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NEWS - Get ready to ditch your hot tools and try out the latest craze - heat-free curls! A new TikTok sensation has revealed a game-changing method for achieving gorgeous curls without any heat.

Are you tired of frying your hair with hot styling tools in your quest for beautiful curls? Well, this breaking news is going to change your hairstyling game forever!

A brunette woman showing her shinny gorgeous hair as a demonstration of heat-free curls.

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Picture this: gorgeous, bouncy curls without the damage caused by heat. Sounds too good to be true? Think again! Thanks to this innovative TikToker, you can now achieve effortlessly chic curls that are the envy of all your friends.

So, get ready to put down your hot tools and embrace a new era of hair styling. Keep reading to find out more about this innovative method for heat-free curls.

Get Voluminous, Natural-Looking Heat-Free Curls with @abbeyyoung's Method

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Get ready to revolutionize your hair game with the hottest news in hair care: a TikTok sensation has shared a game-changing method for heat-free curls that's taking the world by storm. In just under a month, over 350,000 people have tuned in to watch @abbeyyoung's TikTok video that showcases a more effective way of achieving natural-looking, voluminous curls without any heat damage.

Gone are the days of using a robe tie to wrap your hair in one continuous loop for heatless curls. According to @abbeyyoung, her "braiding" method creates larger, more voluminous curls that are the envy of all your friends. Here's a more detailed guide on how she did it:

Here's a more detailed guide on how she did it:

Starting with a small section of hair, she wrapped it around a robe tie or another heatless curling tool in the direction that you usually do. But instead of repeating the pattern with the next section of hair, she took a section from the back of her head and wrapped it in the opposite direction.

As she continued to wrap, she picked up more hair each time to add to the section she was curling. She followed this same pattern, alternating directions and picking up more hair as she went until she reached the end of her hair. Even after reaching the end, she kept following the same pattern without picking up any more hair until she finished the final section.

One commenter said, "Basically, just braid your hair then," but another replied how it's different than a typical braid:

"It gives a different effect if the third strand is another strand of hair. the robe creates spiral waves; the three-strand braid creates creased waves."

The creator @abbeyyoung also replied to one commenter saying it's just like a braid, saying, "It gives a different effect if the third strand is another strand of hair. the robe creates spiral waves; the three-strand braid creates creased waves."

Follow @abbeyyoung's lead, leave the curls in for a few hours or overnight, and wake up to gorgeous, natural-looking curls without any heat damage.

Skip The Braids: Why Simply Braiding Your Hair Won't Cut It For The Perfect Heat-Free Curls

While braiding your hair can add some texture, it's not the most effective way to achieve voluminous, natural-looking curls. That's where @pattygaffxoxo comes in.

In her viral TikTok video, she demonstrated the difference between just braiding her hair and using a robe tie to create curls. The results were clear: using a robe tie created larger, more defined curls with more bounce and shape.

@pattygaffxoxo I get this comment a lot so i figured I’d show you why i prefer robe curls over braiding it! It makes a huge difference to me! #hairtok #haircareroutine #heatlesscurls #overnightcurls #heatlesswaves #heatlesscurlroutine #haircare #healtyhair ♬ R o c k i n A r o u n d - phoebe • 85k

So why won't braiding your hair do the trick? Well, using a heatless curling tool like a robe tie helps to create more tension and shape in the curl.

By separating your hair into sections and wrapping it around the tie, you can achieve more defined curls that hold their shape for longer. Plus, as @pattygaffxoxo's video showed, the results are simply stunning.

When she just braided her hair, her curls were still there, but they were much smaller and less defined. By separating your hair into sections and wrapping it around the tie, you can create more defined curls that hold their shape for longer.

Leggings as a Heatless Curling Tool? TikTok Creator's Unconventional Method Goes Viral

TikTok creator @gjuanita created tighter curls using leggings. Like in the previous video, she also used a "braiding" method, but now with leggings instead of a robe tie in between.

The leggings worked as a great curling tool because they provided a lot of tension and held the hair in place tightly. As seen in the video, she wrapped her hair around the leggings as tightly as possible so she could have very defined curls.

By using the braiding technique, @gjuanita was able to create tight, bouncy curls that looked like they had been created with a curling iron.

@gjuanita Replying to @Dareen✨ results of heatless curls with a legging! #heatlesscurls #leggingcurls #overnightcurls #heatlesshairstyles #hairtok ♬ if u use this sound ur automatically hot - 🎸

She advises that people do heatless curls with slightly damp hair to keep the curls intact. However, she personally prefers to do it dry for her own hair.

One commenter asked for advice, saying, "Do you apply something to hold the waves or curls? They won’t last an hour on me, even with hair spray."

For this, another replied with a trick: "You can put mousse in your hair before you wrap it around, and [it] should hold it better."

Heatless Curls vs. Heated Curls - Which is Better?

Content: TikTok user @mypawfectfamily conducted an experiment to compare heated curls vs. heatless curls, and the results were surprising. In her video, she created curls on one section of her hair using a curling iron and on the other section using a rolled-up t-shirt, leaving the heatless curls to set overnight. The following morning, she found that the heatless curls produced similar, if not better, results than the heated curls.

@mypawfectfamily Which do you like better?! also… I still need to try the legging curls on my hair #heatlesscurls #tshirtcurls #heatvsnoheat #heatlessblowout ♬ Roxanne - Instrumental - Califa Azul

The heatless curls appeared more bouncy, and voluminous, and were much easier to achieve. All you have to do is wrap your hair around a t-shirt or a similar object, leave it overnight, and brush it out in the morning. In contrast, creating heated curls using a curling iron can be time-consuming and damaging to your hair over time.

To Wrap Up (Pun Intended)

Heatless curls are an easy and damage-free way to achieve voluminous and bouncy curls.

The TikTok videos showcase different ways to create heatless curls, from using a robe tie, leggings, or old T-shirts as curling tools to braiding the hair in a specific pattern (as always, we encourage you to use what you already own to create a style!).

These heatless methods can create natural-looking and defined curls, which can last for a whole day if you apply some mousse.

Whether your hair is short, long, straight, or curly, heatless curls can work for a lot of hair types and is definitely worth trying!

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