there are even nail polish lines specifically designed for men, and more and more men are frequenting nail salons and truly enjoying the pampering that you only get from a relaxing manicure.

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The Best Colors For Guys

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If you are a guy, or you know a guy who has decided to jump on the nail polish bandwagon but need some ideas to get started, we can help you choose just the right shade to set you off on your nail polish journey.

As with women, there aren't many rules regarding colors. Men should be free to choose whichever color. However, there are likely situations where nails should be understated and professional, so it's important to read the room before choosing a nail color.

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Here are 8 amazing nail polish shades that look great on guys:


For obvious reasons, nude nail polish is an excellent choice for men. For one thing, it is neutral and not too flashy. Nude matches everything, and if you are looking for something a little understated, nude is your go-to.

Although it doesn't have the pizazz of brighter colors, nude polish makes fingernails look well-groomed and very attractive.

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Historically, black nail polish has been the color of choice for polish-wearing men. Usually associated with goth culture, black nail polish certainly makes a statement. The color is edgy and dramatic, but it's also very practical since it pretty much matches everything.

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With gender norms out the window nowadays, many men are choosing bolder and more traditionally feminine colors like red.

Red is a fiery, passionate color and it's typically been a color that attracts a lot of attention when worn by women. The same is true for men, as red is definitely a stunner.

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Blue nail polish is a dare to be different look, and for guys, it hits all of the right notes. Whether you choose a light blue or dark blue, blue nails really stand out, so guys that choose to wear blue on their nails are not afraid to take some fashion risks.

Plus, blue nails just look absolutely amazing and are really eye-catching.

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Like other neutral shades, white is a color that coordinates well with everything. Not only that, white nail polish is really sophisticated.

It's also more daring than nude or clear since it's so much brighter. White nail polish will give your nails a fresh, fun look.

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Yellow is a bright, upbeat shade, so if you are looking for a pick-me-up, yellow is a great nail color choice for men.

Not only will it give your nails a nice glow, the color is attention-grabbing without being gaudy or too dramatic. Yellow nails are cheery to look at and are bound to bring you positive vibes.

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Green is a dramatic color that really makes a statement. Although not as popular as red or blue, guys can really cause a stir with a deep green shade on their fingertips.

Green is a powerful color, so not only will your nails look great, but it will also give nails a bold, strong vibe.

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If you like the idea of wearing nail polish, but you aren't quite sure about wearing a distinct color, clear nail polish is an excellent option.

You will still get a nice manicured look with just a bit of shine. The result will be understated and attractive, and this is definitely a polish that can be worn in business settings.

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Do Guys Polish Their Toenails?

Polish isn't just for your fingers! Many men are also enjoying the look and feel of a pedicure which includes a trendy color on their toes. Just as fingernail polish on men has become really hip, guys are polishing their toes with many of the popular colors we listed above.

Why Are Men Wearing Nail Polish?

Wearing nail polish is a form of self-expression, and although guys wearing nail polish was traditionally reserved for edgier types, in the 21st century, it's no longer viewed as something out of the norm.

Do Men Go To Nail Salons?

Close-up Of A Manicurist Filing Person's Nails In Salon

For years, women were the only frequenters of nail salons, but with the increasing popularity of manicures among men, nail salons have become a place where men are regularly spotted. Many salons offer men's manicures, and there are even nail salons dedicated specifically to men!

Including your significant other in your pampering is not a problem either as couples manicures and pedicures have become a new trend in salons. Having your nails done as a couple is a great way to spend relaxing, quality time together.

The Nails Have It

Men's manicure.

Guys can absolutely wear nail polish and shouldn't shy away from trying it out. Polishing your nails is an amazing form of self-expression, and something guys can enjoy.

Whether you simply want a manicured look that's professional or you dare to be bold and brash, there are so many options for men to choose from. Grab your favorite shade and get polishing! Your fingers and toes will thank you for it.

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