Should You Zip Up A Leather Jacket?

A leather jacket can be the difference between being basic and catching all of the right eyes. There are so many more great ways to wear one than you might expect at first. We've done the research for you to find out the best ways to wear this classic yet bold fashion piece!

There are a lot of ways to utilize a leather jacket and leaving it unzipped is the most stylish way. Here's why:

  • Leaves room for outfit customization.
  • Comfortable for different temperatures.
  • Dresses up or down a large variety of outfits.
  • Depending on the style, it can change the feel of a whole outfit. 
  • Different color options for your best look.

Ultimately, it's personal preference how you wear your new favorite accessory. You can certainly zip it up if you're feeling chilly, that's just going to cover up whatever cute top you have underneath. If you want to look sophisticated or grunge, and everything in between, there's a leather jacket for you. 

When you opened this post you may not have believed that there was much that goes into pulling off this style. Before you pull on that leather masterpiece of yours, stick with us for a bit. We're going to show you some of the best ways to optimize its style, and allow it to truly accent your own!

Young pretty fashioned girl wearing skirt and a leather jacket, Should You Zip Up A Leather Jacket?

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Reasons To Keep Your Leather Jacket Unzipped

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Let's look in more detail at all the reasons why you should keep your leather jacket unzipped.

Leaves Room For Outfit Customization

With that jacket unzipped you'll have even more fashion real estate to customize your outfit! This makes sure that adorable button-up or crop top doesn't get missed when everyone sees your amazing look. If you decide to wear a dress with that jacket it also helps to tie the whole look when part of it isn't covered up by a closed jacket.

Comfortable For Different Temperatures

Your choices are obviously going to change with the weather. Luckily, regardless of the temperature outside a leather jacket left unzipped looks just as good over shorts and a tank top as it does over jeans and a sweater. This way the jacket can help you feel stylish and comfortable all year round!

Dresses Up Or Down A Variety Of Outfits

This wonderful accessory is perfect for being the changing factor for the feel of an outfit. The right style of open leather jacket will take you from interview to night out in no time!

It Can Change The Feel Of A Whole Outfit

Regardless of what your go-to style is, a leather jacket is the perfect tool to mix things up! It can be that something extra to an ensemble that will help you feel completely different wearing it.

Different Color Options For Your Best Look

We so easily forget that colored leather jackets are even an option. There are so many different color and shade choices available though that you may never go back to traditional colors!

What color is right for you?

When you think of the perfect leather, what color is it? Is it black? How about a dark brown? If so, you might be missing out on some of the most fun ways to wear your jacket! It's so easy to get lost in that great classic look, but there are so many more options than just those! From red and pink to eye-popping blues and greens, there are just as many colors as there are styles.

Everyone has that perfect color that helps them accentuate their best features and leather jackets want to help with that, too. Sticking with the classic black and dark brown pretty much always looks good, but the right color on you could look amazing! Red is always seen as a sultry choice, and yellow is the perfect way to brighten any occasion.

How Should A Leather Jacket Fit?

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How your jacket sits on you is one of the biggest factors that go into how you want it to influence your look. There are tons of options, you just have to decide what you want from it. The wrong fit might leave you with the opposite of what you want from your look. From tight and loose, to long and cropped, we have you covered!

What length is the best look for you?

This decision comes down to the message you want to send with your outfit. Longer jackets tend to be seen as more on the professional side. Deciding on that shorter leather cover-up, however, will give your ensemble that edgier, punk feel that is very in right now.

What you're putting this piece on top of is also a big factor. You want to tend to keep the lengths of the tops and jackets contrasting. This includes not wearing a cropped jacket the same length as a cropped shirt. And vice-versa, that would include not wearing a long coat the same length as the top or dress underneath.

How tight should it be?

We found that you should make sure your new accessory is tight but not restrictive. You should be able to move your arms freely without having too much extra space in the shoulders or bust. When you try on your new jacket, wear a shirt that you know you will be wearing under it.

Do leather jackets have button-ups?

There are some that absolutely do! Leather jackets come in all shapes and sizes and if you just love the added look that buttons give, then there's a jacket for you.

There are your more traditional and luxury style jackets, such as this, with buttons. More alternative style jackets, which are becoming more and more popular, also have buttoned varieties. We found that you can find everything from a cycling jacket to a trench coat can be found with buttons.

How do you wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker?

For a good answer to this question, you really have to think outside of the leather jacket, or underneath it. What you wear with the jacket is really what's going to help you stay away from that hardcore biker look. We're looking at it as an accessory after all, and not riding protection.

A very proven way to stay away from the biker look is to dress more casually with the rest of your outfit. Jeans and sneakers are a great place to start, along with a cute top. That perfect crop top is also a great way to show that you're not actually getting a bike today. Adding more accessories to your look is also a great option. That cute beanie and adorable scarf may just give you the true look you want.

With the jacket specifically, it's also good to stay away from brands that are known specifically for bikers. This would include brands like Harley Davidson. If you are, by chance, getting on a motorcycle today and looking for a true biker jacket, they have some very stylish choices, like this one:

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What do you wear under a leather jacket?

The sky really is the limit with this one. Your preference is the only real guideline here. From sweats to business casual, and with every color under the sun, a leather jacket can help you stand out in every crowd.

A leather jacket can really help you dress down an outfit. Imagine you have an interview or it's just a day at the office and you have on your favorite business casual dress. Throwing on a cropped cycle jacket afterward brings the perfect balance so you can hit the town without feeling overdressed.

Young pretty fashioned girl wearing skirt and a leather jacket, Should You Zip Up A Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets also have a great way of dressing up outfits, adding something new to old ones, and still feeling feminine while doing it! You can put on that tried and true pair of jeans and T-shirt combo. Once you add your new jacket, it will give it an entirely new and exciting feel.

Find your style!

Last but not least... enjoy finding what you love most about leather jackets! You may have one style that you love, or are looking at all the options for the right one for you. Maybe you're doing both! Regardless of the style, fit, and color, your leather jacket is the most of what you make of it.

So remember. Unless it's getting downright cold, make sure to leave that jacket unzipped or unbuttoned. The jacket and the outfit really need to play off each other here to give you that confident and head-turning look we are all always looking for.

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