Ditch Your Sneakers: Formal Footwear Makes a Comeback in Fashion Today

NEWS - Fashion is always evolving and it looks like formal footwear is making a comeback!

Say goodbye to sneakers and hello to sophisticated loafers, sleek moccasins, and stylish dress shoes.

These refined footwear options are taking over and making a statement for those who want to step up their style.

Men shoes in a luxury shop in Paris, Ditch Your Sneakers: Formal Footwear Makes a Comeback in Fashion Today

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Changes In Footwear Preference

An article from Captial Business portrays this changing preference with a story out of Paris, France. They describe an interview with a 32-year-old Parisian architect named Romain Costa.

Stylish leather men's shoes on foot, on a white background

When 32-year-old Parisian architect Romain Costa gets dressed for work, he doesn't reach for sneakers as he did in his teenage skating days.

Instead, he browses the shoe racks in his Montmartre flat and chooses from a variety of formal footwear options.

He reflects on his evolving style, saying "I like having adult shoes. At work, it's reassuring for clients. It makes me look more serious."

And unlike his old sneakers, these shoes only get better with time.

In Paris, and around the world, more and more people are trading in their sneakers for the timeless style and lasting quality of formal footwear.

Demand For Formal Shoes

Business of Fashion reports that half of American and British men prefer formal shoes, while a third prefer sneakers.

Donald Glover at the World premiere of 'The Lion King' held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

Stars like ASAP Rocky and Donald Glover have popularized more formal looks on the red carpet and the runway.

Simon Porte Jacquemus, a French designer, isn't left out of the picture. In spite of a well-known sneaker collaboration with Nike, the designer was recently spotted in a pair of black loafers. He also had his models wear them on his December show.

At a Hermès fashion presentation, you won't find any loafers. However, Hermes still makes and sells loafers, despite the fact that they don't seem okay for the catwalk.

Pierre Hardy attends the 32nd FN Achievement Awards at IAC Headquarters

Pierre Hardy, the head of shoe design at the French label, knows exactly why demand is so high.

"After the lockdowns, people grew tired of everything being cozy. Now we have permission to go out, and we want elegant, chic things," he said.

The Unique Style

Male shoes collection. Men's fashion leather shoes flat lay

Similarly, in Britain, upscale department retailer Browns has seen a move from trendy sneaker types toward more formal footwear.

"As we see less and less sneakers go down the runway, customers are taking note, with lots of people looking to mix and match casual and sartorial pieces in their wardrobe," menswear manager Thom Scherdel said.

This is a significant change since it indicates that formal shoes can now be worn not only with suits but also with sportswear, overalls, and shorts.

To Wrap Up

As trends come and go in the ever-evolving world of fashion, it's clear that formal footwear is making a strong comeback.

From Parisian architects like Romain Costa to trendsetters everywhere, the appeal of high-quality loafers, moccasins, and other dress shoes is undeniable.

Whether paired with sharp, professional attire or dressed down with sportswear, these shoes offer a level of sophistication and style that can't be beaten.

So, as sneakers take a backseat, it's time to embrace the new must-have footwear of the moment: elegant, timeless formal shoes.

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