10 Awesome Silver Sequin Tank Tops To Check Out


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For warmer weather (or just an evening indoors), a tank top is often the way to go. But when you want to dress things up, a basic tank won’t do. Instead, consider looking at silver sequin tank tops to upgrade your style.

The great thing about sequins is they can add interest to an otherwise bland outfit. Plus, a sleeve-free tank can help keep you fresh.

Whether you’re dancing the night away in the club or enjoying a daytime outing under the sun, a top with shiny sequins might be the perfect, versatile look.

Choosing the right tank top involves knowing what to expect and selecting the most flattering cut. Tanks come with thick straps, thin spaghetti straps, and even racerback styles. Want to know more about tank top styles? Check out our post on different types of tank tops.

Think about what undergarments you’ll be wearing (if any) and decide on a strap style that’s best.

Another important consideration is the care your new top needs. Sequins typically don’t hold up well in the wash. After all, their application is a bit delicate.

Make sure to read the tags on your top, but also plan on washing on the gentle cycle, at a minimum. Some clothing will require handwashing instead, and most sequin tanks are line-dry or dry-flat only.

Maner Women’s Sequin Tops

Maner Women’s Sequin Tops on amazon

Maner’s sequin tank top features thin straps for a delicate look. The racerback-style strap connection is also adjustable, making the top suitable for all bust sizes and body types. Like other sequined tanks, this top has a smooth, polyester fabric on the back.

But unlike other tops, this one comes with ombre-style sequins, starting with silver and blending into black at the bottom. It’s even edged with sequins, keeping the seams from drawing attention.

For a unique look, check out the Maner sequined top in your size. Sizes Small through X-Large are available, and you should hand wash this top, though ironing at low temperatures is acceptable.

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Anna-Kaci Women’s Shimmer Sequins Spaghetti Strap Tank Top

Anna-Kaci Women’s Shimmer Sequins Spaghetti Strap Tank Top on amazon

If spaghetti straps are more your style—or if you plan to layer your top—Anna-Kaci’s tank top might fit the bill. Full polyester construction means it’s stretchy, and the back panel is free of sequins for smooth comfort.

The bra-strap-style adjustment makes it easy to customize your top fit, too. The scoop-neck front is casual and relaxed, and wearing it with jeans is the perfect blend of casual and dressy. Its thin straps also lend this top to layering or pairing with a coat or sweater.

The spaghetti strap tank top comes in small through X-Large sizes.

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Swrose Women’s Shimmer Sequins Tank Top

Swrose Women’s Shimmer Sequins Tank Top on amazon

Swrose’s high-necked halter-style tank top has plenty of sequins for your evening or afternoon look. A keyhole at the neck, and a slide-on closure, creates an authentic halter look.

Soft inner mesh material keeps sensitive skin protected. In contrast with other sequined tops, this one features cup-style miniature sequins on the front and back. A metal closure at the neck makes it easy to clasp the top on and slide it off.

Swrose’s tank top is only available in size Small, but the stretchy fabric offers a forgiving fit.

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Anna-Kaci Women’s Sparkle & Shine Tank Top

Anna-Kaci Women’s Sparkle & Shine Tank Top on amazon

Silver is just one of the options from Anna-Kaci when it comes to their sequin tank tops. The entire front features tightly sewn sequins that reflect the light. But the back of the tank is smooth, stretch knit fabric for breathability.

Its stretchy design also helps the top feel more comfortable, as sequins can sometimes be scratchy. Sizes Small through XX-Large ensure there’s a fit that’s just right for everyone. Plus, the color scheme is silver-only so that no seams will stick out.

Anna-Kaci’s top is ideal if you want to feel flashy while staying comfortable. It also has plenty of coverage, so it’s a versatile tank top option for going out or more casual settings.

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Metme Sequin Women’s V-Neck Tank Top

Metme Sequin Women’s V-Neck Tank Top on amazon

Metme’s sequined top features an intricate pattern rather than full panels of sequins. Underneath is a gray fabric layer that doesn’t take away from the overall design. The textured look is a different vibe than all-sequin options.

Silky smooth fabric on the back of the top keeps you comfortable while the front is all elegance. While it’s a great top for all ages and styles, more mature ladies will love this design, too.

A V-neck makes this tank dressier for all occasions, but you can pair it with jeans to dress it down if you wish.

X-Small through X-Large sizes is available.

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Ofenbuy Women’s Tank Top

Ofenbuy Women’s Tank Top on amazon

Ofenbuy’s tank top features a plunging V-neck plus a plunging back. If you’re planning to go clubbing or hang out in a warmer climate, this might be the perfect tank for the occasion.

Adjustable spaghetti straps help you tailor the fit, and the loose waist is flattering on all figures. If you’re looking for a drapey top that doesn’t cling to your body, this style is ideal.

You will need to hand-wash this top and lay it flat to dry, per Ofenbuy. Sizes Small through X-Large is available in this style.

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PrettyGuide Women's Full Sequin Tank Top

PrettyGuide Women's Full Sequin Tank Top on amazon

PrettyGuide’s stretchy sequin top comes in a whole host of colors—you might want more than just the silver.

You’ll find dual-layer material in the front, which holds tons of sequins, while the rear panel is soft polyester. Though you can size according to fit preferences, the neck of this top ensures a full coverage, regardless of bust size.

Sizes range between 0 and 18, so there’s a fit for perfect for everyone. Keep in mind that this top is a slim-fit style and order accordingly.

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Zeagoo Women's Sleeveless Sparkle Camisole

Zeagoo Women's Sleeveless Sparkle Camisole on amazon

All-over sequins make Zeagoo's sparkle camisole a unique find. Its high, scoop neck neckline and full racerback style means plenty of coverage. The length is suitable for a range of fashion occasions, too.

At the bottom of the tank are side slit hemlines, which offer a flattering cut that's suitable for many body types. If you're careful with laundering this top (either on the gentle cycle or by hand), the full-coverage sequins will continue to shimmer.

Mesh patchwork underneath helps keep delicate skin protected from the potentially scratchy sequins.

Size options range from Small to XX-Large.

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Hanna Nikole Women's Plus Size Sequin Top

Hanna Nikole Women's Plus Size Sequin Top

A lightweight tank that features soft white fabric underneath, Hanna Nikole's plus-size sequin top caters to ladies of all sizes. The thin straps make this cami-style tank ideal for warmer weather.

The straps are adjustable, allowing you to raise or lower the scoop-neck front. For layering or warmer events, whether indoors or out, you can't go wrong with this flashy top.

The manufacturer recommends gentle washing, but you should turn it inside out to protect the sequins.

Sizes range from 16W to 24W, with plenty of options for every body shape.

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PrettyGuide Women's Sequin Top

PrettyGuide Women's Sequin Top on amazon

If you love a tank top style but aren't sure about showing off your arms, PrettyGuide's top might be the perfect fit. It has flowy partial sleeves to provide a bit more coverage.

Plus, the back of the shirt is still smooth fabric, helping you stay cool and comfortable. A flowing fit can help hide a tummy or provide coverage for high-waisted looks.

A range of size options (from XS/US4-6 to XXL/US 22) makes this an accessible style for everyone.

Click here to see PrettyGuide Women's Sequin Top at Amazon.

How Do You Wash a Sequin Top?


Many different types of women’s shirts have varying laundering requirements. For most sequin tops, your best bet is to hand wash or, at the very least, launder the garment on the delicate cycle.

Because sequins are usually sewn on individually—and sometimes with a single thread—you should always handle your tank top carefully.

Most manufacturers suggest gentle washing and no machine drying. Read your garment’s care tag to see whether you need to lay it flat or hang it to dry. In most cases, turning the garment inside out before washing can help preserve the style. But overall, the more closely you follow the company’s directions, the longer your new silver sequin tank top will last.

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