9 Silver Anklets with Black Beads That Will Turn Heads

9 Silver Anklets with Black Beads That Will Turn Heads

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Michael Kors once said, "I've always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit."

The famous fashion designer is right. You want to make sure you've put the perfect finishing touch on your outfit to make it exciting and memorable. The ideal piece of jewelry to achieve that polished look is an anklet.

It's an unexpected touch of beauty in a place where you don't often see it. When you're choosing the right anklet to go with your outfit, silver anklets with black beads are a stunning choice. The silver will catch the light, creating a little sparkle, and the black will add definition and a touch of class to the piece.

Here are nine silver anklets with black beads that will be the perfect exclamation point to any of your outfits.

Mia Jewel Tribal Anklet

This multicultural anklet is handmade in Guatemala using Czech glass beads. The fringe and the pattern on the anklet definitely give it the tribal feel that the name promises. The size is adjustable so you don't have to worry about it not fitting. This anklet is the only one on our list with true fringe, and that gives it an exotic feel sure to attract attention.

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Italian Mezzaluna Chain Ankle Bracelet

The contrast between the deep black and bright silver beads as they alternate on this chain makes this anklet a standout. This piece is made in Italy and is part of the Amazon Curated Collection, which is full of the latest fashion designs. It comes in a nine-inch or ten-inch size so make sure to measure your ankle to ensure that you make the right selection so you get the best fit.

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Fronay Sterling Silver Anklet

If you're looking for your anklet to be primarily black with just a hint of silver to occasionally catch the light, this is the accessory for you. It's handmade in the United States and the finished product is lead-free and nickel-free. This piece is nine inches in length, an excellent fit for most ankles. The sturdy lobster clasp will keep this safely fastened on your ankle every time you wear it.

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SJ Jewelry Handmade Anklet

Dainty and delicate describe this anklet perfectly. The small black beads are spaced evenly to give the chain a chance to sparkle in between each of them. The chain's length is 8.6" long, but the tail chain style with adjustable clasp gives you an extra two inches so you can choose how snugly it fits on your ankle. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong adding this one to your collection.

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Qtalkie Boho Anklet

The beads on this anklet are placed in large groups rather than spread out like most of the others on this list. That makes the stark black and white of the beads stand out against the delicate silver chain. The mixture of the beads gives it that boho vibe that looks wonderful on anyone's ankles no matter what they're doing, whether it's playing on the beach, attending a wedding or just hanging out during a casual evening out.

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Ghoomar Ankle Bracelet

Stackable bracelets are all the rage right now, so why let your wrists have all the fun? Stack your anklets too! This anklet comes in a pair so you can choose to wear one or both together. Seven large black beads look great spaced out on one part of the silver chain, allowing the silver to shine and the beads to sparkle. Although you should always measure before you buy, these anklets are ten inches long, which means they should fit just about any ankle.

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925 Sterling Silver and Black Onyx Anklet

Simplicity is what sets this anklet apart from others. It features three black onyx beads whose color is deep and rich against the shiny silver. It is made from authentic sterling silver, which means that it's nickel-free and hypoallergenic. This anklet comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty to ensure that you can love this piece forever.

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Rhodium CZ Anklet

Several things set this beautiful anklet apart from others. First is that the beads alternate between black, silver, and clear so that each stands out. Second is the chain, which is a double-strand to add extra sparkle. Finally, the adjustable length of the chain ensures that it will be a great fit and gives you the option of a little extra silver gleaming on your ankle. The final product is elegant and charming, and it's just as ready for the beach as it is for going out to a fancy dinner.

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Ritastephens Two-Toned Anklet

The best word to describe this last piece on our list is delicate. It's thin and beautiful and the perfect finishing accessory to any outfit. The barrel-cut beads sparkle exquisitely. When you're looking for something that will subtly shine when the light hits it, drawing attention to your ankle but not dominating your look, this is the piece for you.

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Add the right anklet accessory and you'll be a woman taking the advice of Michael Kors to heart, adding excitement, style, and intrigue to your outfit. When you see it put together, you'll remember that no look is truly complete until the accessories are added. Before you put those accessories on, the clothes are just clothes. When you add the accessories, the clothes become a true outfit. And make sure you don't forget your ankles when you're picking the perfect accessories!

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