How To Store Thigh High Boots – Everything You Need to Know!

Thigh-high boots are a must for every diverse wardrobe! They're great in the colder months at keeping your legs warm without sacrificing style. The only problem with owning this amazing footwear is making sure that they're being stored correctly. We have looked into all of the best ways to store your thigh-high boots so that you can keep wearing yours for as long as possible!

The best ways to store your thigh-high boots are methods that don't fold them up or wrinkle them. It's also important to consider stuffing them so that they can't slouch. There are a few steps to take before you store them that will also help. Here are the best methods for storing thigh-high boots:

  1. On the floor or a shelf
  2. Boot rack
  3. Boot hangers
  4. Storage containers

Making sure that your boots are stored properly goes a long way towards making them last for you. That's why before you try your best with one of the above storage methods there's more information that you should have. Keep reading to find out the best storage method for your boots in full detail!

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Storing Thigh High Boots

The most important thing to think about when considering how to store your thigh-high boots is that you don't want them to crease. Storing them in a way that folds them up, squishes them, or lets them slouch can lead to permanent lines and wrinkles being made. This is why they must be stored upright in a way that they can't be squashed at all.

If a crease is created on expensive boots, then that has the possibility of ruining the look of the boots.

How Do You Keep Thigh High Boots From Slouching?

One of the easiest ways to prevent slouching in your boots is to stuff them. You can try a method using materials from around your home or buy a tool that prevents slouching. A popular around-the-house fix is to roll up old magazines and stick those in your boots.

You can also simply stuff the boots with tissue paper or newspaper until they hold their shape upright. Two slightly unusual materials from around your home that also work for boot stuffing are pool noodles and empty wine bottles.

Things that you can purchase to keep your boot from slouching include different inserts and tools that keep them upright without stuffing them. You can get foam inserts that bend and help your boots maintain their shape. There are also hard plastic inserts that help them keep their form.

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If you don't want to place anything inside of your boots, you can buy clips that help them stay together and upright. These in combination with some of the following methods may give you the best results.

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Steps To Prepare Your Boots For Being Stored

The first step to take before storing your boots is to clean them. Clean them using the appropriate methods and products for the type of boot that they are. Whether that is leather or suede and so on. Also, make sure to clean the bottoms of the boots too. The less dirt that sits on them the better.

After cleaning your boots, the next and arguably most important step is making sure that they're dry. You can air dry them or use a boot dryer. If they are put away with moisture on or in them, then that's going to possibly damage the boot and likely result in mold and bacteria growth. The last possible step that is an extra precaution for making sure that the boots are dry is removing the insoles if possible.

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1. On The Floor Or A Shelf

The most convenient choice is to store them on the ground somewhere or on a shelf. They just need enough room to stand upright. For this reason, the floor might be a better option for most, unless you have shelves with a lot of space above them. It doesn't matter what room you do this in as long as it is dry and clean with some airflow around the boots. Consider combining this option with an anti-slouching method to keep your boots safe.

2. Boot Rack

There are a lot of different styles of boot racks. There is the standard shelf type. You'll have to look extra hard to find one with space for thigh-high boots. One preferred style for long boots has rods that allow your boots to be stored upside down. This keeps thigh-highs from slouching, protects them from being smashed, and helps keep them dry!

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3. Boot Hangers

With the help of special clips, you could hang your boots in your closet. These tools come in a couple of different styles but basically, they clip onto the top of the boot and hang it from a closet rod. This is great if you have extra hanging space. Just make sure that the clips can take the weight of your boots so that they don't fall off. You will also have to take care when clipping and unclipping the boots as that could lead to damage.

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4. Storage Containers

Using storage containers is a great and more long-term way to store boots. The container helps to protect the boots. If you purchase the right kind, they can also neatly stack on top of each other for easy storage.

One downside of this method is that it's a little more inconvenient to get to the boots if you wear them frequently. Another thing to consider is that the boots need to be absolutely dry before going in the container because they will have restricted to no airflow. This method can make bacteria and mold growth accelerate if there's any moisture.

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Considerations For Leather Thigh High Boots

Leather is one of the most popular materials for thigh-high boots so it's important to take that into factor when planning how to care for them.

What Is The Best Way To Store Thigh High Leather Boots?

Leather boots are especially susceptible to creasing, so they should not be allowed to slouch. All of the above methods will work for leather boots. Since humidity is a big problem, you shouldn't use storage containers with no airflow.

How Do You Store Leather Boots In Humid Weather?

They should be stored with airflow in as dry of an area as possible. Make sure that they are completely dry before storing them and consider a method that lets them hand upside down to combat the moisture. Another idea is to place something, like silica packets, around the boots to soak up the moisture.

How Do You Store Leather Boots Long-Term?

The biggest enemies of leather boots are humidity and creasing. So, for long-term storage, make sure they have something to help them keep their shape and are as cool as possible. The best option would be in a temperature-controlled room. For these reasons, finding a place for them on a rack or the floor with airflow is the best option.

Finishing Up

The most important factors in storing thigh-high boots are helping them keep their shape and stay dry. This is especially true for leather boots. You can set them on the floor or a shelf as long as they have room to stand upright. Other great options are a rack if it's long enough or hanging them if you have the closet space. A good long-term storage option is containers but not if they're leather. With all of this information, you can keep showing off those great thigh-high boots for as long as you want!

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