Can You Wear Socks With Skinny Jeans?

There's no doubt that men, women, and children can all rock skinny jeans, but if you're new to the style, you may be wondering whether they pair well with socks. So, if you're wondering whether you can wear socks with skinny jeans, you've come to the right place. We've done some research and have a few examples of socks you can wear with skinny jeans.

You can wear almost any socks with skinny jeans, but here are a few examples:

  • Ankle or "no show" socks
  • Long thick socks (especially during the winter with boots)
  • Patterned socks you want to show off

We've given you a few sock options to try out with your skinny jeans, but keep reading as we elaborate on this further. We'll also include some image examples of each style, so you can see which one might work best for your look. We'll also answer some other questions you might have about pairing socks and even shoes with your skinny jeans.

A woman wearing skinny jeans inside her house, Can You Wear Socks With Skinny Jeans?

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How Do You Wear Socks With Skinny Jeans?

The great thing about fashion is that you can make it your own, so as long as you feel comfortable with your choice, you can wear whatever you like. Whether you decide to wear socks with skinny jeans and the type of socks you choose depends largely on the rest of your outfit. Almost any sock can be worn with skinny jeans in the right circumstance. That being said, with skinny jeans, different styles call for different types of socks.

Invisible Socks

If you don't want your socks to be seen, you should opt for ankle or "no show" socks. Most of the time, these socks will be entirely covered by your shoes, making them a great choice if you'd rather the focus be elsewhere on your outfit.

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Long Socks

For Warmth And Protection

A woman wearing a gray sweater and holding a cup of hot chocolate

If you are planning on wearing boots with your skinny jeans, ankle socks might not be thick enough or long enough to cover where your boot does. Wearing a longer sock can help prevent blisters. Also, if you tuck your skinny jeans into your socks, it will prevent them from bunching around your boot!

As an added bonus, tucking your jeans into your socks also helps keep you warm. If you don't plan on tucking in your jeans, don't choose a thick sock as it might not fit comfortably under your jeans.

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To Show Off

A woman wearing denim shorts and long red socks

From highly decorated to brightly colored, long socks come in an assortment of designs and colors. The model above chooses a bright pair of long red socks to add a pop of color to her outfit! For this look to work, keep the jeans untucked from the socks. For more exposure, opt for a skinny jean that ends higher up your ankle or calf.

Long socks can be paired successfully with skinny jeans to add some color to your outfit or show off your favorite socks.

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Can You Wear Any Color Of Socks With Skinny Jeans?

When choosing which socks to wear with your outfit, it is more important to pair your socks with other aspects of your outfit rather than your skinny jeans. Even so, we still have some tips for you to consider.

Tip 1: Anything but white!

Avoid wearing white socks. White socks are great for an athletic look, and white ankle socks might work if your shoe of choice is an athletic style. Nevertheless, white socks are bright and can distract from the rest of your outfit. If you want to wear bright socks, opt for a fun color instead.

Tip 2: Black is a safe option

If in doubt, choose black. You've probably heard before that black goes with everything, and it's no different for skinny jeans. The only time you may not want to wear black socks is with black skinny jeans. Black socks will blend in with black skinny jeans and may detract from your look. On the other hand, it might make your black jeans look longer, so whether black socks will work for you is dependent on the style, length, and shade of black your jeans are.

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Tip 3: Match with a hat or belt

Match the color of your socks with another accessory. Whether it's a belt or a hat, a good rule of thumb is to match your socks to the color of an accessory. This will tie your entire look together.

Tip 4: Match with your shoes

If you aren't wearing another accessory or don't have a pair of socks to match, match your shoes instead. For example, if you have brown shoes, opt for a pair of socks in a different shade like tan. They will complement each other while not looking too blocky.

What Shoes Can You Wear With Skinny Jeans?

Almost any type of shoe can be worn with skinny jeans. Let's take a look at some examples!


A woman wearing blue jeans and sandals inside her house

For a day out during the summer, sandals can look great with skinny jeans. Additionally, almost any style of sandals works! Whether it's a wedge sandal, thong sandal, or flip-flops, pairing them with skinny jeans is easy to do.


A man wearing blue jeans and sneakers on a white background

For a night out or special event, heels can dress up your skinny jeans. Taking off your sandals and adding a pair of heels can instantly take your outfit from casual to dressy.


A woman leaning and wearing blue jeans on a beige background

What outfit doesn't go with Converses is probably the better question. Converse are timeless, and pairing them with skinny jeans isn't a new trend! Both high-top and low-top converses will pair well with your skinny jeans.


A man wearing a denim jacket, skinny jeans, and brown colored boots

We talked about boots briefly earlier. Just like sandals, almost any style of boots pairs well with skinny jeans. In the image above, the model shows off his long socks in a way we mentioned in our previous section. This is just one way you can wear skinny jeans with boots. Take a look at the image below for another way.

A woman wearing skinny jeans and winter boots walking on the field, Can You Wear Socks With Skinny Jeans?


A woman wearing a red blouse and skinny blue jeans

If you need a dressier look but aren't a fan of heels, pair your skinny jeans with some ballet pumps or other flats. If all the talk of socks has overwhelmed you, this is a great sockless option!


A beautiful woman wearing a white top, blue jeans and white shoes on the park

Some might argue that we have already covered sneakers with our converse section, but we wanted to show you that other styles of sneakers can work just as well too!

Can You Wear Skinny Jeans With Sneakers?

You most definitely can wear skinny jeans with sneakers! Just like any other shoe, sneakers come in a variety of styles. Right now, thick, blocky sneakers are in, and you can show them off with a pair of skinny jeans. The narrow leg will draw attention to the blocky shoe! Or, if you want a sleeker, more inconspicuous look, opt for a thinner style like Converse or plimsoles. For a skater look, wear your skinny jeans with some Vans.

For more inspiration, check out our other blog post on the topic here: What Sneakers To Wear With Skinny Jeans?

Final Thoughts

Wearing socks with skinny jeans is perfectly acceptable and can even be used to show off your style and fashion sense even more. Hopefully, our article has given you some ideas on which socks to choose, and maybe we've inspired you to try something new!

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