The Secret to a Stunning Style Transformation: 3 Key Ideas

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NEWS - Tired of feeling lost in a sea of endless fashion advice online? It's time to simplify and transform your fashion sense with just a few key concepts.

Say goodbye to wardrobe woes and hello to a confident, put-together you. Unlock your fashion potential and glow up like never before!

Once we break it down into three simple concepts, you'll be styling yourself to your full potential in no time.

Find Your Aesthetic

This part takes the most self-reflection. Really think about the kind of look that most resonates with you. You don't have to stick to one, but having an aesthetic in mind helps narrow things down!

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TikTok user @jennxevanss explains how helpful sites like Pinterest are in figuring out your style. Basically, she talks about making Pinterest boards of outfits and looks you like the best.

Further, she recommends categorizing each board by occasion.

For example, you can have a different set of outfit ideas for date nights, going to work or school, special events, or just going out to do errands!

By doing this, you'll have a solid foundation for piecing together your outfits.

You can experiment by trying on different aesthetics. Some of the most popular ones include Y2K, Cottagecore, Coconut Girl, Preppy, Old money, and so much more.

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A lot of these style aesthetics work for all gender expressions. Just find photos that fit what you're going for and save them!

Get creative with your aesthetic. Feel free to choose one or more, or even a combination of everything.

Know Your Body Type

A beautiful red-haired girl in the bathroom looks in the mirror and ties her ponytail. Pretty woman stroking her hair while looking in the mirror. The concept of hairstyles and hair care. Back view

Do you notice how the same outfit or clothing piece can look good on one person, but not on somebody else? This is because certain silhouettes will flatter certain body types.

There are a lot of body typing systems out there. The most well-known are the "Fruit Shapes" like apple, pear, and banana. To be honest, we find these labels a little too trivial.

The problem with fruit body types is that they don't account for more variations in body shape and proportions. People are way too diverse to be easily classified into these categories.

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It's for this reason that stylists are choosing to create their own systems. One of the most beloved (and for some style communities, controversial) is the Kibbe Body Type system.

Tiktok user @spicywannabe goes over her personal method of dressing for her body type in the above video.

Body type systems like the Kibbe system give a more detailed and intuitive method to understanding your proportions. You can also dabble in Style Essences, which are sort of like a mix of Kibbe and the natural essence you possess.

Study Color Analysis

Fashion clothes on clothing rack - bright colorful closet. Closeup of rainbow color choice of trendy female wear on hangers in store closet or spring cleaning concept. Summer home wardrobe.

Color analysis is one of the toughest things to get the hang of. But once you do, it's life-changing. Basically, every person has their own "color palette" so to speak.

Your skin, hair, and eye colors have an undertone. This means your palette may be warmer (think yellowish and reddish) or cooler (bluish) or even neutral!

One of the most popular color analysis systems is the Seasonal Analysis. It gives you a group of colors and shades that look the best on you.

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If you ever find yourself feeling washed out in red but stunning in violet, you may have cooler undertones. This Tiktok by @naticolore is a perfect example of this. Notice how her face looks so much brighter with the deep purple cloth?

Discover New Things

Close up of woman hand choosing thrift young and discount t-shirt clothes in store, searching or buying cheap cotton shirt on rack hanger at flea market , stall shopping apparel fashion concept.

It takes time to build a wardrobe, and there are infinite possibilities for you to try out. Have fun in your style journey, and use all the tools you can in finding what suits you best!

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