Should Nail Polish On Fingers And Toes Match?

Curious about whether your fingernail and toenail polish should match? We've got insights from nail technicians and stylists on this topic!

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In this guide, you'll discover the benefits of choosing different colors for your hands and feet. Learn what to consider when selecting contrasting shades, the top picks for toenail colors, and how to make your feet appear smaller with color.

Should Nail Polish On Fingers And Toes Match?

Matching nail polish on fingers and toes was once seen as a must, famously endorsed by the Kardashians. Yet, it's been over a decade since Kourtney Kardashian admitted mismatched nails gave her "the chills."

However, stylists almost universally agree - 20 matching nails and toes can safely be considered non-essential.

If you like the look of a matching mani-pedi, then absolutely go for it. But there's no longer any taboo against picking one color for hands and another for feet.

There are plenty of reasons not to match. They include:

  • You can generally get away with brighter and bolder colors on your toes, particularly for a working professional. You might not want electric blue nails in the office. But an electric blue pedicure lets you have some fun while being a bit more discrete.
  • Nail polish is really an accessory. It's a way to complement your outfit and overall look. You don't necessarily have to wear two matching bracelets. Why accessorize your fingers and toes in precisely the same way?

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What Color Is Best For Toenails?

There are two basic schools of thought when picking the best color for your toenails.

Pink pedicure.

1. Go with neutral colors that complement anything. Think beiges and nude shades, blacks, whites, and grays.

2. Select a color that complements your shoe. There's nothing wrong with bolder colors. If you want to paint your toenails purple or green, go for it! Just avoid one that clashes with your choice of footwear.

  • Pick colors that work with, not against, the color of your shoe.
  • One option is to pick colors that are opposites on the color wheel, also known as complementary colors. This is vibrant and exciting. Think yellow with purple, or orange with blue.
  • Another method is to pick colors close to each other on the color wheel. For example, for green shoes, use green, yellow-green, or green-blue nail polish. The similarity makes them compatible and harmonious.
  • Neutral shoes can go with any color. But they often look great with another neutral. If you want something bold, pick a primary color that stands out. Another eye-catching option is contrasting neutrals such as black with white.

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What Nail Color Makes Your Feet Look Smaller?

There are a few different recommendations to make your feet look smaller. Some nail technicians suggest going with dainty colors like pale pinks or pastels. They believe that feminine, delicate colors help give the illusion of more delicate feet.

Closeup photo of a female feet at spa salon on pedicure procedure - Soft focus image

Others, however, point out that dark colors tend to be the best at minimizing. They suggest using dark shades, which give a trimmer appearance. It also visually draws in the eye, making the overall foot appear smaller. Try a shade of black, brown, or navy.

Nail Your Style

Matching fingernails and toenails aren't a must anymore. Nowadays, mixing colors adds flair to your style, letting you choose bold or contrasting shades. Still, if you like matching your mani-pedi, go for it! Fashion has evolved, offering freedom to express yourself through your nail choices.

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