Take Balletcore To The Next Level With Blackpink “Jensetter” Jennie’s Ribbon Hairstyle

Fan hands holding BlackPink BORN PINK 2nd Album photobook with Jennie on grey. Jennie has braids in her hair.

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NEWS - I love styling my hair, but sometimes, I just run out of ideas to try. That's why when I came across balletcore hairstyles, I was nothing short of in awe with how cute and lovely the hairstyles are.

It ranges from thick headbands to ribbons, taking inspiration from ballerinas.

But what caught my eye was how Blackpink Jennie styled it.

I'm not alone with this, though, because a bunch (and with this, I mean thousands) followed how Jennie did it with her hair.

@jnkclip #jennie #jenniekim #fy ♬ original sound - jennie

She mainly uses small ribbons and places several of them over her braids.

It is unique, but that's not all; the ribbons are also easy to find and are cheap. Honestly, is there a better hair trend than this?

Jennie certainly wasn't the first to do this kind of hair, but no one can deny she popularized it. It's even called the "Jennie ribbon hairstyle" online by fans and non-fans.

Indeed, when it comes to styling, it's not just clothes that Jennie's iconic for, but also hair! Fans even call her the "Jensetter" for this reason— and we can all see why.

But where did all this Jennie balletcore hairstyle start?

How Jennie Paved The Way To Balletcore Ribbon Hairstyle

Fans began to flock to her ribbon hairstyle when a poster of Pink Venom, their recent single, was released.

As you can already see, all four members are shown in the poster, but fans can't help but zoom in on the red ribbons Jennie's using. The comments are flooded with cropped images of Jennie alone.

We can't blame them for eating this hairstyle up; Jennie's style choices are in a league of her own.

To add even more buzz to this hairstyle, Jennie consistently uses it for the events she attends. So, of course, we can't help but get convinced to try it on too.

What Jennie does, we try to do— oh, the power style icons has on our style choices are just immeasurable.

She consistently became the town's talk for her ribbon hairstyle on the fashion scene.

Her hair stole the show when she attended the Jacquemus "Le Raphia" fashion show in Paris.

As she arrives at it, Jennie's spotted sporting small white ribbons over her braids and curled hair.


The Main Event 🤍 Jennie at the Jacquemus Event 🥺

♬ Typa Girl - BLACKPINK

The small, randomly placed braids, the curls, and the white ribbons perfectly partnered with Jennie's all-white ensemble is just pure perfection.

This look further cemented the ribbon hairstyle into our minds as Jennie uses it to pair with her outfits and get them to the next level.

She also continues to embrace the balletcore hairstyle for their Born Pink world tour.

So how can we help ourselves from getting deeper down for this look?

Get "Jenniefied" And Learn How To Do Balletcore Ribbon Hair Like Jennie

It's impossible to ignore the popularity of the ribbon hairstyle popularized by Blackpink's Jennie. Embrace it and join the trend!

It's easy to do, and you can try many different colors to go with your outfits, so what's there to worry about?

And more importantly, you can use it to elevate your casual looks, so get on it and live your balletcore dream!

If you don't want any hair to get in your way along your day, there's a braid in the ribbon hairstyle just for you.

@immbunny Jennie from Black Pink inspired milk maiden braid with ribbons 🎀 ballerina core part 2. #hairtrends #hairstyle #hairtransformation ♬ SOLO - JENNIE

After doing this, you'll undoubtedly get a lot of compliments while having your hair stay the same throughout the day.

Meanwhile, if you're running late but still need to look like you took a lot of time with your hair, you can try this braid:

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If you have spare time, you can even curl your hair for this to look more fairy-like and classy.

Do you have short hair? If you do, you can still join this trend without much worry.

Fashion news alert: short hairstyles are rocking this look! Here's one way for you to do it:

@saraurb Hairstyle inspo of the day: Jennie, @blackpinkofficial 🎀 #foryou #fy #fyp #hairtok #hairstyles #cutehairstyle #balletcore #bowhairstyle #hairstyletutorial #jennie #blackpink #cutehair #hairstyleinspo #hairstyling #hairstylingtutorial #shorthairstyles #kpopidol #hairstyleidea ♬ Yeah Yeah Yeah - BLACKPINK

You can also try a bunch more hairstyles like these if you want to look a little more quirky:

@kaysharddrive i love bows and jennifer #jenniekim #blackpink #ribbonhairstyles #bowhairstyles #hairtutorial ♬ Hurt - ♡

There are no rules for this hairstyle trend, so you can't go wrong with it!

The braids and styles you can incorporate with your ribbons are unlimited, so go ahead and experiment!

You can even adjust the size and length of your ribbons or have many more in your hair according to how you want it to be.

Elevate Your Daily Hair Options With Ribbons Like Jennie!

Ribbons are getting big recently, but the hairstyles inspired by Blackpink Jennie hit differently.

For sure, you'll get heads turning. Plus, it suits any look, from casual to formal, and from parties to romantic dates.

Remember, a great hairstyle can save a look, so ribbons are certainly one of the best ways to go!

Need more hair tips? Check out this article on using hair products in braids.

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