Should You Apply Eyeliner Before Fake Eyelashes?

When you're creating the perfect makeup look, few things matter more than a beautiful eye. Your eyes are where most people are going to be looking while talking to you, after all. But a lot of steps going into eye makeup and getting overwhelmed is easy. For example, does eyeliner go on before your false lashes? Luckily for you, we've checked out eye makeup applications to find out.

It's recommended you put your false eyelashes on after the rest of your eye makeup. Putting on your eye makeup first will allow for better precision in application. It also reduces the amount of makeup you're likely to get on your false lashes. If your eye makeup gets smudged during the process of putting on your lashes, touch it up afterward for the perfect look. 

For many, false eyelashes are a tall hill to climb and one some may find too difficult. But continue reading, and we'll break down some helpful steps on how to incorporate fake eyelashes into your established eye makeup look and make it work seamlessly.

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What are the best fake eyelashes for beginners?

First, getting into fake eyelashes can be an intimidating process for many people. Not only is it a process to learn how to prepare properly and apply your lashes, but there are countless brands of lashes to purchase. The price range can be extensive, leaving one to wonder where to begin. Going for the cheapest lashes can seem tempting, but is it really the best way to go when starting with fake lashes?

There are many other important factors to consider beyond just cost when looking into false lashes for the first time. You can purchase entire lash kits to eliminate the need to look for separate lash glue, for instance. This eliminates a difficult choice many first-timers have to consider in choosing the right lash glue. If glue, in general, intimidates you, look into magnetic lashes.

Woman eyes with false eyelashes, black eyeliner and natural beige makeup

Magnetic lashes are just what they sound like: lashes that magnetically attach to your lash line instead of lash glue. It can be a little difficult to figure out at first how to apply them. Purchasing a kit with instructions on how to apply them is recommended when learning.

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If you want an extensively full lash to complete your look, consider purchasing already double-stacked lashes. This will allow you your full lashed look without having to apply multiple lashes.

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False lashes and eye makeup

Now that you have your false lashes, the next step is learning how to incorporate them into your makeup routine. As previously mentioned, your lashes should be the last step in your eye routine for several reasons. Firstly, you'll be much more capable of a precise eye look without lashes in the way, allowing for more interesting looks. You can always touch up your makeup afterward if necessary, but doing the actual look beforehand is much easier.

Getting makeup like eyeliner and eyeshadow on your brows is not only a messy look; it can reduce the lifespan of reusable lashes. For example, oils in certain types of eyeliner can impact lash glue and make it harder for lashes to stay put. The fallout from eyeshadow getting on your lashes will cause unnecessary grime to accumulate. All in all, there are no real reasons to advocate for lashes first.

One instance in which putting more eyeliner on top of placed lashes is beneficial, but it's more for utility than an eye look. This is to hide the lash line of the fake lashes and make them look more natural. We'll go over this more a bit later.

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How do you apply fake eyelashes with eyeliner?

So, after you've gone through your routine, whether that includes an elaborate eye look or not, you're ready to apply your lashes. Even if you haven't used eyeliner on your face, it's beneficial to use when wearing false lashes. Prep your natural lashes and eyes beforehand by curling your lashes and applying mascara. This will help your natural lashes blend in seamlessly with your false lashes. Then follow your lash's instructions on the application.

After you've applied your lash, it's recommended to go over your lash line where the false lash is attached with some eyeliner. This will not only give you a bit more dramatic appeal, but it obscures the false lash line and makes your lashes look more natural.

Using a liquid eyeliner with your false lashes is better than traditional liner alternatives. The oils found in many traditional eyeliner pencils and products can begin to erode the glue in your lashes. If you are using single-use lashes, this won't be a problem. But if your lashes are reusable and you plan to use them multiple times, it's something to consider.

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Do you have to put eyeliner on with fake eyelashes?

Makeup is about self-expression, and one of the great things about it is, there ultimately are no concrete rules you need to follow. Maybe you don't feel like eyeliner, wanting to rock a simple and clean false lash. Maybe you were never much into eyeliner, to begin with, but want fuller-looking lashes. There are steps you can take to gain a clean-looking lash line while skipping the eyeliner completely.

If you still want a slight dark eye look without the eyeliner, consider using black lash glue to help blend your lash line with that of your false lashes. There are also transparent lash glues as well if you want a light look to your eye. Make sure you apply your lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible when going without eyeliner. You won't have that additional buffer to blend the lashes in, so reducing any space between lash lines is important.

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If longer lashes are simply a goal of yours, without the added complications of makeup or false lashes, extensions might be the choice for you.

Lash Extensions

Eyelash extension procedure

If the thought of applying false lashes every day isn't feasible for you, lash extensions are an alternative. Extensions are professionally applied false lashes that come in either synthetic, silk, or mink options. Once selected, these are applied to the lash line one at a time, using semi-permanent glue. These lashes will require you to follow up every six to eight weeks, and maintenance every three to four weeks is recommended.

It's a more expensive alternative for sure, but it makes up for it in convenience and time saved. If longer, fuller lashes are really something you feel would benefit your confidence, look into lash extensions instead of fumbling around with false lashes.

Can you wear eyeliner with extensions?

The short answer is yes. You can keep using eyeliner and eye makeup with your lash extensions in place. However, the longer answer is yes, but you will have to consider certain things to keep your extensions in place. Makeup removal, for example, will be harder and require much more consideration than normal to keep extensions safe. Avoid oil-based makeups and makeup removers for the same reason as previously mentioned. It will erode the glue over time, weakening your lashes.

Keeping these steps in mind to keep your extensions healthy and solidly attached, eye makeup can continue being part of your routine if you so desire.

In Closing

False lashes can really elevate your look to a dramatic level and provide confidence for those with less than ample natural lashes. Adding to these with a dramatic eyeliner serves both a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one. As with any foray into makeup, don't be afraid to experiment and learn. You can only improve over time, and a wide world of stunning looks awaits you.

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