Should You Hang A Leather Jacket?

A leather jacket is a timeless fashion staple. Leather jackets can be worn in a multitude of ways and tailored to many different styles. Leather jackets are also durable and classic. If you store your leather jacket correctly, it will remain in fantastic condition and provide you with years of wear. You may have just gotten a leather jacket, or maybe you are looking into purchasing one. If either of those applies to you, you may be wondering if you should hang a leather jacket. We've done the work to bring you the answer.

You should definitely hang up your leather jacket. No matter where you plan to store the jacket, placing it on a hanger is the most important factor to keep the jacket in pristine condition. Not hanging a leather jacket will cause wrinkles and unnecessary wear on the piece that will cause it not to hold up as well over time. 

In the article below we will discuss in greater detail the importance of storing your leather jacket correctly. We'll touch on which type of hangers are best, what type of conditions are best for leather storage, how to store your leather jacket in the summertime, and how to properly pack it in a suitcase for travel. So be sure to keep reading!

Colored leather jackets in a variety of different colors hanging up in a row on the rail,Should You Hang A Leather Jacket?

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What's The Best Hanger For A Leather Jacket?

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There are many different types of hangers on the market. They vary in shapes and materials and each of them serves a different purpose. When it comes to storing a leather jacket, felt hangers or wood hangers are far the best options.

Velvet Hangers

The interior lining of a leather jacket is often slick, almost silk-like. Due to that fact, the texture of the velvet hanger works best because it grabs onto the jacket and keeps it firmly on the hanger without damaging the jacket.

Velvet hangers are also specifically designed for women's clothing. This means that the shape and size of the hanger are much more suitable for women's clothing. While deemed universal, traditional hangers are sized to be able to fit men's shirts and, therefore, harm women's clothing because of their larger, boxier size. Think of velvet hangers as a more tailored version of a traditional hanger.

You can find great quality, highly-rated velvet hangers on Amazon.

Keep in mind that felt hangers work best for medium to lightweight leather jackets, including thin genuine leather jackets and faux leather jackets. Continue reading for details on how to properly hang a genuine leather jacket.

Wooden Hangers


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If you are looking for the best hanger for your real leather jacket, wood is most likely your best option. Wood hangers are heavy and durable, which means they can easily handle more weight than velvet, plastic, or metal wire hangers. Genuine leather can be a fairly dense material. If you are looking to properly store your genuine leather jacket, wood will adequately hold the weight without damaging it.

You can find wooden hangers on Amazon. 

Can You Use Plastic Hangers On Leather Jackets?

While a standard plastic hanger will hold a leather jacket, it likely won't hold it well enough. The slick hanger against the lining of the jacket does not provide enough traction to properly keep it attached. When you use a plastic hanger on a leather jacket, the jacket may slip off while hanging and if it goes un-noticed, a jacket left on the floor will become very wrinkled.

Can You Use Metal Hangers On Leather Jackets?

Much like a plastic hanger, a metal hanger is not the best option to use on a leather jacket. The metal material is slick, like plastic, and will likely not hold the leather jacket as firmly as needed, depending on the lining of the jacket. In addition to the material, the shape and size of a traditional metal hanger are so harsh and the chance of it stretching out the jacket is very likely.

How To Properly Store A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets should be hung up on the proper hanger and stored in a temperature-controlled room environment. Ideal storage locations include a closet in the main part of your house, like a master closet or a guest room closet. Avoid places like attics and storage units when it comes to storing your leather jacket. You should also store your leather jacket out of direct sunlight and away from other items of clothing.

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How To Properly Store A Leather Jacket During The Summer?

As stated above, leather does best in a room temperature environment. When leather gets hot or humid, it can fester and become mildewy. When it's hot outside during the summer, these rules are especially true, so hanging your jacket in a cooled closet is key to keeping it in peak condition.

Why Is It So Important To Properly Store Your Leather Jacket?

By nature, leather is a very durable material. Basically, leather jackets are made to last. If you treat them right, a quality leather jacket can essentially last you forever. Simply throwing your leather jacket over a chair or allowing it to sit on your closet floor will result in wrinkles that will be nearly impossible to get out.

In addition to wrinkling, sun exposure can also be an issue with leather. When exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, leather will fade. Once leather fades, you will not be able to restore it to the exact condition.

Hanging the jacket away from other articles of clothing is also important to avoid dye transfer. Dyed pieces of clothing like tops and jeans can easily transfer onto leather and stain it if they are touching while hanging up.

How Do You Store A Leather Jacket In A Suitcase?

When packing a leather jacket into a suitcase, it's best to make as few creases in the jacket as possible. The more the jacket is folded, the more it will wrinkle. Fold your jacket based on the directions below and lay it flat into the bottom of your suitcase. Tip: When you arrive at your destination and can unpack your luggage, take your jacket out and hang it up on a hanger as soon as possible.

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To properly pack your jacket into a suitcase:

  1. Zip or close the jacket.
  2. Lay the jacket front (zipper) side down on a flat surface with the sleeves laid out flat to the sides.
  3. Fold the sleeves behind the torso portion of the jacket, one over the other.
  4. Carefully pick the jacket up, turn it over and lay it directly into your suitcase (zipper side up).
  5. If you cannot fit the jacket in your suitcase using this method, fold the torso portion in half after step 4 and then place it into your suitcase. Only do this step if you have to.

The Bottom Line On Hanging Up Your Leather Jacket

Colored leather jackets in a variety of different colors hanging up in a row on the rail,Should You Hang A Leather Jacket?

With care so simple, leather jackets are a great investment. The good thing about your leather jacket is that it will last you a very long time if you treat it right. You don't need a fancy setup to store your jacket the correct way. Just hang your jacket on a velvet or wooden hanger inside your air-conditioned closet. Following the simple care and storage tips above will allow you to enjoy your timeless piece of fashion for many years.

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